10 Fun Facts About Norfolk Terriers

True size

A lot of people often mistake the Norfolk Terriers for being a toy breed. It is not true though because they are a small breed, not a toy breed.

They are not a tiny dog though not overly large either. These dogs love to cuddle in their owners’ lap’s but they are a little big to be considered a lap dog.

This breed may look fragile, but they are not as they are used for hunting. They can be as tall as nine to ten inches in total height once they are fully mature.

They can be rather strong and sturdy even for their small size. The dog needs to have some playtime and exercise. Toy breeds tend to just sit around, looking pretty, but these are not into that. They want to play with children and have fun.


The person who first bred the Norfolk Terrier was named Frank Jones. He was known as the roughrider because he was an English Horseman with a reputation.

People instantly fell in love with the Norfolk Terriers, making them quickly become popular. People always associated them with Jones, since he was the first to breed them. It led to them often being called the Jones Terriers.

They are officially registered as the Norfolk Terriers, but the nickname is still occasionally used.

True Terriers

There are so many different Terrier sub-breeds that people do not even want to attempt to count them.

There are some characteristics though which makes a certain sub-breed at true Terrier. The Norfolk Terrier is one of the sub-breeds who meet these characteristics. One of the main characteristics making them true Terriers is their personality.

They are feisty and fearless when needed, making them great for guarding and hunting. They can also be very adventurous and playful, making them great for families. Their fur is wiry and hard, meaning they can stand up to the elements for a certain amount of time.


The person who bred the Norfolk Terrier breed, Jones, was also the one who bred its ancestors. The ancestors of the Norfolk Terrier are the Norwich Terrier. They were registered in the Kennel Club of England before being registered with the American Kennel Club.

The registration in England took place in 1932, and the registration in America was in 1936. There are some notable differences between these two breeds. These differences were made known by the Kennel Club in England in 1964.

The ones that have ears that stick up are Norwich Terriers. It means Norfolk Terriers have ears that lay down. It was accepted and recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1979.

Working dogs

The Norfolk Terrier was bred specifically for working, and they were bred by Jones for rat hunting. The breed might be on the small side, but they can be extremely fearless and agile. Their personality makes them great for hunting rats down a tunnel and into tight places.

They were also used to scare outfoxes and cause them to bolt while hunting. They excelled at being a hunting dog and enjoy working for the masters to please them.

Very versatile

The dog breed makes for great hunting dogs with their skills and size. They are excellent for hunting down rodents that might be trying to overrun the area. And they are often used to hunt down foxes as well even though they are smaller in size.

They are more than just hunting dogs though due to their personalities. However, they are one of the best breeds for a family that has small children. In fact, they are very tolerant of the abuse they take from children.

Also, they are very sociable and love anything and everyone, as long as they are not an actual rat. They honestly prefer human contact to be around other animals.

Show dogs

Though the fur is rather rough in appearance, the Norfolk Terrier is often used for the show. They are very beautiful dogs though that a lot of people love using in shows. If they have been bred properly and trained properly, they are perfect show dogs.

They love to put on a show and get praise from their owners. While they are a small breed, they are rather substantial in size and build. Their fur can be taken care of to make it look a little less rough and wiry.

Guard dogs

It may seem odd to say such a small dog is great for being a guard dog. It is extremely true though for many different reasons.

One of these reasons is they will not back down if they see something as a threat. They are protective of the area they claim as their own. It means they do not like other people coming onto their property. They will continue to alert until they are told it is safe.

Indoor dogs

The fur coat of the Norfolk Terrier means they are indoor dogs through and through. They cannot handle cold temperatures for very long without problems.

This breed does make for great hunting dogs as long as the weather is not bad.

They can handle cold temperatures up to a small point and then have to warm up. They are family dogs through and through, meaning they enjoy being inside.

Norfolk Terriers crave the warmth and affection of their owners. They can suffer without the proper amount of affection because of their nature. Their small size makes them perfect for lap dogs and companion dogs.

Very affectionate

The Norfolk Terrier breed is extremely affectionate. They have a very strong need to be social to anyone and everyone. It means this dog has to be with someone who can give as much as they receive.

They crave attention from their owners and need to give it back. As long as they are treated with love and respect, they are great pets. They can become upset easily though if they are treated poorly.

They need to be showered in love, meaning kisses and cuddles. These dogs can be clingy, which some people do not like, but others search for a dog.

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