10 Fun Facts About Scottish Deerhounds


While it is obvious a Scottish Deerhound comes from Scotland, it is unclear on where exactly. The breed’s true origins have long since been lost in the Highlands of Scotland.

Greyhounds became established in Scotland during the Middle Ages. They are well known though for coming from very early times.

They were used for hunting down stags in the Highlands’ harsh conditions. It was because of their build as well as their fur which protected them. It means they were often hoarded by the chieftains of Highland villages.

Once the clan system began to fall, the numbers of this breed fell. They were almost extinct by the time of the mid-19th century. They are now going strong though.


The Scottish Deerhound is often described as looking like a large Greyhound. The one difference with them though is the Deerhound has a wiry coat.

It’s similar to a Greyhound because of long legs, deep chest, narrow-body, tucked abdomen, long tail, and arched loin. They are also often confused for an Irish Wolfhound but a lot more refined and slender. It is a large breed though because it is a very tall breed.

A male Deerhound tends to measure from thirty to thirty-two inches in height. The male also tends to weigh around eight-five to one hundred ten pounds.


Most hound breeds can be very sensitive, and the Deerhound is no different. They can easily become upset if they are yelled at or the training is too rough. They do answer extremely well to positive commands and reinforcement. It means the training has to be very gentle though it still needs to be firm.


A Deerhound has a very calm temperament which tends to be very dignified and quiet. They are a very laid back breed and are very friendly, and they love to relax.

These dogs are one of the best breeds that just love children, making them great for families. They live their happiest lives in a very loving and family-oriented environment.

Deerhounds can be clumsy though because of their size, making it easy for them to knock over a child accidentally. They need to be chosen by a person who has experience with owning dogs and training dogs.

Also, their masters should have some background information about them before getting one.

Living arrangements

A Deerhound has to have room to spread out wherever they may be, both indoors and outdoors. When they are sleeping, they spread themselves out, meaning a large bed or cage is a must. It all means other objects will be much larger than normal with other breeds.

These objects include needing a lot more food and a lot more medicine. It means the boarding bills and medical bills will be much larger as well. It is cruel to force a Deerhound to live in a much smaller environment than their body demands.

This breed was bred to live in large castles and run in large expanses.


Deerhounds are very easy to train if done by the right person in the right way. They love to please their masters and complete what is asked of them. It is a very intelligent breed that can be very naturally obedient.

It is very important during training to socialize them as much as possible. They need to be introduced to as many people and animals as possible during training. The training of this dog breed does have to start early, and it needs to be consistent and fair.

If the training wavers at all, even later in their life, it can make them unsure and upset. They need to feel confident in what they are doing and who is their master.


The fur coat of a Deerhound is very crisp, making it rough to the touch. The length of the Deerhound’s fur measures to three to four inches when it is at its longest.

Their fur helps to keep the dog drier but warmer as well. It also helps keep the dogs clean as it is hard for the dirt to stick to the fur. The breed cannot shed its fur, meaning it has to be trimmed. The breed has a very regal appearance because of its fur giving it a beard and eyebrows.


Though the Deerhound is a large breed, they are very gentle and great around children. They do have a lot of power in their size, meaning they can accidentally knock someone over. It happens because the breed of dogs can be very clumsy, especially when they are younger.

It is advised to supervise the breed whenever they are playing with a toddler and also to make sure the playing does not get out of hand and too boisterous. They can get very excited, which can be scary for little children.


Deerhounds require a lot of exercises to stay in top form and get out their energy. It is recommended to give them a minimum of two hours of exercise. A short walk is recommended in the morning. It is advised though to do a much longer one in the afternoon.

They need these walks to stay healthy and happy. An alternative is letting the Deerhound wander around in the backyard, but a fence is a must. It means they are not a good breed to live in a city life situation.


With the Deerhound’s fur being rough and wiry, it needs to be properly taken care of regularly. The brushing has to be done to prevent any kind of tangles or matting from happening.

The breed does not shed very much, which means their hair has to be trimmed. It is recommended to strip their fur twice a year by someone who has professional experience.

The breed’s ears have to be monitored closely because the fur can hold in stuff. It means the ears can become infected easily due to the build-up of ear wax.

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