10 Fun Facts About Sussex Spaniels


The Sussex Spaniel was first bred in Sussex, which explains where they got their name. They make for great hunting and working dogs, even in tough situations.

These dogs are said to have been bred at the estate of Rosehill Park in the 1800s. Also, they are bred to handle dense undergrowth and heavy clay soil.


A Sussex Spaniel has to be raised the right way from the very beginning. They need to be exposed to as many people as possible right off the bat. If they are not, they can become very timid dogs who do not do well in busy and loud situations.

They tend to be very distant around anyone they do not know. It means it takes them a while to warm up to anyone new.

They can even become protective over their owners around new people. Once the new person has been accepted, they can become very charming and polite.

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The Sussex Spaniel is a breed who can be uneasy when exposed to a dog they are not used to. It means it is very important to socialize them from a very young age.

They need to be exposed to all the dogs, humans, and any other animal they may be around. They can be introduced to new people later on in their life, but it may be problematic.

It will take them a lot of time to warm up to anyone new to them. It also means they are not great dogs to be passed around from one owner to another.

They need a constant in their life to keep them behaving properly. If they are trained properly, they will be very upbeat and friendly dogs. They will also be able to stand up for themselves if socialized properly.


The most vocal of the Spaniels is the Sussex Spaniel. They tend to do a lot of howling and barking throughout their lives.

They end up barking a lot if they are left alone for a long time. It means the breed tends to be rather slow when it comes to housebreaking them.

They have to be worked with a lot to prevent over-barking. The barking means it is not a good breed for someone who has very close neighbors. They also would not make for great pets for anyone who lives in an apartment complex.


The Sussex Spaniel is a rare breed to find, making them popular among people who have money. Though the breed is hard to find, they are great ones for companion dogs.

The breed has a very gentle nature in general, as well as being very loving and friendly. It makes them a great choice for a calm lifestyle with no rambunctious children. They do make for great picks to have around kids as long as the kids are well mannered.

They tend to be very vigilant around the house and yard, making them useful for guarding. It is very important though to socialize them from a young age, meaning the puppy age.

If they are not socialized properly, they can turn out to be very meek and fearful dogs.

The average Sussex Spaniel ends up with a weight ranging between eighteen and twenty kilograms. Their weight depends on the gender of the dog. The lifespan of this breed tends to be between ten and fifteen years when kept healthy.


The Sussex Spaniel is a very healthy breed generally if they are well taken care of. They are known to suffer some certain genetic health issues though that is common for the breed.

They tend to suffer from orthopedic issues as well as hip dysplasia. Some other problems they may suffer from are retinal dysplasia and entropion. There are also cardiovascular murmurs, deafness, and ear infections.

One of the major issues about this breed is its weakness in weight gaining. It means it is recommended to not feed them any human food to prevent weight gain.


The Sussex Spaniel is a dog breed who has a fur coat of medium length needing brushing. They have to be brushed regularly because of the amount of hair they have.

If they are not brushed regularly, they can have nots and extra shedding. If people do not want to have to clean a large amount of hair, then brushing is a must.


The Sussex Spaniel is a breed of dog who tends to shed a lot in their lifespan. The shedding is because they have a large amount of hair on their bodies.

The hair can be found just about everywhere the dog has laid within their home. It means the coach often has to be brushed off if the dog tends to lay on it. It will build upon the carpet and rugs as well as the clothing of their master.

They need to be groomed regularly to try and help keep their long fur under control. Now, it will not prevent the shedding from happening, but it could lessen it to some extent.


The Sussex Spaniel is a very stubborn breed of dog. They have an overall easy-going personality, making them great for companion dogs.

If they are determined to get their way, they can become very manipulative. The only way to get through to them is to be very consistent in being the one in charge. The teachings cannot waver as they are growing up. If the teachings waver, the dog will manipulate it to fit their own needs.


The Sussex Spaniel is a breed who was born with heavy jowls. It means they tend to slobber when they are drinking. Their jowls just cannot hold in all the water they are lapping up as they drink.

There are some of these breeds who drool even when they are not drinking. The drooling tends to happen when the breed is panting to cool themselves off. The drooling is caused by the extra saliva that is built up in their mouth.

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