12 Fun Facts About Shih Poos

Breed origins

The Shih Poo is an American breed that has been bred from two different breeds. These breeds are the Shih Tzu and the Toy Poodle. It has resulted in a small-sized dog who has a great personality.

Shih Poos are extremely friendly and make excellent companions. They can thrive in a house with the elderly or a house with children. They often show a care-free attitude found in a Shih Tzu.

Average height

The average height a Shih Poo could get to is from eight to thirteen inches to the shoulder. They are a tiny breed that makes for great lap dogs and companion dogs.

They even have the personality which makes them great for laying around on their owner’s lap.

Their small size means they are often carried around by their owners while out and about.

Average lifespan

The Shih Poo breed has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Now, of course, it will depend on how healthy they are kept through these years.

If they are kept extremely healthy, they can even live longer than fifteen years. Now, by extremely healthy, it means a lot of exercise but not too much. It also means the right, healthy diet their whole life is followed correctly. The area in which they live will impact their lifespan.


Even though the Shih Poo tends to act like a goof, they are a very intelligent breed. They get the cleverness from their Poodle blood. It means they have a great ability at understanding commands which they are given.

The great part about this personality is they follow what they are told. An example of it is that they will go to the bathroom where they are shown they may go. It makes them great for an elderly person or couple.

Attractive personality

The Shih Poo has a very funny personality which makes them very popular and sought after. The main quality they have is their clown-like personality.

They will friend anyone and everyone they can, meaning they might wander off after someone else.

This breed makes for great dogs to have in a family that has children or elderly people. They even make for great companions to someone who lives alone, be it an elderly or not.

Tough to train

The Shih Poo breed is very intelligent, but it does not mean training will be easy. They can be very stubborn when it comes to training, and they can even like a smart-aleck. They tend to think they do not have to learn anything new.

It will take a lot of patience when it comes to training a Shih Poo. It also takes a lot of praise and dog treats to get the training through to them. The breed tends to have a short attention span, which can impact training.

No vigorous exercise

A Shih Poo has no requirements for the amount of space needed to be happy. This means it is a great dog breed for someone who lives in an urban apartment.

However, they also do great at a home that has a large backyard for them to run in.

They love to play with children both indoors and outdoors. They are even content to play by themselves to get out of their energy. This makes them a great breed for an older person who cannot play with them but wants a companion.

Strong teeth

Any dog breed needs a healthy diet to be active and happy. The Shih Poo is no different from these other breeds, and they even have stronger teeth.

The breed can handle dry food all the time, and they even need dry food. Dry food helps to keep the Shih Poo’s gums healthy and prevents bad breath. It helps to keep their teeth strong and clean while giving them the nutrients they need.

Long coats

The Shih Poo occasionally has a long coat of soft and silky fur. It is important to make sure the ones with this type of fur are groomed regularly. Now, if the owner wants the coat to be fluffy, the fur will have to be groomed twice a week.

The amount of grooming all depends on the type and length of fur the Shih Poo has. They can be found with very short and easy to maintain fur.

Bathe weakly

The great quality about a Shih Poo’s fur is it does not shed. It means they are often sought after by people who need a hypoallergenic dog. Now, it does not mean their fur does not require care.

They have to have the proper care given to their fur to keep it healthy. If it is not kept healthy, they tend to develop pet dander and skin disease. It is recommended to bathe a Shih Poo once a week. You can wait and do it only twice a month, but it is not recommended.


The Shih Poo breed tends to be very friendly. It means the breed often sees everyone as friends, even strangers. It also means it is not a dog breed to get for being a guard dog. They tend to rarely bark, which also means they cannot alert if anyone new is around.

The one good quality about their friendliness is new people or pets can be added easily. It means their master can get a breed which makes for a great guard dog.


The Shih Poo is a breed who can adapt to any area as long as they are with their owner. They are content to curl up on the couch with their master. They can also be happy going for a hike or camping with their master.

The breed loves their master unconditionally, meaning any environment works for them as long as they are not alone. They have a short attention span though. It means they have to be closely monitored and never left outdoors on their own.

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