5 Fun Facts About Kuvasz

Sensitive to noise

A lot of people think the breed is best to use for hunting, but it is not true. Yes, they are the official breed for Texas, but they are not meant to be used for hunting.

The breed has an extremely sensitive set of ears, making them react to the slightest noise. It means they have trouble focusing on tracking just one small animal for hunting.

They are great when kept in very quiet settings, which means gunfire will make them jump. There could be some exceptions though it is not very likely at all.

Lacy brothers

With Blue Lacy’s passion and drive to do great work, it is clear to see how they got their name. They were named after the Lacy Brother family. The family originally lived in Kentucky and ended up moving to Texas in 1858. The family was known for their breeding of hogs and cattle.

They also bred dogs to help them with their cattle work. The breeds that have been mixed to make the Blue Lacy breed is Greyhounds and Scent Hounds.

It is also said they were bred with coyotes. All of it together has led to them having a sensitive nose and makes them great workers. They were bred to be great at working with cattle and hogs.

Replaces cowboys

I know it sounds weird to say Blue Lacys were used to replace cowboys. It is true though it sounds odd.

The breed is a strong working breed that is very intense as they work. The breed was used a lot by the colonial Americans. They were used for working on Southwestern Ranches, and ranchers loved them. Some ranchers were so fond of them they were used a lot.

They were even used instead of cowboys to do some of the simpler tasks. These tasks include herding cows and horses. It is said just one Blue Lacy can do the work five cowboys can do.


The Blue Lacy breed is an excellent choice for people wanting a hunting dog. They cannot be used for someone who uses a firearm to hunt with because they will get spooked.

This breed does work great though for anyone who uses traps or a bow to do their hunting. They are excellent at tracking, making them popular for trappers.

A lot of American trappers use this breed for their hunting. They just cannot handle the loud noises of a firearm.

Top Kennel Clubs

A lot of breeds who are recognized by the top kennel clubs are close to being pure. The Blue Lacy, on the other hand, is a mixture of many different breeds. Though they are mixed from many different breeds, they have still earned recognition by different kennel clubs.

Some of the clubs that recognize them are the Continental Kennel Club, Lacy Game Dog Registry, and National Kennel Club. They are also recognized by the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association, American Pet Registry, and Universal Kennel Club. The one it did not make it into is the American Kennel Club.

Strong and fit

The Blue Lacy breed is a great one for hunting and guarding. They have a very fit build and pack a lot of power into their lean build. It makes them great working dogs, and they do love to work. The breed is known to have the most optimal ratio of height to weight.

They have a symmetrical structure to their body, making them great for working.

Their weight tends to range between thirty to fifty pounds, which shows how slim they are. Their build makes it where they can withstand a long day of work without any problems.

Smooth fur

The fur coat the Blue Lacy fits in with the build of their bodies. Their bodies are very sleek, and their fur is smooth and flat. It means the fur shapes perfectly along their body, adding to the lean look. A lot of people love the look of their fur, making them a popular breed.

There are rare occasions when their fur is not smooth and short. There has been Blue Lacys who have a long and rough coat. It is caused by some faults in their DNA and breeding. These are often overlooked as not being as appealing.


The Blue Lacy breed is a breed that is built to last. A lot of dogs are prone to different kinds of allergies and illnesses. The Blue Lacys are very different though for the most part.

The breed was bred in Texas, meaning they have become very tough to the elements. It is because Texas can have a lot of variations in its weather. Now, it does not mean they can handle the cold temperature of Alaska, which is not known.

Long lifespan

While a lot of breeds live to the same age as the Blue Lacy, their lifespan is a little different. They live to the age of sixteen, which is a ripe old age for many different breeds. Most breeds can become diseased or lethargic if they manage to live to the age of sixteen.

The Blue Lacy, on the other hand, can still be very active at the age. Now, their activity level will depend on how they were raised and trained.

If they are kept healthy throughout their life, they will remain very active. They can even be used for hunting still at the age of sixteen if raised right.


Many different dog breeds are hard to train because of how stubborn they are. The Blue Lacy is a very work driven breed, so they are very easy to train.

They are a very intelligent breed who loves to be active and please their master.

These dogs were bred for working, and they just love being in charge of something. They make for great guard dogs with this drive. They are also very helpful dogs to have on a farm to help with the other animals.

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