6 Easy Steps to Get Your Dog to Enjoy Perfumes Again

It seems like a funny quirk, but some dogs strongly dislike the smell of perfumes. Does this problem seem like you?

Every dog reacts and displays their discomfort in a different manner. How does your dog show their discomfort? Whatever the reaction may be, one thing remains certain, that some dogs simply dislike the smell of perfume. It is not as uncommon as you may think.

This issue for our furry friends’ faces, however, has myriad of solutions.

Know your dog

Take some time to get to know your dog’s personality. Just like humans, every dog has its own unique traits, likes, and dislikes.

Just because your dog reacts negatively to perfume, might not necessarily mean they dislike all perfume smells. There may be a very specific reason why your dog dislikes a certain smell. So, take some time to watch your dog very closely and how they react to certain smells.

Here are some key observations to note: what is your dog’s negative reaction? Does your dog react the same way every time?

Are you as the human and person applying the perfume, using the same scent? Does your dog react differently with different scents? Does your dog seem to be uncomfortable all the time?

Try a different perfume

You may very well have the most expensive and best perfume available, however, your dog’s reaction may be negative and specific to only one smell.

So simply choose a new scent. Yes, even though every commercial influence dictates that your perfume is pleasant, and the best available, at the moment, your furry friend does not agree.

Your dog can not see a price tag and doesn’t care about value. Your dog simply dislikes your perfume, but maybe not all perfumes.

It is also important to note, that may be the price tag on your perfume is not steep enough! Perhaps your ‘cheap’ perfume does not smell pleasant to your dog.

Take into consideration that maybe a value-branded perfume product is not being received well by your dog, but a better brand will? Will the increase in price help your dog? Will your dog like that smell better? Give it a try…

Too much perfume

Ask your self, how much perfume you daily spray? How do you measure this? How many pumps or sprays do you apply daily? Perhaps, your dog doesn’t dislike your perfume preference but dislikes the intensity.

Take a mental note of how many sprays you administer next time. Take that number and cut it in half. Perhaps you spray multiple times a day.

Take that number and cut it in half. Try and have a gold to cut your spray intensity into half. This is an area that often times quickly helps your dog and their dislike for the perfume to disappear.


Often times perfumes initially sprayed inside a household can become quickly overwhelming in small unventilated spaces. Ask yourself this question; how well ventilated is your household?

Is your household square footage small and unable to produce quality ventilation? Do you spray your perfume, then leave to work? Maybe if you stayed inside your home for long periods of time like your dog, you would notice the lack of ventilation and strong perfume.

Next time before you spray your perfume, try this: open a window, turn on a van, or up the temperature threshold of your Air Conditioning.

These simple ventilation tricks just might help your dog enjoy your perfume. Quality venational helps everyone breathe better.

Spray outside and change your outfits

Let us assume you have tried the recommendations above yet your dog still negativity reacts to your perfume.

Short of completely removing perfume from your routine, this next tip is almost always successful. Often times, we as humans spray our perfumes indoors as a part of our morning or evening routines. Next time, try this.

Get completely ready as you normally would, grab your perfume, take it with you outside your home, spray your self, then go about your day. Take the bottle with you. Do not return back inside.

Avoid at all costs the smell of your perfume to renter your household. Allow a couple of hours to pass before returning to your home with your perfume smell.

That is not always possible, so prepare for that and plan to take a change of outfits with you. A simple change of shirt can prove to be Estrella helpful. Try this simple solution that almost always works.

Medical-related issues

If all the tips above have been exhausted, perhaps there could be a medical-related issue that might be affecting your dog’s ability to curb the smell of strong perfumes.

It is important to note that dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. What might not seem like an offensive smell to humans, can oftentimes be extremely uncomfortable to dogs.

Beyond that, there may be underlying medical reasons that your dog may be experiencing that makes perfume smells unbearable.

After trying all the tips above, make note of your progress and share the information with your veterinarian. Try and work as a team and share as much information as possible.

Help your pets medical professional gain as much information about your dog and your daily routine. Your vet is full of medical information that you may not have access to such as your dog’s age, breed, genetic history, etc.

If you partner their medical knowledge with your personal insight, and information regarding the tips above, you can be sure to find a solution. Your veterinarian is an extremely useful tool to help your dog live a comfortable lifestyle.

Perhaps, after a team collaboration between the two of you, they could recommend a medical practice of medication to help ease your dog’s anxiety regarding perfume.

There is almost always a medical solution for every problem and furthermore, collaborative efforts between everyone can lead to successful practices and lifestyles where everyone wins.

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