6 Fun Facts About the Belgian Laekenois

Are you wondering about having a cute and scruffy Belgian Laekenois as a pet?

Below I have 6 fun facts about the unique breed. This should help you along your journey!


The history of the Belgian Laekenois goes back to hundreds of years ago. Their main goal was to portray being a fence for sheep. During the World Wars, they were trained intensely.

The training consists of the officers having the Belgian Laekenois complete a specific task. The officers in war used the breed to be a messenger, being communication was limited.

They were able to save many lives and breach battlegrounds thanks to the Belgian Laekenois. Nurses and soldiers that were injured were assisted by the breed. They were able to get hospital patients to safety, instead of using a soldier.

The Belgian Laekenois was welcomed on the battlefield, and at the homefront. Owners of the breed did not have washer machines, and dryers at the time. They were able to utilize the Belgian Laekenois to watch their linen, as it sat out to dry.

Guarding property is installed in them, and has been appreciated for centuries.

Having the ability to be so athletic, has helped them thrive over the years. They tend to weigh around 40 to 50 pounds, where the males are bigger than the female.


When it comes to the personality of the Belgian Laekenois, they stand out. As a natural protector, the breed is known for attacking if necessary. For the most part, the Belgian Laekenois is a very social dog.

They tend to be very attentive and obedient as well. The Belgian Laekenois can be seen playing more than anything else. Any toys that are lying around the house or up for grabs.

According to them, whether inside or outside will do for exerting their energy. Leadership is their drive, and it must be adjusted.

The Belgian Laekenois is built to take over and have a dominant mentality. As an owner, keeping the dominant personality in check is key. They will test your strength and endurance, not only physically, but mentally.

Taking the stand as being the leader, establishing the dog must follow is a game-changer. The Belgian Laekenois is an overall loyal dog, smart and easy to bond with.


The Belgian Laekenois is very confident and known to chase smaller animals away.

They are highly on guard around children, and the entire family as a whole. When it comes to children, they are also known to bite more than usual. The unusual biting stems from the breed being programmed in a certain manner.

Making sure that sheep were able to stay in line was their duty. The Belgian Laekenois are chasers at heart, so they don’t mean harm. Older children are the desired ages to have as a pet, and of course adults.

It is just a precaution to be aware of, no need to panic about the Belgian Laekenois. They can feel intentions, so having positive ones lead to better results. Cute and adorable might be them as puppies, but can be aggressive because of their nature.

Just a fact to keep in mind when thinking about owning a Belgian Laekenois.


Training for the breed of a Belgian Laekenois is not that challenging. They are highly intelligent and are able to follow commands consistently. Because of their ability to learn fairly quickly, you can see the Belgian Laekenois in dog shows.

Not only will you catch the breed at a dog show, but win as well. They have been taking part in competitions for a very long time.

Training in the field guiding sheep has helped them develop many skills. Being firm with the Belgian Laekenois is key.

The breed tends to sense negativity very easily, so praising your dog is essential. Some of these competitions at the dog show can be mind-boggling. However, for them, it can be a breeze as long as they have proper training.

As an owner, it is vital to be consistent in teaching the breed new tricks. Flying through hoops, navigating a maze, and being elegant is a job. Continuous exercise is a major component in the life of a Belgian Laekenois.

Their square body is built for strength, so it’s important to have a strong owner as well.


Grooming the Belgian Laekenois can be a chore, and also enjoyable. The breed is usually groomed weekly because of their unique hair.

Another fact to keep in mind as well as being aware of their shedding. There are different seasons that require more grooming than other seasons.

The breed is a shepherd dog so the hairs are usually long, but doable. To keep the Belgian Laekenois in tip-top shape, there is not an extensive list. As long as their teeth are brushed, nails clipped, and ears clean, that should do it.

The ears are very distinctive on the Belgian Laekenois. Because of the way their ears are shaped, they are prone to infection. Their ears tend to stand up, so they are not able to fall when wet.

When these ears get wet and are not able to dry right away, it can be concerning. Keeping the ears clean on a regular basis, can make a world of difference.

A Belgian Laekenois can not clean their own ears, so as an owner it’s an important responsibility. The use of cotton squares can go a long way. Avoid using any cotton swaps that go into the ears. Rubbing alcohol is enough to clean their ears properly, inside and outside the ear.

The more active your Belgian Laekenois is, the more dirt will build up over time.


Comparing the Belgian Laekenois is usually linked to the German Shepherd. People tend to get these two breeds confused on occasions.

Looking closer into it, they do have very similar characteristics. You can’t help to notice the shape of their ears is almost identical. The face and body shape are very similar as well.

However, the German Shepherd tends to be naturally heavier in weight and taller in height. The Belgian Laekenois is not quite large as the German Shepherd but has an attitude. Comparing these two is a nice perspective.

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