6 Unique Facts to Know About West Highland White Terriers

West Highland White Terriers are beloved little white dogs. They are only about fifteen to twenty pounds. Lengthwise they are ten to eleven inches in length.

This dog breed is known as Westies for short. They have charmed their owners with their significant traits. Those traits are intelligence, playful personality, and adorable short stature.

Here are six unique facts to know about West Highland White Terriers.

They were bred to hunt rodents

Despite appearing harmless, the West Highland White Terrier was actually originally bred to be working dogs. Their job was to hunt down rodents. Hence the small stature. The breeders must have had challenges with cats handling rodents.

Then they decided to try to succeed with a new dog breed to take care of their pesky rat problem. Because Westies were bred to be working dogs this means they are definitely not delicate little flowers.

These dogs are tough and strong. Even if you don’t need a good rat hunting dog, a Westie may be the right pet for you. You can also rest assured that your little Westie would be a tough little pup that would be able to handle their own if ever you need them to.

And maybe their natural instinct will kick in and they’ll take out some rats or mice for you. You might not have known there were some lurking around your abode.

Loyalty is a westie’s middle name

When it comes to romance it’s hard to find someone that can be committed to you and you alone. If you’re sick of the lack of faithfulness from your romantic partners, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Perhaps looking to your pet would be a more assured way of having a loyal companion. Westies are notorious not for philandering on their owners, but for their keen loyalty. These little guys are somewhat difficult to train due to being independent in some ways, but their loyalty makes up for that.

They love their owners fiercely and devotedly. You just need to return their loyalty with tender love and care.

Westies are fashion icons

Fashion icons are typically pouty-lipped models or fashion designers with strange eccentric style. Surprisingly the short and certainly not modelesque Westies have also been fashion icons.

Westies were used by the brand Juicy Couture to promote their brand. The small little white terriers appear on the Juicy Couture fashion and fragrance bottles. They are featured on advertisements for their fragrances.

The image is of two Westies and a shield. A lovable Westie dog is additionally the spokesdog for the dog food Cesar. The whiskey brand Black & White uses a Westie alongside a Scottish Terrier dog for their brand.

Westies are suitable as hypoallergenic dogs

A lot of people are allergic to dogs. Because of this, there are a number of people out there who like dogs but ultimately cannot have them in their homes. West Highland White Terriers have a wiry and more coarsely designed coat, as most terrier dogs have.

This type of coat is hypoallergenic compared to other dog coats. It does not release the same pet dander as other dogs do. This makes the Westie an ideal breed for anyone who has dog allergies and a love of dogs.

The one thing to keep in mind with these coats is that they require a certain manner of grooming.

West highland white terriers may be the “write” dog according to these writers

A number of well-known writers have chosen these white terriers from the highlands to be their forever furry friends. The celebrated writer of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling has a Westie named Bronte.

The name may come from the Bronte sisters. They were writers of the classic novels Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

The popular young adult fiction writer and YouTuber from the channel VlogBrothers, John Green, also has a Westie for a bestie. His Westie is named Willie. This is short for Fireball Wilson Roberts.

Could it be that this dog breed is helpful to writers with brainstorming ideas for their next novels? Perhaps if you are a writer or an intellectual of sorts, having this intelligent dog breed around will help to cure the old writer’s block. They may just be the key to the next great, world-renowned novel.

Westies are energy-consuming

In this day and age, the ultimate goal is to be energy efficient as much as we can be. Westies are the opposite of this.

They are high energy, and will, therefore, be consuming your energy considerably. These dogs need at least one hour of physical activity per day to help them meet their fitness needs.

They are prone to gaining weight when they are settling into their twilight years, so you need to keep them exercised.

They must be walked regularly. Or you can throw around a ball with them. This will help them stay fit and trim. These dogs are estimated to live from twelve to seventeen years, so this is a real commitment to regular physical activity.

You also need to keep their diet healthy. They will overeat if they can. Don’t give them too many treats or human food. Generally, vets advise that they should go on healthy diet food for mature dogs. This helps older Westies stay trim and healthy.

Perhaps this list helped you decide if a West Highland White Terrier is the right dog for you. If this list helped you piqued your interest in these little white fluffy dogs, you should look them up further.

You can find other requirements as well that you will be expected to handle. There are plenty of interesting facts about them. You still need to consider all the other details though about these little guys before you go ahead with adopting one into your life.

These little pups are made to be loved and be loving to their masters. But you have to funny understand their unique needs.

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