7 Fun Facts About the Manchester Terrier

I love the idea behind selecting a dog breed. You can’t choose your parents. You can’t choose your kids. But you can choose the perfect breed of dog. And there are mountains of information on each dog breed out there. And there are lots of breeds.

When I was a younger man, I desperately wanted an English Bulldog. I was two years into my marriage to my high school sweetheart, had an awesome baby girl, and I wanted a dog.

Now at the time, I wanted the dog there was absolutely no such animal as the internet or even the home computer. (SPOILER ALERT… I’M OLD!!) But there was the local library.

For those of you who don’t know what a library is…another topic for another day! Anyway, I became a regular at the local ‘book place.’

If I had access to the information then like it is now, my wife and I may still be married. I became obsessed with English Bulldogs. And I eventually got one. His name was Roscoe.

One day while taking my beloved Roscoe to the vet to remove a splinter from his ear, (no idea how it happened) I saw a lady with what I thought was a Miniature Doberman Pinscher. It was not a Doberman.

It was a Manchester Terrier. I and Roscoe got schooled on Manchester Terriers while we waited for the vet. Here’s what we found out.

He’s a rat killer

These lovable, loyal, and personable dogs are true terriers. They were first bred back in the late 1600s in Manchester England. (hence the name) They were originally bred for the common man’s sport of rat killing.

I kid you not. These dogs were used to address the rat problem in the late 17th century. What were all the cats doing?

In Victorian England, the Manchester Terrier was a Gentleman’s Dog. They were a sign of aristocracy and if you had one you were considered very well-to-do.

How about it? A rat killing status symbol!

He’s an excellent retriever

Retriever doesn’t quite explain these pooches. They are downright baseball players.

Should you just happen to throw a ball toward them, provided it can fit in their mouth, they will catch it. Excellent frisbee catchers too!

Catching a ball or similar object appeals to their instincts. They love to chase and catch. I guess it’s why they were such good rat killers! First, you chase, then you catch…er’ kill.

He’s not a Doberman Pinscher!

At first glance, you would definitely peg a Manchester Terrier for a Doberman Pinscher. There shape and size as well as their features are a dead ringer for a Miniature Doberman. But they do have one distinct facial feature which sets them apart.

Every Manchester Terrier has two round tan spots above his eyes. One spot above each eye to be more exact.

Their temperament is totally different from their Doberman doppelganger. You can turn your back on him without fear of dying. Not exactly, but the Doberman has always been touted as one not to turn your back on!

He might have a touch of ADHD

The Manchester Terrier is not known for his being calm. Active, yes. Hyper-active, maybe.

They just need to be constantly stimulated. Their entire world revolves around, “what can I do now?” and it shows. While they do make good indoor dogs, the outdoors is where he longs to be.

My lady friend at the vet said her MT (Manchester Terrier) loved to spend his inside time in the living room window watching the birds and squirrels playing. Probably looking for a rat as well! She also indicated he had a constant need to be entertained. Kind of like a child!

He’s got an appetite

It probably goes without saying, but these dogs eat like a lion who’s been fasting. Their active lifestyle has to get fuel from somewhere, right?

These dogs also are at a very high risk of becoming obese in their later years. When all of those calories aren’t being used they tend to get a bit fat.

Just make sure your MT eats a healthy balanced diet and limit their access to food to only meal times. Also, go easy on those treats! Treats are great, but they are very fattening.

He’s a muscular fellow

The MT is well known for its supremely sculpted body. They have the look in which people pay large amounts of money to achieve. And he stays in shape with all of his activity.

They are a short-haired dog with very distinct tan and black markings. The coat is mainly black and they have tan circles over each eye, and each cheek.

Their legs are mostly black with the tan coloring trimming out the insides of the legs and around each paw.

Without the distinct tan circles over the eyes, they truly are dead ringers for the Doberman Pinscher. But don’t let him hear you say it!

He’s not a loner

Some dogs are perfectly fine if left home alone. Not the Manchester Terrier. The MT requires lots of attention. He will respond accordingly if left alone.

When you get home, after leaving your MT alone for a few hours, be prepared. When you open your front door don’t expect the house to be all neat and tidy like you left it.

The MT will show his displeasure any way he can. Shredded toilet paper all over the floor, trash cans knocked over, a nice fresh poop pile, the list goes on.

They love attention. They are very loyal companions. But just you leave him behind and you will see what kind of mischief a dog can create! I bet he’s just looking for a rat!

In conclusion

There are so many different breeds of dogs you can choose from. But pound for pound there is no other more affectionate, loyal, all-around good dog than the Manchester Terrier!

So what if he was bred to kill rats! There’s another fun fact, the Manchester Terrier is a great dog-cat!

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