8 Signs Your Dog Is Malnourished

You want to maintain the beauty and liveliness of your dog? Then feed it right. Dogs too deserve meals containing all the major food groups.

Malnourishment in dogs is a result of feeding on foods lacking all nutrients. So pay attention to what you feed your dog with and how your dog responds to the food. Malnutrition in dogs may appear in completely different forms.

If any will appear in your dog consider bettering the dog’s food, and if the symptom will persist consider taking the dog to a vet. Read and expand your knowledge of dogs!

Losing weight

It is so obvious when human beings and animals feed on foods with fewer nutrients or eat fewer amounts of food they will lose weight. Sometimes it becomes hard to tell when there is a weight loss in your dog.

When the loss of weight is significant, then it becomes very easy to tell your dog has lost weight. Are your dog’s ribs protruding? Are hip bones protruding too? If yes, your dog has lost weight which is a sign of malnutrition.

You should, therefore, give your dog more healthy food. However, you should not give your dog extremely large amounts of food when you realize it is facing malnutrition problems. Extreme large amounts of food can cause more problems for the dog.

The dog appears less or zero-energetic

Dogs are among the known creatures who are constantly energetic. So, when a dog becomes less energetic it means it is going to refrain from its all-time activities. The dog will stop running around, playing with you, or playing with the other pets around it.

Your dog will start lying around; it will only change the lying positions. The dog will hardly move or follow you around. The dog will appear worn out all the time. The dog will show no interest in any of the activities taking place in the surrounding.

It means the dog has not been feeding on energy giving foods hence less energetic. Although, you should base your judgment on how good you know your dog. Do not confuse between being lazy and being less energetic.

Coat problems

A healthy dog will have a fluffy, soft coat. If your dog’s coat turns into a thin, rough one, it insinuates malnutrition. The dog’s coat requires enough minerals and vitamins to ensure flawless coloring and also to improve the coat’s texture.

The lack of minerals and the vitamins in the dog’s body is the cause of the thin coat. Also, lack of minerals and vitamins may cause shading of the hair from the dog’s skin. Such changes on the dog’s coat are not normal.

You should be able to tell when your dog is undergoing such changes and then act on it. However, you should have in mind your dog’s coat change in terms of color and softness might be due to old age.

Abnormal excretion

You should be able to tell the slightest changes in your dog’s life. Mostly, you should closely observe when your dog is expelling its body wastes.

With such a level of commitment, you will be able to tell whether the waste and the whole excretion process appears normal or not. If your dog seems to be having a gas, inconsistent bowel movements, watery stool, and even constipation then it insinuates illness.

Also, when you see your dog expel unusual large volumes of stool it insinuates another health problem. The body is probably not absorbing the right amounts of nutrients from the food it eats. All the above occurrences are a result of poor nutrition. So you should get better food for your dog and even see a vet.

Unpleasant smell and a bad breath

Well, dogs are not the cleanest animals we know. Their likes include; eating directly from garbage sites and, licking almost everything they come across.

Also, sometimes you will find dogs rolling over garbage. Dogs can get odors from such stuff but not in all cases. So, when your dog has a bad smell coming from inside it, then you have to enquire more about it.

It is because it is a sign of a health issue whose cause is likely to be malnutrition. Bad breath from your dog is also a sign of a malnutrition problem.

Skin problems

Failure to feed your dog with proper nutrients at the right quantity causes skin problems. When grooming your dog take your time, check through the skin to see whether you will find anything strange.

When your dog lacks nutrients for nourishing the skin, you will observe changes on the dog’s skin. The changes include; the appearance of red sores, irritations, and dandruff. When you find such skin reactions, consider changing the dog’s feeds to better quality or see a vet.

Frequent health problems due to a weak immune system

How often does your dog fall sick? If often, then your dog’s immune system is weak. When human beings eat a balanced diet, it boosts our immune system. Similarly, when dogs eat balanced diets, they get a boost in their immune system.

The dog’s immune system, therefore, becomes strong enough to fight bacterial infections and other potential health problems. But, when you find your dog falling sick frequently, you should know there is a problem with how you feed it.

Not only falling sick frequently but also the dog takes long to recover once it falls sick. Better your dog’s diet, it enjoys being healthy!

The overall behavior of the dog changes

When a dog lacks enough nutrients in the body something is definitely wrong. It is because malnutrition is in connection to health problems. The dog will get weak, lonely, and even malicious at times.

The dog will not want the other pets around. The dog will even lose appetite. The dog will show no interest in walks and plays.

When left for a long time the dog can even develop some type of mental disorder such as canine anxiety.

Remember, as soon as you note any change in your dog’s behavior, do not wait till every sign on the list appears, act on your dog’s feeds. Also, it is wise to see a vet.

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