9 Signs Your Dog Is Thirsty

Dogs are the best companies you would ever have other than human beings. When you have a dog at home, you have a friend to run for snuggles, plays, and strolls. On the other hand, dogs need good care from you.

When you have a dog at home, it is your responsibility to groom and feed it well. You should make sure your dog takes meals with all the necessary nutrients.

Also, make sure you provide the dog with enough drinking water approximately 30-50ml of water per kilo of body weight. Here are signs you can look for to know if your dog is thirsty:

When the dog typically goes round looking for water

It is very obvious the first step a dog will take when it runs thirsty is to go round in the house looking for water to drink. Your dog will go close to water fetching points in your house such as water taps. You might find it in your toilet trying to reach the water in the toilet bowl.

Also, if you have water storage in your house, the dog will go and hoover around them. It is because the dog is trying to get some water to drink. When you see your dog make such moves, it is time for you to give it water.

When your dog’s skin has lost elasticity

When a dog drinks enough water, its skin becomes fully elastic. Water hydrates the dog’s skin, so when you pull any loose skin on the dog’s body it should spring back instantly.

When you pull your dog’s skin and realize the skin is not falling back quickly, it should become a concern. Because it means the skin has lost its elasticity. It shows the dog has not taken enough water for a day or longer.

If your dog is hardly panting

Like any other mammal, when involving a dog in energetic activities like running, it will start panting. Panting is a body mechanism for helping mammals, birds, and some reptiles to keep their temperatures down.

However, it only helps if the animal’s body has enough water. Usually, when panting, the mouth remains open. Panting only cools the body when there is enough water. When panting, evaporation occurs on the open surfaces of the dog’s mouth hence the body cooling.

In addition, as the dog pants, it takes deep breathes and the exchange of air cools its internals as well. So, when you realize your dog does not pant when running or when involving with other hard activities, then it is thirsty.

If your dog is constipating

During digestion, when the stool gets into the colon, the colon absorbs the water in the stool to hydrate the body. If your dog is thirsty, as the stool gets into the colon it already contains very little water. Then, the colon absorbs the little water leaving the stool dry.

Therefore, the dog faces difficulties when expelling its body waste due to a lack of water in the digestive system. The difficulty in releasing body waste is known as constipation. When you realize your dog is having a hard time expelling its body wastes, then it means the dog is thirsty.

When your dog releases little urine with color

When your dog does not drink enough water, its body’s automatic mechanism to absorb fluids becomes active. The dog’s kidneys work on getting and recycling the little water in its body.

Either very little fluid or no fluid gets into the bladder making it hard for the dog to get to pass urine. If the dog happens to urinate, it releases very little urine which is deep yellow in color.

The yellow color indicates a high concentration of body wastes. Therefore when you see your dog releasing yellow, little urine, it means you need to give it water to drink.

When you realize your dog’s gums appear dry

When a dog has taken enough water for its body, its salivary glands make enough saliva. The saliva moisturizes the gums. Also, enough saliva leaves the dog’s gums shinning.

If your dog is thirsty, less saliva is available hence dry gums. Also, the mouth might appear dry including the lips of the dog. If your dog appears to be having tacky gums it means it is thirsty and it needs water.

If your dog has dry, sunken eyes

If your dog is not drinking enough water, it means the body has no water. Lack of water in its body reduces the amount of water within the eyeball.

Also, the fat layer around the eye is among the tissues which shrink due to lack of water in the body. So, when the dog is thirsty, the fat layer around the eye disappears and the eyeballs dehydrate causing the eyes to sink. When you realize your dog has sunken eyes its time to give it water to drink.

When you realize your dog keeps lying with the nose resting against their water bowl

Most dog owners serve their dogs with water in a bowl. Dogs are smart enough to understand a certain dish comes with something specific. Therefore you will find a dog opting to lie next to its water bowl when it runs thirsty.

The dog expects you to interpret what it needs and you act on it. Also, while lying there the dog might keep licking its lips or even wear an anxious face because the water bowl is empty.

So, keenly observe your dog’s actions and if lying next to a water bowl is one of them. Then, it is time for you to help it cure the thirst.

If your dog has a dry nose

Usually, dogs have a thin layer of mucus that leaves their noses wet and moist. The mucus layer is forgetting the dogs’ smelling power stronger than humans’. If your dog is thirsty, the body will lack the water to moisturize the nose through the mucus layer.

The dog will end up licking the nose over and over making it appear white and dry.

If your dog has little and thick saliva

The dog’s salivary glands need water to make enough saliva that helps in keeping the internal part of the mouth soft and moist. Usually, the saliva is a loose liquid. If the dog has thick saliva it is a sign that it is thirsty.

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