Fun Facts About Afghan Hound Dogs

The Afghan Hound is an Ancient Dog

No one knows precisely where Afghan Hounds came from. Researchers have no idea where the dog found its origin. Some speculate that the dog was on Noah’s Ark, which was thousands of years ago.

Some think the Afghan Hound originated from the Saluki. They are very similar dogs that look very similar as well. Others believe that the Afghan Hound came to Afghanistan when Alexander the Great came in to conquer the region. They were brought with the army, and they started breeding and began to stay in the area.

Afghan Hounds are Natural Hunters

Afghan Hounds are not as luxurious as they may look. They are originally used to assist hunters in the Middle East, specifically in Afghanistan. They can withstand the extreme weather ranges of the mountains and the deserts of the Middle East.

Afghan Hounds have been able to track down some of the fiercest predators, including leopards. They corner these animals until the hunter arrives. They are very independent and know exactly what they are doing when hunting with a sense of natural ease. Hunters can easily trust this dog breed in the hunt.

Afghan Hounds are Very Fast Dogs

Afghan Hounds may not be quite as fast as a Greyhound. They are still speedy dogs, however. It should be a known fact as they can catch up and corner predators such as leopards.

Afghan Hounds can run up to 40 miles per hour on average. When putting that into comparison, that is as fast as a racehorse. These dogs need to be quick so that they can hunt efficiently and complete the tasks that they have been assigned efficiently.

4. Afghan Hounds are Extremely Flexible

Afghan Hounds are built to be flexible and quick. The flexibility assists them in reaching top speeds as they chase their prey. The flexibility allows them to avoid all types of hurdles and to be able to turn quickly when they need to.

The shape of an Afghan Hound’s hips is what assists them in flexibility. The hips are much higher and much wider than other dogs. The setting allows for their legs to able to react quickly without relying on their hips to make the turn first. Hunting is a breeze with the build.

Afghan Hounds Have Excellent Vision

Afghan Hounds can see well. They have a nearly perfect vision that allows them to track prey and keep their sight locked on prey wherever it goes. The narrow head shape that the dogs have allows them to see around them for 270 degrees as well.

This vision gives Afghan Hounds the distinction as a sighthound. Sighthounds are those that have the narrow head build and narrow-body build that allows them to see. Other sight hounds include Greyhounds, Salukis, Whippets, and many more.

Afghan Hounds Have Temperature Control

One of the most distinctive features of the Afghan Hound is its coat. It has long, silk-like fur that extends almost entirely to the ground. This fur looks elegant, and some would even say it is a bit humorous. This fur is utilized for temperature control, however.

The silk-like surface of this fur helps to keep the dog both cool and warm. It keeps the dog warm in the mountains when it is cold. The breeziness of the fur keeps the dog cool in the desert heat when working at its top-level as well.

Afghan Hounds are Feature in Picasso Paintings

Afghan Hounds are the subjects of many of Pablo Picasso’s paintings. In some paintings, the dogs even appear in portraits of his wife, Jacqueline. Some of his more abstract art pieces are based on a combination of his wife’s imagery and the Afghan Hound.

Picasso showcased the Afghan Hound so much because of his love of this breed of dog. He owned an Afghan Hound that he called Kabul. He owned multiple dogs, but his Afghan Hound was one of his favorite dogs that he owned, which is evidenced by his paintings.

Afghan Hounds Have a Low Pain Tolerance

Afghan Hounds have an extremely low pain tolerance. You can know that they are in pain when they begin to whimper by even the slightest of touches. It is best to be as gentle as possible with this type of dog to keep it out of pain.

The good news is that Afghan Hounds tend to have very long lives. The average lifespan for an Afghan Hound is around 14 years. You could have your children grow old with your Afghan Hound if you wanted to.

Afghan Hounds Will Run

Afghan Hounds will run after whatever their eyes catch. As soon as they see something they want, they will most likely go after it. First off, you should try to train your Afghan Hound out of this behavior.

Until your Afghan Hound is trained, it is best to keep them close by. If your dog is not on a leash, keep them in a fenced-in yard in which they cannot escape. If you are walking your dog out in the open, be sure to keep them on a tight leash.

Afghan Hounds Have a Distinct Smell

Afghan Hounds have a very distinct smell. The smell is not bad, but it is one that is unlike any other. It is a nice and pleasant smell that is not uncomfortable, but it is slightly musky.

The smell that comes from Afghan Hounds is due to their cheeks. In their cheeks are scent glands that are released during certain situations and at certain times. For these glands, Afghan Hounds often come with a nickname. This nickname is the “scented hound” as there is no other dog with a unique smell.

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