Dog Breed Facts: Airedale Terrier Edition

1. The Airedale Terrier Was Originally Bred to Hunt Rats

Though it may sound gross now, the Airedale Terrier was originally bred to hunt rats. They specifically hunted large rats that were invading homes and communities in old England. They started out performing this task in an area called Aire River Valley.

Contests began becoming more popular to see whose terrier was the best rat hunter. The rodents would go into tunnels, where ferrets would chase them out. The Airedale Terriers would then chase the rats towards the water. Whoever caught a rat first or caught the most rats in a certain period, was the winner.

2. The Airedale Terrier Is the Largest of All Terriers

The Airedale Terrier is very large compared to other terriers. Terriers do not automatically signify that a dog is going to be small. Many terriers are small as they were bred to go underground to get prey, though.

There are many different sizes of terriers, however. The Airedale Terriers, as mentioned, is the biggest at a weight of 60 pounds on average. They are also around two feet tall. Sometimes, people call the Airedale Terrier “the King of Terriers.”

3. The Airedale Terrier Is the Most Famous White House Dog

Many White House dogs have passed through the doors in Washington, D.C. No White House Dog is as famous as Laddie Boy, however. Laddie Boy was an Airedale Terrier that was a very important asset to the presidency during his time.

Laddie Boy was owned by President Harding. The dog went everywhere with him, from meetings with White House and government staff to rounds of golf at the green. Laddie Boy was so famous that letters were created to send out as if they were signed by him.

4. Airedale Terriers Fought in World War I

Airedale Terriers were a valuable asset to the World War I fight. The British army used Airedale Terriers to assist the Allies during World War I. They were used as couriers and sentries to send messages and important information.

The messages that Airedale Terriers transported were between commanders and troops that were on the front lines of the battle. The Airedale Terriers were very brave as they even provided a warning to incoming enemies on the front line of the battle. They even assisted in rescuing wounded soldiers with the Red Cross.

5. The Airedale Terrier Works for the Police

Airedale Terriers were one of the bravest animals on the waterfront. This bravery was recognized quickly by European citizens. For this reason, they became some of the very first police dogs that have ever been utilized in the force.

Countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany were the first to use the Airedale Terrier on the force. They were able to be the K-9 unit of these police forces in these European countries. These dogs truly make a difference wherever they are working and in whatever capacity.

6. Airedale Terriers Rarely, If Ever, Shed

You do not have to worry about having a lint roller or vacuum cleaner handy all of the time. Airedale Terriers rarely shed. If they do shed, it is only about twice a year. The amount they shed is very little as well.

The Airedale Terrier sometimes does not shed at all, though. The fur simply needs to be brushed occasionally to get rid of any loose or dead hair. You can take them to the groomer once a year to get their curly fur-trimmed down and organized to prevent matting.

7. Airedale Terriers Need Their Exercise

Airedale Terriers are a type of dog that wants to stay on the go. They enjoy being outside and playing at full energy with their excessive amounts of stamina and energy. They need a lot of exercises to be at their best and to be the most obedient.

It is important to try to take your Airedale Terrier on a walk every day or engage in some type of exercise. This dog needs daily learning and exercise. Without it, they may become easily destructive out of boredom.

8. The Airedale Terrier Is a Protector

The Airedale Terrier is known for protecting its people. It becomes very loyal to the people who train it and take care of it to the best of their abilities. It wants to ensure that its family is as safe as possible in all situations.

In monitoring the safety of its family, the Airedale Terrier will bark very loudly. If an intruder tries to come in, the dog has a very loud bark that is likely to scare anyone away. This bark is utilized to keep its family as safe and protected as possible.

9. The Airedale Terrier Is Very Adaptable

The Airedale Terrier does well in any type of setting. It does well in both apartments, small homes, and large homes in the country. As long as this dog is getting some form of exercise daily, it will thrive wherever it can live.

These dogs are also great at any temperature. They are easily able to be shaved down if it is hot outside so that they stay cool. If it is cold, the coat can simply be grown out to add an added layer of protection.

10. The Airedale Terrier Loves Children

Airedale Terriers are excellent with children. They are very tolerant of the constant noise, the constant playing, and the pulling and petting. Kids can even get into the personal space of others, making many other breeds of dogs anxious or annoyed.

The Airedale Terrier is a breed of dog that does not allow any of these things to bother it according to proven research. It is calm towards children and will play with them well. It knows its boundaries and wants to protect the children in the family as well as the adults.

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