8 Fun Facts About American Eskimo Dog Breed

Dog Breed Facts: American Eskimo


American Eskimo belongs to the Spitz family, which implies that it originates from the Nordic dogs, which have profuse coats, foxlike faces, and small pricked ears. Even if American Eskimo is related to the Nordic dogs, its origin is unknown.

This dog breed was regarded as an entertainer in various circuses in the U.S. during the 19th Century. The dog has a fantastic ability and brilliant coat to perform tricks, which made it a showman. This feature made American Eskimo breed famous. It is during 1917 that American Spitz was renamed American Eskimo.

American Eskimo Size

This dog breed exists in types depending on the size, including toy, standard, and miniature. Miniatures measure approximately 12-15 inches and weigh 20 pounds, toys are 9-12 high, and they weigh around 10 pounds, and lastly, standard American Eskimo is about 15-19 inches, and they weigh an approximate of 30 pounds.

American Eskimo Personality

American Eskimo is beautiful, fluffy, and white, which comes in three sizes, and it is highly intelligent. The dog is always a healthy, affectionate, and adaptable breed. Eskimo is an excellent communicator, friendly, and smart. It is still alert, making it an excellent watchdog. However, it is very vocal.

The dog communicates often, and it will let you know what it needs through barks and glances. The dog gets along quickly with everyone it meets, but it is harsh with squeezes, especially from children. This, therefore, means you have monitor the dog’s interactions with toddlers and show them how to pet him gently. American Eskimo is never aggressive or shy.


Always start training your puppy early before it gets stubborn. You can start teaching it as early as eight weeks old. At this age, Eskie can learn everything that you teach him. If you wait for Eskie to be six months and start training, it will give you a hard time. In case you do not have enough time to train your Eskie, take him to a kindergarten class when he is around 12 months old. Through this, your Eskie will get time to socialize and learn to interact with other dogs. If you take your Eskie to a kindergarten, ensure that he gets vaccinated.

Additionally, American Eskimo require to vent their energy regularly and keep their minds busy. If you have this dog breed, ensure that you keep it engaged. Leaving it idle will make it bored and can be rambunctious, resulting in chewing and unnecessary barking.

In case you want to own American Eskimo, you have to be confident to train lead and train him. The dog is a faster learner. Learn not to leave the breed alone for long. This dog breed loves spending time with family members, leaving him alone subjects him to anxiety. When you are not around the home, leave the Eskie with sturdy chew toys to keep him engaged till you are back.

American Eskimo Feeding

Ensure that you feed your Eskimo well for it to grow strong and healthy. Make sure that every day you give him a half cup of quality dry food daily. The meal should be given twice a day, for instance, morning and evening. Be aware that your adult Eskie eats depending on its size, metabolism, build, and age, and activity level.

American Eskimo Grooming and Coat Color

American Eskimo consists of a white and fluffy, and it is double-coated, having a thick undercoat and elongated outer coat. The dog has straight hair, but it is pronounced ruff in the neck region. Eskimo’s rear and front legs are reasonably feathered. The hair on Eskie’s tail is profuse. Eskimo dog breed is either white or white cream in color.

American Eskimo sheds its hair a lot. Therefore, it requires regular brushing to reduce the amount of fur left around the homestead and prevent matting. Ensure that you brush your Eskie three times a week. Despite this dog breed having a light color, it is easy to keep clean. This is because its fur has oil, which reduces the number of stains. Always ensure that you brush your Eskie when it is dirty.

Regarding bathing, bathe your Eskie once every three months, depending on how often it gets dirty. Bathing your ESkie regularly might lead to skill problems as it makes irritated and dry unless your Eskie is very dirty and has a doggie odor bathe it.

American Eskimo Training

American Eskimo is always alert and alive, making it the best housedog. To keep your Eskie active, ensure that you take it for exercise every day. Outdoor walking and running keep your dog stimulated and increases its sniffing capabilities. You can take your Eskie to dog parks for training. Various tricks and games available in the game park provide the best mental exercise for your dog. Eskie’s double coat helps it gain protection against cold weather.

American Eskimo Care

This dog breed can generally live anywhere; however, it is surprising that Eskimo love cold climates. People living in cold climates can enjoy seeing Eskie play in the snow and water. Eskie averagely does well in various homesteads ranging from apartments to houses with yards as long as it is allowed to be outdoors. Eskimo does not love to live in the backyard. It loves playing with family members.

Eskimo Interaction with other Pets and Children

Eskimo is regarded as a family dog. It loves people who are affectionate to it and always ready to play with everyone. Eskimo loves playing with children of all age brackets. It also likes playing around with other pets like cats and other dogs. But if you own Eskimo, make sure when it is playing with children, you carefully monitor it. If a child squeezes it, it quickly losses his temper hence can mess the child.

Additionally, Eskie has a high energy level, which can be overwhelming to young children. Eskimo does not like the company of birds and small mammals as it tends to chase them. Eskimo loves family affections leaving it alone will subject it to separation anxiety.

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