Dog Breed Facts: American Foxhound

1. The American Foxhound is Related to All Other Foxhounds

There are many more Foxhounds than just American Foxhound. One example is the English Foxhound. Each depends upon where the specific breed originated. It can be confusing to keep track of if the country of origin is not given with the name, though.

Despite this, all Foxhounds are closely related. The American Foxhound and the English Foxhound are close cousins, for instance. They are very similar in the way they look and have very similar markings. There are slight differences, however, which are noticeable when comparing the two breeds.

2. The American Foxhound Has a Very Strong Sense of Smell

The American Foxhound relies strongly on its sense of smell. It is considered to be a scent hound. They rely more on their sense of smell to find prey when hunting rather than their sense of sight.

When breeding these dogs, the original owners wanted a dog that would be able to track prey by simply using their scents. They were able to accomplish this in the development of the American Foxhound. They have some of the strongest senses of smell among all breeds of dogs.

3. The American Foxhound is a Direct Descendant of the Dogs Owned by Robert Brooke

Robert Brooke came to America in 1650. He came via ship from England, his home country, to America, where he spent the rest of his life. Robert Brooke brought all of his hunting dogs with him for the journey as well.

Many individuals believe that the hunting dogs owned by Robert Brooke helped to originate the original American Foxhound. Many other breeds are thought to have descended from these dogs as well, though. The American Foxhound is just one of them.

4. The American Foxhound is Virginia’s State Dog

The American Foxhound has been a part of the history of America for centuries. It was highly involved in both Maryland and Virginia. It is believed that the American Foxhound was bred somewhere in one of these two states.

Virginia tends to believe that the dog was bred in Virginia. There is a strong correlation between the American Foxhound and the state. Virginia is a state that is full of history that concerns the presidential history and history about many of the wars our country has faced so that it would make sense.

5. George Washington Assisted in Creating the American Foxhound

George Washington is said to have assisted in breeding and introducing the American Foxhound. Marquis de Lafayette offered to send French hunting dogs to George Washington as a type of gift. From there, the rest is history.

George Washington and Robert Brooke worked together to breed the American Foxhound. The English hunting dogs from Brooke were bred with Washington’s French hunting dogs. When the two breeds were put together, the American Foxhound was eventually developed and is continued to be loved by many families even today.

6. The Irish Foxhound is an Ancestor of the American Foxhound

The Irish Foxhound is also an ancestor of the American Foxhound. There is much more to this complex dog than just the English and French hunting dogs. The modern American Foxhound is different from the original American Foxhound.

Irish Foxhounds were either brought to America by accident or were transported to America by ship. Whatever the case, the Irish Foxhounds began breeding with the original American Foxhounds. The result was the American Foxhound that is known and loved by many today in America.

7. The American Foxhound has a Very Good Disposition

Despite being a working dog, the American Foxhound is a great family dog. It has a very kind, sweet, and affectionate disposition that is easily loved by many. They are very social creatures as well that generally love other dogs and children.

American Foxhounds are eager to learn and eager to please. They want nothing more than to make their owners happy. For the most part, these dogs are not stubborn. They will do what they are asked and will most likely excel in obedience training and in following commands.

8. The American Foxhound Will Follow Its Nose

The American Foxhound has been bred to rely on its sense of smell. If it is left outside, it will naturally follow its sense of smell. You need to ensure that your American Foxhound knows its limits and can know where it can and cannot go.

If this is not possible, consider a fenced-in backyard or consider only taking an American Foxhound out a leash. You will be able to monitor where the dog’s nose takes it. Make sure training is done to monitor the problem of following a scent.

9. The American Foxhound is Not a City Dog

American Foxhounds are not great for city living. They need room to run and play. It is possible to live in the city with them if you have given them proper training and can give them daily exercise though.

American Foxhounds also have a very vocal and loud bark that can be heard for miles. Barking is something your neighbors do not want to have to hear non-stop if you live with an American Foxhound in the city. This is important to consider.

10. American Foxhounds Thrive on Exercise

American Foxhounds are extremely active dogs. They need exercise to thrive. If the dog is left without exercise, it will become destructive if it is left home alone or in a room by itself.

American Foxhounds are also able to fall out of shape and become overweight quickly. This can lead to unnecessary health problems that can easily be prevented. You simply just need to make sure you are walking your dog every day and playing with your dog every day to prevent costly and damaging health concerns.

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