7 Fun Facts About American Water Spaniel Dogs

Dog Breed Facts: American water spaniel

Seven Fun Facts About The American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel is a beautiful dog that is built to play. This sports dog is a hunting dog. He was bred to be able to dive off of boats to retrieve ducks and other birds. This dog, however, is quite adaptable when it comes to living arrangements. He can be happy in an apartment or farm living. This very intelligent dog is a rare breed. There are only about 3000 of these special dogs in the world. Here are some other fun facts about this faithful companion.

Made In The USA

The American Water Spaniel was born in the United States. No one is completely sure how the American Water Spaniel was made. The best guests that it was a result of crossing the Irish Water Spaniel and the curly-coat retriever. The dog has been in the United States since around the 1800s. He is the official Wisconsin state dog, and it is usually not found too far away from the mid-west.

The Pioneers needed help to retrieve food. At that time, there was more water than land, and that water was very cold. The Pioneers needed a dog that could hunt and swim. The dog also had to have enough discipline to bring the fowl back to the boat. The American Water Spaniel has proven to be perfect for the task.

However, because of disappearing ducks, the Second World War, and other hunting dogs, the breed began to disappear. Dr. Fred J. Pfeiffer took a liking to the dogs and was the founder of the Wolf River Kennels. His mission was to save the American Water Spaniel. All of Dr. Pfeiffer’s hard work finally paid. The American Kennel Club gave recognition to the hunting dog in 1940.

Looks Tell It All

There is no doubt that the American Water Spaniel was made for swimming. His long body and powerful legs let him move through the water with ease. The average male weighs about 35 pounds. The female tends to be a little smaller. Both sexes average around 16 inches in height. The topcoats of an American Water Spaniel can have tight curls or be wavy. They are usually dark chocolate, brown or dark liver in color. Their coats are waterproof, which allows him to swim in all types of weather. Their toes and chest may have patches of white.

Do Not Be Intimidated By All Those Curls

Though the American Water Spaniel is covered with curls, he is not hard to groom. He is a light shedder. However, regular brushing will keep his coat shiny and healthy. Check his coat for debris and remove it when necessary. He does not need to have a bath often unless he gets dirty or is swimming in saltwater. When bathing him, use a conditioning hypoallergenic dog shampoo. Rinse well and fluff with a towel. His ears need good cleaning often. They tend to collect debris. It is also important to watch for ear infections. He needs a regular manicure. As for teeth brushing, find a dog toothpaste flavor that he enjoys. He will be more corporative.

Exercise Is Not An Option

The American Water Spaniel has lots of energy. After all, they are hunters and swimmers by nature. He will happily accompany you on a run, hike, bike ride, and of course, a swim. If walking is your go-to exercise, your American Water Spaniel is going to need at least two 30 minute walks a day. Oh, if he does not get enough exercise, he will not be shy about letting you know. Not only will he become a bit whiny, but he could also start destroying things as well.

He does love toys, but he is not good at playing alone. He would much rather play with you. Balls, throwing discs, and other interactive toys are best for his toy box. The American Water Spaniel is also very intelligent. Puzzle games will also help to entertain him plus keep his brain active.

The American Water Spaniels Like To Express Themselves

Let’s cut to the chase. The American Water Spaniel likes to express themselves by barking. The barking is a direct result of their original upbringing. The dogs are pack dogs, and to communicate, they bark. Now, your buddy wants to communicate with you. He will bark when he is happy and hungry, and when someone approaches, and whenever he feels like it. If he left on his own for too long, he would bark. He just wants someone to talk to.

He is, however, trainable. It is best to start bark training as early as eight weeks old. It is important to be consistent with an American Water Spaniel, but not harsh. They usually will not responsible for threats that work on other dogs. Getting your buddy on a schedule is a good idea too. If they know when walks and playtime are, they are less likely to bark.

Loves Food His And Yours

While most dogs appreciate a good dinner, the American Water Spaniel loves food. He will be happy to eat his food, but he will also be happy to eat yours. They love treats and will easily eat too many. The American Water Spaniel does need enough calories to support their activities. However, as the dog slows down a bit, make sure to adjust his calorie intact.

One special treat that he will love is bananas. However, no one understands why this breed particularly loves this fruit. Many American Water Spaniel owners say that a banana is their dog’s favorite human food. It most likely that they enjoy the softness in their mouth. Bananas are a good low-calorie to give dogs, so keep some on hand.

Perfect For Busy Children

If there is a dog perfect for playing with busy children, The American Water Spaniel is it. From outdoor water fights to playing ball, the children will train the dog quickly to play. This dog loves getting assignments. If this includes running and playing with the kids, he will be a happy pup.

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