10 Fun Facts About the Australian Cattle Dog

1. The Australian Cattle Dog is a Dog of Many Names

The Australian Cattle Dog is a dog of many names depending upon where you are. Many nicknames and other breed names have come about for this dog. The names include those that sound professional, as well as those that seem made up.

Some of the more professional-sounding names include Blue heeler, Australian heeler, and red heeler. A heeler is a more common name for the breed than the Australian Cattle Dog. Another name that is a bit more made up is that which is called the Queensland Heeler.

2. The Australian Cattle Dog Comes From the Dingo

The Australian Cattle dog has a unique history. It is actually from an English person that this breed exists. Thomas Simpson Hall wanted to herd thousands of cattle and was not finding the solutions he needed, causing the creation of the breed.

Hall first tried to use Smithfields, which were Colonial dogs. The breed did not do what he wanted, so he bred imported dogs from Northumberland with dingos. Dingos are a wild dog of Australia, though. The breeding has led to a sturdy breed that can get the job of cattle herding done correctly.

3. The Australian Cattle Dog is Small but Mighty

The Australian Cattle Dog is a smaller breed. It is also an extremely strong breed. It is an extremely muscular dog that can withstand tough situations and work all day.

The Australian Cattle Dog has a unique look in the rest of its body too. It has upright ears that keep alert at all times. It also has a broad skull with wide eyes and an upright tail. The tail is even slightly curved for a unique look.

4. Australian Cattle Dogs Love to Herd

Australian Cattle Dogs will herd even when they are not supposed to be herding. To herd, the breed nips at the ankles of the cattle. Due to their breeding to herd, the Australian Cattle Dog will attempt to herd anything that is near them to the herd.

It is important to try to train your Australian Cattle Dog out of the nipping and biting habits to protect you and your loved ones. They do not intend it for harm, but they are trying to play and herd. Make sure to put their energies elsewhere.

5. Australian Cattle Dogs are Very Independent

Australian Cattle Dogs want to be independent. They do not need to be part of a pack. They are hard-working and intelligent enough to survive on their own, especially in their minds.

It is possible to have more than one dog, however, with ample training from an early age. Try to engage your dog in obedience training to learn how to get along with other dogs and to keep its mind busy. You can prevent many behavior concerns by doing training as well.

6. Australian Cattle Dogs Change Color

When first born, Australian Cattle Dogs are completely white. The color may be from Dalmatians in the breed’s ancestry. After a few months, the color starts to appear. This can be red or blue in marking.

There are many varieties of color variations within the Australian Cattle Dog’s coat. A red heeler, for instance, can be read mottled or red speckled. A red mottled heeler still retains a lot of the white undertones. The same can be said of blue heelers. Each Australian Cattle Dog truly has a unique coat to themselves.

7. Australian Cattle Dogs are Survivors

Australian Cattle Dogs are bred to work in harsh conditions. They have a double layer of fur that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures. They are also intelligent enough to survive instances in which things may go wrong, as is seen by the next story.

An Australian Cattle Dog is still alive after being thrown from a boat in a storm. She swam back to shore, upwards of five miles and survived wild horses. She is reunited with her family after her difficult experience. Her intelligence and temperament assisted her in surviving.

8. Australian Cattle Dogs Thrive on Exercise

Exercise is an absolute necessity for Australian Cattle Dogs. It takes more exercise than a typical dog would require as well. Take your dog on more than just a short walk or out for more than just a quick game of fetch to tire them out truly.

Running with an Australian Cattle Dog is the best way to keep them exercised. Make sure it has a yard in which it can run around and play for as long as it wants to. To have a well-behaved dog, you need a well-exercised dog.

9. Australian Cattle Dogs Have Unique Coats

Australian Cattle Dogs can be primarily red or primarily blue. Colors of the opposite can present themselves despite the primary colors, though. It is important to note that the blue heelers do have more of a grey appearance than a blue appearance.

The double-coat offered on an Australian Cattle Dog is water-resistant and cold-resistant. Water will come right off of your dog, so it remains dry at the level of the skin. In most cases, the dog will enjoy swimming due to its double coat and inability to get wet.

10. Australian Cattle Dogs Shed

Australian Cattle Dogs shed twice a year. When they shed, it is a lot of furs. It is important to try to brush your dog occasionally to get rid of loose fur. Use bristle brushes to get through the thick coat and keep your dog as comfortable as possible.

Bathing is not recommended for Australian Cattle Dogs. Their coats remain relatively clean with very little maintenance. It will also help to protect the double coat from eliminating bathing as much as possible. Your dog will thank you for the low amount of baths it needs.

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