Dog Breed Facts: Beagle Edition

1. Beagles Have Been Around for Thousands of Years

Beagles are one of the oldest dog breeds. No one knows where beagles come from. Evidence points to a beagle’s existence thousands of years ago, however. The dog is important to the hunt, so that it may be part of their heritage as well.

Evidence shows beagles being around during the time of the Roman Empire. It shows them specifically being found in places like England. They were used for fox hunting at that time by the nobility of England. Not much detail is provided about these beginnings, however.

2. Beagles Started Being Tiny

An original beagle is extremely small. They are called “miniature.” They were as small as a toy dog like a Yorkshire Terrier or a Pomeranian. At their tallest, beagles were only, at most, as tall as nine inches.

This height allowed for beagles to be able to be fit in the palm of your hands. They were easily able to be carried in pockets or bags as a type of luxury dog. Now, however, beagles are a medium-sized hunting dog. They were bred to get to be this medium size, however.

3. A Beagle Should Have White on Its Tail

One of the signs of a purebred beagle is a white tip or a white spot on the tail. This white tip lets people know that it is a purebred beagle. If there is no white, it is probably not a purebred.

The white on a beagle’s tail can be as little or as much as it is present. No specified amount is given for the beagle to be considered registered. So long as at least a few hairs towards the tip of the tail appear to be white, it is probably a purebred beagle.

4. The Word “Beagle” is French for “Loudmouth”

The word “beagle” comes from the original French word “bee gueule.” This original French word, “bee gueule,” means “wide throat.” This was translated down to “beagle” to be more polite. “Beagle,” therefore, means “loudmouth.”

Beagles are known for being very loud and vocal dogs. They bark incessantly, especially when hunting. Their bark is unique and loud as well. The dog also is known for baying and howling at any hour, which can be very loud if you are not used to it.

5. Beagles are Extremely Popular

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They have been either fourth or fifth on the list of most popular dog breeds for the last few years. You can go to any city or town and see a beagle.

People are not just buying beagles for hunting reasons anymore. They are great family dogs that are sure to be fun to have and raise. They do require training to limit their amount of barking and their level of obedience, however.

6. Beagles are Seen in Pop Culture Through Characters like “Snoopy”

“Snoopy” is one of the most popular characters from the comic strip “Peanuts.” The comic strip has turned into a very popular household name with movies continuing to come out and more. One of the most loved characters in the comic strip is a dog named “Snoopy.”

“Snoopy” is supposed to be a beagle. He is one of the most infamous beagles in pop culture. “Snoopy” is known for having hilarious antics as he flies his plane during the war in which he is the Red Baron.

7. The Favorite Dog of the Previous Queen is Beagles

The previous queen of England had a favorite dog breed. You guessed it, that favorite dog breed was beagles. The previous queen was named Queen Elizabeth I, and she had beagles for herself that she kept with her at the palace.

The type of beagles that Queen Elizabeth I had were the miniature beagles. These are the beagles that were small enough to fit in the palm of your hands. She had numerous beagles that she loved dearly and took great care of throughout her reign as the Queen of England.

8. White House Leaders Love Beagles Too

Not only do members of the British royalty love beagles, but members of the American royalty also love them too. Presidents living in the White House have had beagles as White Housepets. Lyndon Johnson was the most famous president of his beagles.

Lyndon Johnson had two beagles that lived with him in the White House. These beagles were simply named Him, and Her. Johnson sincerely loved his beagles. He frequently was seen taking them on walks and playing with them on the White House lawns as only he could.

9. Hollywood Royalty Loves Beagles

Members of Hollywood royalty love beagles as well. Hollywood royalty includes celebrities who are some of the most popular throughout generations. One of those members of Hollywood royalty who loves beagles is Barry Manilow.

Manilow had a beagle that he named Bagel. He adopted his beagle rather than buying it outright. This was as long ago as the 1970s. The beagle was showcased on many of Manilow’s products and labels. It was seen photographed on record sleeves. Manilow’s love for beagles was portrayed through his clothing choices as well, with shirts saying things like “I love beagles.”

10. Beagles Work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Beagles are integral employees to the team at Homeland Security. They help to keep domestic issues at bay. Beagles primarily work at airports using their keen sense of smell to help keep airports and America safe.

Beagles can sniff out pieces of luggage at airports. They can find illegal substances and agricultural goods that are illegal in America. As soon as something is found, it is discarded to prevent it from infiltrating into American society as a whole.

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