10 Fun Facts About the Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian sheepdog is highly valued for its intelligence amongst herders. They have been in existence for hundreds of years and are bred for their work ethic. Today you can find them inside of many people’s homes and still in some forms. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest things there are to learn about this particular breed of dog. At first glance, human mistake, one of these for a black Australian Shepherd, but they are more muscular. They always give 100% effort whenever they are competing in athletic competition. It is why so many people love this breed in Belgium.

What Is The History Of The Belgian Sheepdog?

The history of this breed is the history of the people of Belgium. The people there were in agricultural people for many years. The cattle herders of the country used the help of dogs to hurt their cattle. Over time they selectively bred the best traits for cattle herding dogs. The modern breed is an amalgamation of several previous breeds. In the past, there were up to eight different Belgian sheepdog breeds that were recognized. Yet there is only one that is recognized today.

What Are The Defining Characteristics Of The Belgian Sheepdog?

The Belgian sheepdog is a hard-working animal that tends to form bonds with owners who work them. This means that they are great for families that have a task they need their dog to help with. Males only way up to 75 pounds. This would make them a medium-large -sized dog, and they belong to the hurting group of dogs. Females are a little bit smaller than that. They typically weigh around 50 to 60 pounds. That would put them right at the medium-sized dog class.

What Type Of Nutritional Requirements Does The Belgian Sheepdog Have?

Like all dogs of the hurting class, you will want a high protein dog food. The building sheepdog is a highly active animal, and it will require plenty of calories to keep ongoing. Whenever you pick up a bag of dog food, you need to look at the list of ingredients first. As you look at the list of ingredients, scan through the items. If the very first item you see is not a source of high-quality protein, then you need to find a different dog food. If you feed your dog unhealthy dog food for a long time, it could adversely affect their health. As long as you get high-quality dog food, they will do well on just about any protein.

What Type Of Grooming Requirements Does The Belgian Sheepdog Have?

The Belgian sheepdog has a two-layer. The underlayer is a little bit softer and is called an undercoat. The outer coat is a harder and coarser type of hair. You will need to brush them just a couple of times a week to prevent tangling. If you fail to do this, then it could lead to matting, and that is painful for the dog. Matting can also lead to infection. The Belgian sheepdog will shed about twice a year. Make sure to get a vacuum cleaner so that way it is an easy cleanup.

What Type Of Temperament Does The Belgian Sheepdog Have

The Belgian sheepdog is an eager and highly energetic animal. They are great for people that want a competition dog. Whether that’s the type of competition is agility courses or tracks. You could even take this dog to a hurting competition, and they would perform phenomenally. They always want to please their master and love to work with their owner. They are also great with families. Whenever they are inside of the home, they are kind and loving gentle creatures. Many of them get along with children very well and have made great additions to families in Belgium and around the world.

What Type Of Grooming Requirements Do They Have?

They are a fairly easy dog to groom. Thanks to the fact that they only shed seasonally, you do not need to brush them too often. You should brush them 2 to 3 times a week, depending on how long their hair is. If you notice any types of tingling, then go ahead and brush them anyways. Otherwise, these dogs are very easy to take care of grooming wise.

How Easy Are Belgian Sheepdogs To Train?

Because they have the hurting blood in them, they are incredibly eager to learn. The Belgian sheepdog is a phenomenal working. It can help her cattle much better than most other animals. To do this, they must learn very well. They are in an intelligent dog so they can learn how to do more than just hurting. You should be able to train these dogs to do just about whatever it is that you need them to do.

Are There Any Breed Specific Health Concerns For The Belgian Sheepdog?

This is a very healthy breed. They are long-lived and generally live to their teens. There are a few types of eye issues that can run into their bloodlines. One breed-specific health concern is a risk for certain types of cancer. One risk to note is that the Belgian sheepdog is averse to anesthesia more than other breeds. Hopefully, this does not ever come into play. Yet it is a good thing to know if you ever find yourself in that situation.

What Type Of Activity Levels Does This Dog Display?

This is a very active dog, and unless you have plenty of space, it will be difficult to keep happy. They do not require you to take them on walks as long as you have a large and open yard. It is even better if you have a form with animals that they can work with. They are a hurting breed, and so they are used for working with animals. That means they are a dog that is made to have the activity levels required for working.

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