7 Reasons I Love My Bichon Poodle

As soon as I laid my eyes on his teddy bear face, I fell for him. Love at first sight! Getting to know Bailey hasn’t changed my mind. He is playful and loves to show his affection. He is as cuddly as he is intelligent.

Here are seven reasons this little Bichon Poo has my heart:

1. Playful.

Bailey Bean needs his playtime. When he’s in the mood for something fun and exciting to do, he will let us know. Bailey loves to bichon blitz (run erratically) all over our condo. He will jump, paw at our legs, and playfully nip at our hands to join in his games.

He loves when we chase him around. He’s so smart that he baits us and then runs to his carrying kennel, flies the door open with his paw, and jumps in before we can catch him. Then when the coast is clear, he does it all over again! It’s hilarious!

He has our little family laughing and running around like crazy several times a day. Sometimes I feel bad for our neighbors below. Sorry guys!

2. He is perfect for kids.

We have young nieces who love Bailey. The oldest, at seven years old, is constantly trying to buy him from us. One day she emptied her piggy bank and offered us all $17. We told her that she is about $7 million short.

Almost a year later and she is still trying to negotiate with us! The kids love him because he’s cute and fluffy, like a teddy bear. He’s perfect for kids because he will let them manhandle him without growling, biting, or scratching them. When overwhelmed by their excitement, where other dogs might nip or bite, he simply walks away, hides, collects his thoughts and then returns to play when he feels ready for it.

He is a smart and easy-going little dog. His temperament makes him a great pet for a family with children.

3. Great coat.

His coat can get a bit fluffy, so it does need to get brushed to avoid matting. It’s also hypoallergenic and almost doesn’t shed. When my boyfriend first moved to the island, we got him a pomeranian named Penny. We loved Penny, but man could that 8lb dog shed. Our little (370 sq. ft) apartment had her fur everywhere.

I even started keeping my work uniforms in my car to keep her fur off of it. But Bailey, on the other hand, hardly sheds. The only time he ever sheds his fluffy teddy bear-like fur on us is right after he gets a fur cut. It’s amazing! Also, he’s hypoallergenic. For these reasons, he was allowed to accompany me when I was teaching my massage classes while my boyfriend was on a trip to the mainland.

I felt bad for leaving him home alone, and because he wouldn’t leave behind fur or make people sneeze, my boss allowed him to come along. She enjoyed playing with him, eventually falling for him herself! My dad and sister have pretty bad allergies to lose dog fur but don’t react when we bring him hello. His hypoallergenic fur and almost no shedding make him a great addition to families with members who suffer from allergies.

4. Smart and easy to train.

Poodles are known for being one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. Living with Bailey, I understand why. He seems to speak English. My boyfriend and I have to spell out words like walk’ when we are talking, so this little guy doesn’t get excited to have his hopes dashed when he realizes we aren’t leaving.

Have you ever known a dog to use the litter box? Most people are surprised when I tell them Bailey does. It’s so nice to have peace of mind when we are out that our pup isn’t suffering at home trying to hold it in, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment than using disposable puppy pads.

We never have to worry about coming home to accidents or ripped up training pads. It’s a great behavior that he learned easily. Waking up in the morning is an event. Bailey waits for us to start waking up, and then when our eyes open, he jumps up and showers us with kisses.

He’s learned that it is not ok to do that when someone is sleeping, so he anxiously awaits open eyelids as an invitation. He knows the difference in playing with adults as opposed to children and plays differently. He will growl and bark excitedly while playing with us.

When playing with our cute little nieces, he gets excited but doesn’t get aggressive at all, even when the little girls get a little ‘ruff’ with him (sorry for the pun). Bailey makes an intelligent canine buddy who learns easily.

5. So clumsy, it’s cute!!

He is little, like 10lbs. A couple of his favorite toys to play fetch with is an owl, almost his size, and a stuffed snake about five times as long as him. This determined little guy always tries to drag these toys around and jump up on the couch or bed. Many times he doesn’t make the jump, but it’s so cute to watch.

He also loves to slide on our floor. When we play tag, and he’s running away from us, he will dive into his little carrier, making it slide a little. Then get run around and do it again. It’s adorable. He even falls off the bed or couch a lot. Sometimes while he’s excited, he jumps further than he realizes, and all of a sudden, he’s not on the bed anymore, but he jumps right back up like nothing even happened. It’s a blast watching this clumsy teddy bear run and play.

6. Affectionate, loving, and cuddly.

As I write this, he wants to curl up and take a nap on my lap, cradled in my arm. Typing with only one hand is hard and time-consuming, but I can’t bring myself to wake this little angel. He also has an obsession with licking. Besides waking up nearly every morning to his kisses, he lovingly attacks us with the tongue every chance he gets.

If you don’t like cute, fluffy, little puppies kissing you every chance they get, then a bichon poo may not be the breed for you. Bailey would probably even lick my eyeballs if I let him! He loves us so much he whimpers when he curls up next to us sometimes. He lets out this noise whenever he’s happy and calm.

7. He’s also really protective.

Whenever he hears a dog walk by on the sidewalk below us, he will run in between that dog and us to make sure he’s shielding us from whatever harm might come our way even though we are on the 2nd floor. That’s also the only time he barks. He’s not happy at all. Well, he also lets out these adorable little barks when he’s sometimes sleeping.

And remember my massage class he attended several times? My class of 6 women all fell for him too and named him their soul-sister and class mascot.

He repaid their love and kindness by running from table to table and standing to lick their faces through the face cradle. So adorable! The Bichon Frise breed of dogs is known to have separation anxiety, which Bailey inherited. He does hideaway for some me-time every once in a while, but he is normally curled up right by us, usually resting his chin on us.

Unfortunately, he is prone to bouts of depression while one of us is gone for the day, even if he’s not home alone. He loves his humans. His loving nature makes him a wonderful little pet.


Are you considering adding a new puppy to your family? Bichon Poodles, also affectionately known as Bichon Poos, Bich-Poos, or Poochons, would make a great new family member. This energetic, loving, and intelligent canine breed is a great breed, especially for a family with kids.

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