Fun Facts About the Bolognese Dog Breed


Bolognese dog breed is regarded as the best companion for families. The dog prefers spending time with family members. However, other times, the dog can prefer to be alone and quite crafty. The breed is a small dog that belongs to the bichon family. The dog was initiate bred in Bologna, Italy; therefore, its name Bolognese. In the past, this dog breed was popular among Italian Aristocracy and ladies. Bolognese has a pleasant personality and rare to find in the current society. The dog breed is hardly seen even in its country of origin.

Bolognese Dog Breed Size

This dog breed is small-bodied. A male Bolognese is approximately 12.5 inches at its shoulder and while female stands at 12 inches. The dog has a weight that ranges between 3.6 -6.4 kilograms. This, therefore, indicates that the dog is small in size.

Bolognese is squarely built and stocky. He prefers being inactive and serene and devoted to its family. The dog can be shy to strangers, but they are ready to socialize if strangers are ready to interact with them.

Bolognese is prone to anxiety; therefore, it cannot do well when left alone for long hours. It prefers owners who have time for it. Bolognese is an old breed that was mostly owned by noblemen during Roman times. The dogs were precious and had a pleasant personality; therefore, they were given to people as gifts among the powerful and the wealthy in society.

Bolognese Dog Breed Nutrition

This dog breed does well on high-quality food; for instance, one that is home-prepared or commercially manufactured. Ensure that you seek guidance from a vet for the best food and amount to give your Bolognese. The vet will advise you on a diet to give your Bolognese depending on its age and level of exercise.

Bolognese is prone to getting overweight; therefore, you should always monitor your dog’s calorie consumption level as a lot of calories can cause obesity in your dog. You also need to learn about human meals that are safe or unsafe for your dog. You should always consult your vet in case you have any concerns about its diet, weight. Further, alongside the diet of your dog, you should include a lot of clean and freshwater all the time. Giving your Bolognese quality food will make it to be reliable, energetic, and healthier.

Bolognese Dog Breed Grooming

Bolognese is a beautiful dog as it is an all-white coat. Its coat is fluffy like and soft having a texture of cotton. The dog does not shed its fur, and thereby if it is low mild and has an allergy, it is not easily affected. Bolognese coat should remain untrimmed and unshaped except around its eyes for health reasons. However, regular grooming is necessary if your Bolognese is in its full coat. For easy and effective maintenance, ensure that you keep your Bolognese’s coat short, approximately one inch long, and leave its mop head area untrimmed.

Apart from grooming, you should also ensure that your Bolognese gets regular baths, as this will help it to be clean always. Further, ensure that you trim the nails of your Bolognese using a nail clipper to avoid overgrowth, cracking, and splitting. You should also check the ears of your dog often during trimming to check for buildup of debris and wax, which can cause ear infections. You should also brush the teeth of your Bolognese regularly.

Bolognese Dog Breed Exercise

Bolognese dog breed is the best apartment dogs. However, they need outdoor exercise at times. Ensure that you schedule an outdoor workout for your Bolognese like 40 minutes daily. The dog tends to be easygoing and calm. It offers the best companion for family and children.

You should involve your dog in an exercise like playing in the backyard and even running outdoors. You should also let your Bolognese play indoor games with the children like hiding and seek, teaching them new tricks, and chasing a ball rolling on the ground. Ensure that the exercise you subject your dog requires low energy. However, the exercise should be playful as the dog finds it exciting and entertaining.

Bolognese Dog Breed Training

This dog breed is prone to small dog syndrome. The syndrome is human-induced, and the dog will think that it is the leader of the pack. Such syndrome will make your Bolognese to be timid and anxious. Always ensure that you correct this behavior while your Bolognese is a puppy. You can do this by actively training it to socialize with children and other pets in the compound. You should also teach your dog to be welcoming to strangers. The dog is easily trainable and has a friendly temperament.

Bolognese Dog Breed Personality and Temperament

Bolognese dog breed is very entertaining and playful. Further, the dog is always ready to give an affectionate companion to the owner. It likes it when the owner offers its attention. Bolognese is curious, intelligent, and highly trainable. The dog is not usually active, but if you train it to be, it can.

Bolognese makes a great friend to toddlers as it is playful. It is suitable for families having children above nine years who understand how to handle the dog with love, care, and attention.

You should start training your dog immediately you bring it home. If you do not have time, you can enroll in a kindergarten class when its twelve weeks old. This will help your Bolognese to learn how to socialize with people and other pets.

Bolognese Dog Breed Health

Most of this dog breed is healthy; however, when purchasing Bolognese, ensure that the breeder screens the dog for health conditions like luxating patellas and eye anomalies. A good dog breeder will inform you of any health issues.

Bolognese is prone to hip dysplasia, which is a deformity that requires surgery. The dog is also prone to kneecaps when it is a puppy. Ensure that if your dog has any health complications, you take it to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.

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