Dog Breed Facts: Border Collie Edition

1. Border Collies are extremely intelligent.

Border Collies are the workaholics of dogs. They want nothing more than to work all day, and nothing makes them happier than working. It is also important for Border Collies to have something to do to keep themselves busy and out of trouble.

Border Collies can learn an almost unlimited amount of words and tricks. They are bred for learning commands to help in herding sheep, so it is only assumed that they can learn more for fun or the home. Border Collies even participate in obedience competitions very often.

2. The border collie is named for its place of origin.

The Border Collie is originally from Scotland. More specifically, the dog is from the southernmost parts of Scotland, near England. This is where the first part of the dog’s name, “border,” originates from.

“Collie” is a traditional Scottish term. It simply means “sheepdog.” Border Collies are known for herding sheep and keeping sheep secure and together. Due to the location in which Border Collies were found and their jobs, their names are very appropriate. There is almost no other name for this breed of dog that would make sense.

3. Border Collies herd in a unique way.

Border Collies are known for herding sheep. The way they herd sheep is by using “the eye.” “The eye” is a way in which the dogs intimidate the flock of sheep. They stare at the sheep until the sheep feel as if they have to move out of fear.

Border Collies can take sheep from a wide-open space to a very small pen. They are also able to do this using only basic commands. The basic learning styles showcase how intelligent this breed of dog is.

4. The queen loved the breed.

Queen Victoria had a fancy for all dogs. She loved dogs and the innocence they provided. She owned many dogs herself while residing in the royal palace. As soon as the Border Collie was introduced, Queen Victoria found her favorite dog breed.

Queen Victoria loved the Border Collie from the moment she laid eyes on it. She was queen when the breed was first introduced as a new breed. She became an enthusiast of Border Collies during her reign due much to her love of the breed.

5. Border Collies have been subjects of poetry.

Robert Burns featured information about his Border Collie in his poetry. He was a famous Scottish poet known for some of the best works of poetry available. He owned a Border Collie affectionately named Luath, who he was very close to.

Luath tragically died early in life. Robert Burns determined to write a poem in honor of his beloved Border Collie. It is called “The Twa Dogs.” The poem is about the unbreakable bond between a man and his dog. There are many statues of Robert Burns throughout Scotland as well that showcase his Border Collie, Luath, too.

6. Border Collies are record breakers.

Border Collies have won awards for their intelligence. Chaser is a Border Collie who has been deemed the most intelligent dog in the world. Border Collies have showcased their intelligence in many other ways as well.

A Border Collie called Jumpy can skateboard using its intelligence. Striker can roll down a manual car window due to being trained to do so. Sweet Peak can balance things on her head and walk with them still on it.

7. Border Collies know how to be an actor.

Border Collies are some of the top used breeds of dogs in Hollywood. This is due to their intelligence and eagerness to work. They are also extremely easy to train due to this level of intelligence and ability to please owners.

“Babe” was a movie that showcased Border Collies and rose to popularity due to the focus of the movie being on sheep herding. Other popular movies with Border Collies include “Snow Dogs” and “Animal Farm.” There have been television shows with the dogs as well, like “Mad About You.”

8. Border Collies work in search and rescue.

The second most common job for Border Collies is working in search and rescue. They can find people like others are unable to due to their keen sense of smell. They are also able to alert humans due to their intelligence.

One Border Collie was able to rescue an older woman in England who had been missing. A volunteer brought her pet Border Collie. That dog was able to find the woman quickly, even though it had not officially been trained as a search and rescue dog.

9. Border Collies work as goose masters.

Goose mastery is a Florida based job for Border Collies. It is an official job that these dogs can excel in while in the state. A company trains Border Collies just to be goose masters.

The role of a dog when they become a goose master is to keep geese off of others’ properties. The University of North Florida even has a Border Collie who is a goose master. This dog keeps geese away from areas of campus where a lot of cars and vehicles will be passing through.

10. Border Collies are extremely popular among celebrities.

Celebrities love to have dogs. One of the most popular dog breeds for celebrities to own is Border Collies. Border Collies are beautiful dogs that can offer a small sense of a status quo to those who own them. They are also easy to maintain for an actor’s or a celebrity’s busy life.

Some celebrities who have owned Border Collies include actors, musicians, and athletes. Past celebrities have James Dean, Bon Jovi, and more. Current celebrities with Border Collies include Tiger Woods, Ethan Hawke, Anna Paquin, James Franco, and more.

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