Dog Breed Facts: Borzoi Edition

1. Russia created the original pedigree standards for the Borzoi.

No one is quite sure of where the Borzoi originated from. What many individuals do know, however, is that the country of Russia played a large role in this dog’s origins. They defined the first breed standards for this dog in 1650.

There are theories that the nobility in Russia created this dog to create a hunting dog. The story goes that the Borzoi was created through a crossbreed of an Arabian Greyhound and a Russian Sheepdog. This is up for discussion, though, as others believe that hounds are within the dog’s lineage.

2. The Borzoi has had a couple of names.

The Borzoi has not always been known as the Borzoi. It had another name that it even went by in America before it became the Borzoi. The name was not changed until 1936.

The first name of the Borzoi was the Russian Wolfhound. It was changed in 1936 to the Borzoi to make the name sound more international. The name Borzoi is a Russian word. This word means “swift,” which makes sense as the dog was used for quick and speedy hunting.

3. The Borzoi is used in wolf hunting.

The Borzoi is not as elegant as it may look to be. It was originally bred to hunt. The dog hunts in packs, though, to keep one another safe and to keep the hunt quick. There could be hundreds of dogs in the pack.

The Borzoi was primarily used to find wolves when hunting. It would also hunt foxes and hares, though. The Borzoi would catch up to the wolf, go in for it and wait for the hunter to show to finish the job.

4. The Borzoi is a massive dog.

The Borzoi is a lot larger than one may think from just looking at a picture. It is the second tallest sighthound and hunting dog on record. The first tallest dog in this category is the Irish Wolfhound.

The Borzoi stands at 32 inches tall when standing on all fours. It is between six and seven feet tall when it stands on its hind legs. The Borzoi is a very muscular dog as well that is very stocky as it weighs, on average, over 120 pounds.

5. The Borzoi has excellent vision.

The Borzoi gives the category of sighthound a whole new meaning. The dogs have an excellent vision that includes excellent peripheral vision. Their eyes are small and placed towards the front, offering a vision for up to 270 degrees around them when looking straight ahead.

The Borzoi takes their vision one step further as well through their visual streaks. The visual streak is cells that are found across the retina. The feature is almost like an optic zoom for these dogs in that they can catch a sight of their prey from a long way away.

6. The Borzoi changes its head shape.

The Borzoi does not have its original head shape when it is a puppy. It changes its head shape as it matures. It takes over three years for the dog to obtain its easily recognizable and unique head shape.

When the dog is a puppy, it only has a short head with a bent nose. The nose slowly begins straightening as the puppy progresses through the months of its first year. The head will continue to grow over the next three years to make it more elongated, and it will gain at least ten inches.

7. The Borzoi was a glamorous dog.

It is difficult to find a Borzoi as a pet in America today. The dogs used to be extremely popular in the country during the art deco period, however, which was found in the early 1900s. The dogs showed a sign of status and aristocracy.

The shape of the dog went right along with the art deco period. Many celebrities were seen with Borzoi, including Jean Harlow. The dogs were also showcased in magazines like Vogue and others. The captain of the Titanic even had one of these dogs as a pet.

8. The Borzoi can be a musician.

The Borzoi is known for being a musician. One of the dogs in this breed has sung songs for the band Pink Floyd. This singing by the Borzoi occurred in the year 1971.

The Borzoi sang a song called “Mademoiselle Nobs.” The song was about a dog who belonged to Madonna Bouglione. Nobs was the name of the Borzoi, who sang along with the band as they played their typical instruments. This special performance was done live for many to see and can be found online.

9. The Borzoi has problems with bloating.

The Borzoi may become bloated very easily. Sighthounds are typically fit and slim dogs that do not have very large intestines. For this reason, if a Borzoi eats too much, it may become quickly bloated.

Many Borzoi owners choose to feed their dogs small meals throughout the day. They do not feed them two big meals as typical pet owners do, and they do not allow the dog just to graze at its food through the day. Doing this will help to prevent bloating.

10. The Borzoi is an escape artist.

The Borzoi was bred to hunt. With this in mind, as soon as the dog catches a scent, it will probably choose to run after that scent until they reach it. The dog will make its mind up quickly and independently, with the wind blowing behind it.

Borzois can escape yards and other areas very quickly if they catch a scent. For this reason, make sure you monitor where your dog is if you take it into a fenced-in yard. If you have the dog on a walk, make sure it is leashed.

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