Dog Breed Facts: Boxer Edition

1. The Boxer comes from Germany.

The Boxer was originally bred in Germany. Their ancestor is a dog that is now extinct called the Bullenbeisser, or bull-biter. This breed assisted in breeding other dogs as well, such as the bulldog and mastiff, just to name a few.

The Bullenbeisser was created to hunt large prey like the boar and the bear. Smaller versions of this dog were created in Belgium to help butchers and to act as cattle dogs. These were essentially the first version of the Boxer, which were eventually bred down into the Boxer that is known today.

2. Boxers really can box!

Boxers are able to box as their namesake recommends. It follows many of the same moves that human boxers follow when boxing. It looks as if they are in a boxing match as they make hooks and jabs with their front legs.

When playing, the Boxer will stand on their hind legs and move its front legs out. Many do believe that the Boxer got its name due to the looks it gives when playing. There is no clear reference to this, however, so it is just a guess.

3. The Boxer’s head looks that way for a reason.

The Boxer has a unique head shape. It has a short snout and a large, rounded head shape around the skill. The snout is supposed to be about half of the length of the dog’s skull that is behind its eyes.

The small jaw and tough teeth help the Boxer to hold on to any prey it catches when hunting. They were bred to hold on to animals until the owner caught up to them. They were able to breathe the entire time through the snout.

4. The Boxer can have a very long tongue.

The world record for the “Longest Tongue on a Dog” actually belongs to a Boxer. This Boxer’s name was Brandy. Her tongue was at least 17 inches long, which is around 43 centimeters.

The longest human tongue that is put on records is only a little over 10 centimeters long. This makes sense of this Boxer’s tongue extremely long compared to others. This dog did live in Michigan until 2002 when she passed away. She had extensive fame due to her long tongue and popularity surrounding it.

5. The Boxer was a soldier in World War II.

The German troops selected seven types of dogs to assist their fight during World War II. One of the seven types of dogs selected was a Boxer. The United States also picked up on how valuable this dog was to the fight, and they began using the Boxer during World War II as well.

The dogs were first used as messengers. They were also used to transport supplies, artillery, and medicine to wounded soldiers. They were quickly able to find wounded soldiers after battles as well. It was the war that made this dog so popular among citizens of America.

6. Boxers are rarely seen in Hollywood.

Boxers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs for individuals to own in America. They are actually on the list of the top ten. Despite this, they are rarely seen in movies or on television screens as a family dog.

This is only with modern Hollywood. Some of the earliest movies did feature Boxers as they were more common around the wartime. Some modern movies have incorporated the breed, though, such as “Good Boy,” “Homeward Bound 2,” and more.

7. Boxers are prone to deafness.

There are three colors of Boxers. These three colors are fawn, brindle-colored, and white. It is very common for the white Boxers to face several health concerns. There is a chance that white Boxers can be deaf.

The deafness is most likely attributed to a lack of pigmentation in the inner ear. This can lead to a lack of hearing. There are close to 20% of white Boxers that have deafness due to this lack of pigmentation. It is important to consider this when purchasing a Boxer.

8. The Boxer has a long puppy stage.

The Boxer is a fun-loving and active dog. With this in mind, the Boxer also has an extremely long puppy stage. It will remain in this puppy stage for at least three years.

During this puppy stage, you may encounter more hyperactive and puppy-like behaviors, including the dog playing like a puppy. It can be difficult to get through this phase of the dog acting like a puppy. It does have one of the longest puppy stages when considering all breeds of dogs in the world.

9. Boxers are full of wrinkles!

The Boxer is covered in wrinkles around its face, adding to its level of cuteness. The wrinkles in the Boxer’s face help in the act of holding on to prey. They keep blood circulating to keep it away from the dog’s eyes.

In modern times, the dog’s wrinkles have very little use. The wrinkles must be cleaned out, though, as they can become infected. You can simply use a wet towel to wipe out the wrinkles. Do not use soap so that you do not add irritation to the infection.

10. The Boxer is very popular with celebrities.

The Boxer is a popular dog to be owned by many people. Some people that own Boxers are celebrities. The Boxer is one of the most common dogs seen walking or hanging out with these well-known people.

Actors are some of the celebrities that own Boxers, including Hugh Jackman and Cameron Diaz. Singers also own these popular dogs, including Justin Timberlake, along with his actress wife, Jessica Biel. It is truly a very popular dog seen walking the streets of Hollywood with its famous owners.

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