Dog Breed Facts: Brittany Edition

Bred in The Valley of Douron

The Brittany has been in existence for at least a few centuries. It was originally found in the Valley of Douron. It started to be bred during the mid-1800s in a small town that was found within the valley.

The Brittany is in very close relation to the Welsh Springer. They each share some common ancestors among them. This is because the dogs of the Valley of Douron and the dogs found in Wales were all very closely related due to their ancestry that they held at the time.

Built for Sport

The Brittany is a dog that is built for engaging in sport. It is a medium-sized dog that is very lean and muscular. This compact size increases its energy tolerance and its stamina build, allowing it to remain active for its most daunting tasks.

The Brittany can hunt over large amounts of land very quickly. They can find and catch animals over these spaces quickly due to their builds. They are a very fast and sturdy dog that can accomplish a lot in their work.

Great Family Dog

The Brittany was originally bred to be a hunting dog. This is not to say that this dog would not do great as a domestic, family animal, though. It has a very sweet and kind disposition that loves to play.

The Brittany is an excellent dog for children to take care of as well. It has the patience to deal with the children in the home, so long as they do not mind playing rough house. They want to please their people and will undergo training to do so.

Extremely Easy to Train

The Brittany is a highly trainable dog. As mentioned, it wants to be able to please its owners and do whatever is asked of them. For this reason, obedience training comes easily to this medium-sized dog breed.

Utilizing treats and other forms of positive reinforcement works best when training the Brittany. If you are too harsh, the dog can become anxious and overwhelmed, making them less interested and less engaged in training activities. Hunting activities are wired into the Brittany’s genetic makeup, so there is little training needed for the dog to engage in the sport.

Sometimes Shy

The Brittany is, in most cases, a very timid dog. It can be very wary of strangers and other dogs. It has to feel like it can trust someone else before it will open up.

This level of shyness leads to the Brittany exhibiting negative behaviors. The dogs may start to white or urinate when they become nervous. Try to socialize your dog with other people and with other animals as much as possible to avoid these nervous behaviors, and be sure not to punish the dogs when this happens.

Needs to Be Active

The Brittany is a very active dog that enjoys engaging in sports and playing. It needs some level of exercise to avoid boredom. Boredom can lead to the dog engaging in its exercise through destructive behaviors in your home.

The Brittany may also roam or bark if it becomes restless due to a lack of exercise. Make sure to take your dog on long walks at least or take them into the backyard to play every day to ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs.

Great Sports Player

It is known that the Brittany is an excellent hunter. This breed knows exactly how to catch and chase down prey due to its genes. It can excel in this sport with its owner.

The Brittany is also talented in agility and obedience competitions as well. It can also get good scores in flyball sports. The dog wants to be an active participant in your active lifestyle, so it enjoys running, hiking, playing, and engaging in other outdoor activities as well.

Brittanys Have a Double Coat

The Brittany has a very thick double coat. This is utilized to keep it protected in the environment in which it would be hunting. The coat can look wavy, or it can be perfectly straight depending on the specific dog.

The coat helps to keep the dog clean and dry when out in the environment as well. It is dirt-resistant and water-resistant. The dog can be a variety of different colors as well, including tri-color, black and white, orange and white or liver and white. There are endless possibilities, though.

Minimal Shedding

The Brittany only sheds a moderate amount. This leads to the collection of some hair throughout your house and on your clothing. It will not be an excessive amount, however, so it will be easily manageable.

To keep the shedding as minimal as possible, you should try to brush your dog occasionally. This will help to get rid of any loose hair that may be promoting shedding in the warmer months. Grooming a Brittany only takes a very minimal effort due to its coat being so easy to maintain.

Prone to Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common diagnosis and concern among this dog breed. The Brittany loves human connection, and once it trusts someone, it is truly loyal to them. The Brittany does not do well if it is alone for extended periods.

This feeling of loneliness can lead to some dogs in this breed having separation anxiety. They may become anxious and will showcase this through negative behaviors. These negative behaviors include chewing furniture, biting, or scratching. It is important to support your dog and try to help it through these moments.

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