8 Fun Facts About Cairn Terrier Dogs

History of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Part of a large family known as Scotch Terriers. The Cairn Terrier was not recognized as a breed alone until the year of nineteen-twelve. The Cairn Terrier was named after a kind of stone that were markers for Scottish historical sites.

Dimensions of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is probably what some people consider a “fun-sized” pup. The Cairn Terrier stands about nine to ten inches tall at the shoulder. The length of the body being around fifteen inches long, just over one foot long. Weighing in around fourteen pounds, the Cairn Terrier is small enough to fit in a large purse.

Lifespan of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier has an average lifespan that ranges from twelve to fifteen years. The Cairn Terrier may live longer. There are some Cairn Terriers on record as living up to twenty years.

Cairn Terrier and Their Coats

The Cairn Terrier comes in all kinds of colors. From black to gray, from red to cream, to a brindle of any of those colors. The coat comes as a double feature: outer and inner. The outer is wiry, while the inner is rather soft. The Cairn Terrier is a naturally handsome fellow, but people say that professional hair trimming twice a year helps maintain that rather dapper look.

Give your Cairn Terrier a rather thorough brushing session every week to help with the shedding that will happen. You might want to go up to thrice a week during seasonal changes and add a bath. The Cairn Terrier should be bathed three or so times a year, but such is the minimum. If you wish to bath your Cairn Terrier more frequently, the only effect is softening the outer coat. If you wish to show off your Cairn Terrier in a show, there is a different set of routines you will need to do.

Training a Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is quite intelligent and eager to love and be loved, especially by their family. The Cairn Terrier will test the owner’s tolerance for any sort of mischief, so obedience training is an absolute necessity. If you get the Cairn Terrier as a puppy, make sure to socialize and expose the pup as much as possible. Instinctively, an amazing dog who alerts you if there is an intruder. If you are in an apartment, you might want to check about noise ordinances before acquiring a Cairn Terrier.

Cairn Terrier with the Family

The Cairn Terrier is a good dog for a person who has never been a dog owner before. The Cairn Terrier – as a breed – is quite tolerant of cold and hot climates. Just be cautious about extreme temperatures or unusual weather patterns. Such things can have effects on any being’s physical and mental state. It just depends on the individual in question.

The Cairn Terrier does not tolerate being left to their own devices for too long. The Cairn Terrier is a very social animal and wishes to be part of the lives around them almost constantly. Very affectionate with family and can be affectionate with other people – strangers – and creatures if you train and socialize the pup properly.

If you have children, especially children just out of toddler years, the Cairn Terrier is an appropriate dog to get. Energetic and small enough not to intimidate shy children, the Cairn Terrier is an ideal playmate. Children who are toddlers and younger should not be left alone, but said fact goes for all dog breeds.

You should teach children who will be with the Cairn Terrier – any dog really – certain habits. Including, no pulling on the Cairn Terrier’s ears, tail, and paws. Dogs, in general, can get upset when their paws are messed with. If you have a puppy, it will be easier to make the Cairn Terrier more comfortable with people touching their paws. Simply make the experience for the Cairn Terrier pleasant, with treats and love.

While the Cairn Terrier is a small enough dog, they would be okay in an apartment, be careful. The Cairn Terrier – if left alone too long – can disturb neighbors and cause complaints.

Feeding Habits of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier has – according to professionals – need half to a full cup of dry food a day. Split into two meals is suggested by most. In some people’s experience, the owner puts food into the bowl in the morning. The thought being if the pup is hungry, then the Cairn Terrier will eat.

Depending on the individual Cairn Terrier’s circumstances, the owner will have to determine what to feed and when to feed. Make sure if there are children, said children know not to mess with the Cairn Terrier’s food.

Acquiring a Cairn Terrier

Please, when looking for a Cairn Terrier, make sure you are watchful. Look for a licensed breeder with appropriate paperwork when trying to get a puppy. If you find one from a rescue or shelter, find out as much as you can about the dog you pick up.

Keep an eye on the newly adopted Cairn Terrier and introduce it to children and other pets cautiously. You do not know what kind of home the Cairn Terrier came from. If the Cairn Terrier does not react well at first, the key to success is patience.

It might take a while, but the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” gave up too soon.

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