Can a Dog Eat Bananas?

Bananas are not just beneficial to you, but to your dog, too. The fruit is one of the most delicious treats you can provide them once or twice weekly. Did you also know that vets recommend providing your dog with essential vitamins to boost overall health? Instead of a quick fix via supplements, fruits such as bananas would do the trick.

It is a super food that affords your canine with some of the most potent and essential nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins C and B. The best news is that this amazing fruit is available throughout the year. You can also concoct different types of treats for your beloved hound’s enjoyment.

Benefits of Bananas for Your Dog

A banana provides your precious animal with potassium, a crucial mineral for its muscle health in whichever form. Does your dog occasionally experience muscle strain and pain? The potassium in the banana fruits takes care of that by relieving it from inflammation.

According to dogs naturally magazine, the fruit also provides your animal with powerful nutrients in the form of Vitamins B6 and C.

Since dogs cannot naturally produce their own Vit B6, experts advise introducing supplements and fruits that possess the mineral. Fortunately, the banana, readily available and affordable, has plenty of the mineral. The dig then uses the vitamin to manufacture Antibodies, essential for fighting common infections. Does your dog suffer from digestive issues? The banana consists of sufficient fiber, which can help it maintain proper bowel movements.

Introducing the Banana to Your Dog

If you haven’t already fed your dog with a banana, then do not hesitate. But it would help if you did it in small bits and gradually. It is so tempting to feed it massive amounts all at once. However, that would not be wise and healthy for your dog. First, it can cause stomach upset, and secondly, it can make your dog hate the fruit forever. Still, some dogs do not like this type at all, do a trial and error first. You can peel the banana for starters, either mash it or break into small bits and see if it can eat.

Variety Does It Well

As your dog begins getting used to eating the banana, you can make the consumption more interesting by introducing different versions of the same treat. For example, during the hot seasons, provide a frozen banana. Your dog might delight in how the sweet fruit makes them not just full, but to cool as well.

 Another excellent way to serve the fruit is in its mashed form. Peel the banana and mash it using a fork. You can then add to their regular meal or serve it separately. You can also prepare a simple but very healthy banana treat using various ingredients. For example, blend yogurt, honey, peanut butter, and banana, pour into some ice cubes and keep it frozen. You can offer this delicacy to your dog whenever you feel they need it.

Why You Should Not Go Overboard

As much as the banana is highly beneficial for your dog, you should only feed it sparingly. Why? Because bananas consist of high amounts of natural sugar. The fruit also has lots of starch. Huge amounts of these properties can be harmful to your dog. For instance, your animal can quickly gain weight, leading to obesity. Just like humans, obesity is the leading cause of a wide range of health complications. You would not want to queue at the vet’s every other moment because of what you are feeding your dog, or would you?

Meanwhile., the extra sugar in the banana can also cause stomach upset for your dog. Have you ever gorged on copious amounts of banana all at once? Then you know what follows almost immediately-a running stomach. It applies to your animal, too. What is worse, some dogs also suffer from severe forms of constipation after eating too much banana.

How Much Is Too Much

If your dog is large or medium built, then half a banana is enough. On the other hand, feed only tiny bits to your small or toy breed. This should be in the form of treats and maybe just once or twice weekly.

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