Can I Feed My Dog French Fries?

Can I feed my dog with french fries?

French fries are delicious, right? You probably would want to share a French fry treat with your dog. But can dogs eat French fries? The answer to this question is yes.

Dogs are known to eat small portions of French fries on rare occasions. However, French fries are harmful to dogs, and they add no nutrition value. Therefore, why should you feed your dog with French fries? Scroll down to read some of the reasons you should not feed your dog with this junk food.

Why they are bad for dogs?

Some argue that French fries are not toxic for dogs; it depends on what toxicity means to them. The point is, they are highly unhealthy for your pooch. Let’s see why it is irresponsible to offer them as a treat to your dog

  • ¬†Contains Sodium, Oils, and Fats
    You probably know that it is not advisable to feed your pets with overly fatty foods. French fries contain saturated fats and sodium.
    Unsaturated fats have serious adverse effects on your dog as it inflames her pancreases. Perhaps you have heard about a dog’s liver failure.
    It is as a result of excess consumption of unsaturated fats and oils. Also, a high level of sodium in fries can result in kidney failure. You want your pet to be healthy? Avoid French fries.
  • ¬†It Causes Bloating and GDV in Dogs
    Feeding your dog with French fries leads to stomach upsets and digestive disorders. High-fat foods are known to delay the bowel movement and emptying of the stomach, which leads to bloating.
    If you feed your dog with French fries, you must be ready to seek your vet’s services. However, must you punish your dog? She is your friend anyway.
    In any case, you will be preparing your dog for surgery. This is not what you want for your friend, is it? Avoid French fries and fatty foods altogether.
  • It is a Poor Feeding Habit
    You want your dog to be healthy? Simple! Feed it with healthy food. French fries are not one of them.
    You may feel bad that you can’t share your delicious meal with your caring friend, but you have to forego French fries.
    Depending on the dog species, French fries make your dog obese or underweight. Yes, they taste good, but it is irrelevant. Avoid them!

Benefits of feeding your dog with french Fries

To say the least, there is no single benefit. The only benefit is to make your dog fat, which leads to the eventual clog of arteries.

The processed ingredients found in the French fries can be helpful to you but not to your dog. Well, if you feel like you can pass a small portion to her.

However, don’t make it a routine. Small pieces might not be harmful, but they are of no nutritional value to her.

What to do if your dog eats french fries

Your dog may accidentally eat some French fries. You shouldn’t worry about it. To most dogs, a small quantity of French fries is not harmful. You should watch her closely to observe any form of allergy as ingredients found in fries are sensitive to some dogs.

If she shows any form of allergy after eating French fries, make sure to give her plenty of water. You have to observe her carefully. Some allergies can be fatal, and therefore you need to contact your vet if you observe anything strange.

Observable side effects of french fries

In some instances, your dog can eat French fries in your absence. Perhaps your kid decided to treat her.

What are some of the side effects that indicate that a dog might be suffering from French fries intoxication?

The following are some of the symptoms. They might not last long, but when they persist, you have to consult your vet.

  • Changes in urination frequency
  • Dehydration
  • Upset stomach
  • Bloating which is caused by indigestion
  • Fever

Alternatives to french fries to feed my dog

What can I then feed my dog? Don’t worry! Typically, you are frustrated since you can’t feed your friend with French fries. But, there are alternatives to food which is delicious to dogs and also nutritional.

However, fast foods are not on the table. If you want to visit your fast food vendor, you may leave your dog at home. But I want to share my food with her! Well, I am aware that you can’t share dog feed. Sharing is caring. Fortunately, you can share the following human food with your dog.

While regular potatoes are not the right food choice, you can share sweet potatoes with her.

Several studies have vindicated sweet potatoes as great food for dogs. They are nutritious too. Some of the dog feeds are made from sweet potatoes.

Besides, you can feed her with some vegetables, carrots, and broccoli. They are rich in fiber, which helps the digestive system of your dog. If your dog has been struggling with indigestion, you should try vegetables.

Fruits such as watermelons, bananas, and blueberries are also good for your dog. Do you want to share it with her? Go ahead!

However, as already discussed, not all human food can be fed to a dog. Some are very unhealthy and should be avoided.

Food such as onions family, grapes, chocolates is toxic and harmful to your dog. Make sure you consult your vet before giving any human food to your dog.

Human food should only be used for sharing. As such, the best diet for a dog is “dog feed.”


Anytime you want to share some food with your dog, put French fries out of the question. In fact, you should not be tempted to toss any snack from a fast-food family to your pooch. Yes, you want to treat your pooch, right?

However, there are many categories of tasty and safe food that you can use as dog treats. Some of these are more appealing than French fries and don’t irritate their digestive tract. Avoid French fries at all costs.

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