Can I Feed My Dog in the Crate?

Crates are among the partial habitats your dog can have while at home. However, at times getting your dog in the crate is not easy. You will have to train the dog first.

Among the various ways of training your dog to stay in a crate is feeding your dog in the crate. So yes, you can feed your dog in the crate. Your concern about whether you can feed your dog in the crate is now clear.

Therefore before you even get to feeding your dog in the crate, training him or her to get in the crate is the very first step.

Where to get a crate

Most online stores sell dog crates. All you have to do is select one which will fit your dog. Also, always remember your dog is growing, therefore, the crate should be accommodative enough. Instead of buying you can choose to rent the crate from an animal shelter.

Most people prefer renting to buying because as the dog grows you can return the crate and rent a bigger one. Never forget to choose a material which is comfortable for your dog. You can always go for plastic among many other crates.

Online shops have a variety from which you can make your selection. After you have your crate the training process can now begin. Always remember when you are crate training your dog patience is key. Some dogs will be fast enough while others might take longer.

If your dog is taking a long time, he will eventually come around.

Introduction to the crate

The very first step you need to take is to make the crate as comfortable as possible. Take a soft blanket in the house and reserve for your dog. Place the crate in the living room or somewhere where your family spends time most.

Next, place the soft blanket in the crate and leave the door open. Dog loves exploring at times and the moment he or she sees the crate door open he will get inside the crate.

However, not all dogs can get in crates with ease. If your dog refuses to get in the crate, there is still hope. You can keep training until he finally gets in the crate with ease.

If your dog refuses to enter the crate, bring him to the crate. Start by throwing treats like his favorite ball into the crates. The more treats you throw the more excited the dog becomes. Eventually, you will realize the dog will enter the crate voluntarily.

Talk to the dog in a very happy tone, if he realizes you are in a happy mood he will enter in the crate. Keep tossing treats into the crate. Dogs will eventually give in and your dog will enter the crate. If you repeat the exercise in almost a week, you will realize the dog easily gets into the crate.

Feed the dog near the crate

The second step should be to feed the dog near the crate. Once you feed your dog near the door of the crate, the dog will create familiarity. You can now try placing the food far behind in the crate. A dog who is already familiar with the crate will enter to feed.

If your dog doesn’t get in, you can try to move the food to a fair distance, maybe in the middle of the crate. Once the food is in a fair distance, the dog might get into the crate. From there you can now close the crate gate and let the god eat.

Some dogs will start whining if you leave them for too long inside the crate. Start regulating the amount of time the dog gets to spend in the crate. You can begin with ten minutes of feeding time to twenty.

With time the dog can stay longer in the crate and even get to spend more time in the crate when you are away.

Have the dog stay longer in the crate

You can begin by calling your dog into the crate while home. The intent is to prepare for later on when you want your dog to spend overnight in the crate. Once the dog is in the crate, give him company for a few minutes, go spend in the next room then come back.

Repeat such severally until the dog familiarizes with his new abode. If the dog doesn’t whine, leave him for longer periods and go tackle some other tasks. With time your dog will be able to just stay in the crate without much effort. Eventually, you will be able to even take short trips with your dog in the car.

Place your dog in the crate through the night

Having your dog stay in the crate overnight is a big step. You are going to require some patience here. What you should know is at times your dog wants to spend overnight with you. Once he is inside the crate, you can place the crate beside your bed.

Your dog will associate your presence with goodwill hence he will be able to sleep. With time the dog will be comfortable spending overnight in the crate. Therefore you can choose to move the crate to another place.

If you have a hallway or a corner in the room that is empty, you can place him there. Having your dog sleep around you gets to increase the bond between you two. Dogs are family, hence the closer they sleep around you the more the bond grows.

In general, feeding your dog in the crate has to first begin with crate training. You can only have your dog eat from a crate after he or she has successfully been made familiar with a crate.

Some dogs will view a crate as a way of imprisoning them. Hence even if you put their best meal in the crate they won’t get in.

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