Can I Feed My Dog Once a Day?

Just how many times in a day can my dog eat? Such a question is among the very many questions which most dog owners including you could be asking themselves.

Maybe your biggest concern has been whether you can feed your dog once a day. Dogs just like every other domestic animal have to eat a certain number of times in a day. However, the dog doesn’t have to keep eating all day without a break.

Some dog owners associate dogs with their pack family the wolves and therefore give them food once a day. As much as your dog might not die from just eating once a day. Remember you are not dealing with a wolf but a domestic animal.

There are situations when your dog has the pack mentality but definitely not when feeding times come into the picture. If your biggest dilemma has been whether you can feed your dog just once a day. Then here is all you need to know about whether you can feed your dog once a day.

Nursing dogs

When your dog is nursing. Feeding once a day is like starvation. Dogs have to eat so as to produce enough milk for their puppies.

Most people give nursing dogs just a meal a day will notice with time their body mass deteriorates.

Therefore feeding once a day for your nursing dog should be out of the question. Leave food in a free place where they can eat when they get hungry.

Also, the method of leaving food freely for the dog so as to decide can work for other dogs too. If your dog is not obese, you can use the free will method.

Just place food somewhere in the house or the dog’s favorite position and they will eat at free will. To avoid unnecessary expenses with dog food, dry food is the best because of a low rate of spoiling.

Obese dogs

Obese dogs rarely get to run around as much. Weight can be a great hindrance to the health of a dog. With such a dog, you can’t choose the free will method.

An obese dog or dogs who don’t love to play have no end to eating. They might even eat all day hence adding more body mass. For such dogs, you can try to feed between once and twice a day. At times feeding even once is fine, the end goal is to get the dog to eat less food.

Also creating time to walk the dog or even play might make them more active. Active dogs burn more calories hence feeding at their own free will doesn’t affect their body mass. Reducing the number of hours your dog gets to lay lazy on the coach will greatly help keep the mass decent.

Instead of feeding him once, try portion control

Most dog foods have labels that state the amount of food a particular dog can eat. What a dog eats is often according to the dog’s body weight. If you are not sure about your dog’s body weight you can consult.

Consultation with your vet will enable you to know what you are dealing with. Also, vets will weigh the dog and show you how to measure the food. Most times any dog no matter the weight should eat twice a day.

However, for the obese dog, the portions should greatly be minimized. Controlling the portion your dog consumes and having him or her feed just once or twice good for their health.

Therefore as much as the urge to only feed once might crop in. Always know when you exercise portion control, you can spread out the number of times.

Timing the dogs feeding habits

Here you get to select an amount of time you want your dog to feed per day. Let’s say you want your dog to be fed twice a day for thirty minutes each. You can even set a timer.

When you wake up in the morning you can let the dog eat for thirty minutes and then take away the food. From here you can wait another eight or twelve hours to let him feed again for another thirty minutes. When you make a routine out of your new feeding program.

You will realize even the dog gets to schedule himself for the feeding. Therefore instead of having your paw friend just eat once a day twice doesn’t seem bad at all.

Also with the portion control method in the picture, you will realize you get to spend less. As much as when the dog is out all alone feeding even once is a privilege. Having brought the dog home should be a different story where at least he should enjoy it. Part of dog enjoyment at times is around food.

Establish why the dog wants to eat

Having drawn you from just feeding the dog once. You should now know at times your dog might just want to eat because of attention.

If you usually spend time with your dog when he eats, him wanting to eat might be just a way of getting your attention. Feeding after attention might just be futile since the dog just wants to snuggle or play.

You can know your dog is after attention if he wants to eat moments after their last meal. A dog who has just ad his meal will not want to eat immediately unless there are some underlying conditions.

Seek vet advice

If the main reason for wanting to feed your dog once is to regulate weight. Then you feeding the dog once is not good. Vets know various ways through which dogs can eat and still yet maintain a healthy weight. At times the best step you can take when feeding your dog is consulting a vet.

With a vet by your side, you will realize the best ways possible to feed an obese dog. You should, however, note some dogs are perfectly fine with feeding once a day. By the end of the day, the dog will actually overfeed, therefore better feed twice or thrice.

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