Can My Dog Eat Carrots?

What do you do when your sweet dog is sniffing around for a yummy treat, but you are fresh out? You open the refrigerator to see what healthy snacks you have until you get a chance to replenish his snacks.

However, you scratch your head wondering what foods are safe to give your dog. Not to worry, there are plenty of healthy human foods that are perfect to give your dog.

You open the vegetable crisper and see a bunch of carrots. However, is it safe to give your dog carrots? It turns out that carrots are a great snack for your dog. Let’s explore the health benefits and ways to feed your dog carrots.

Carrots have vitamin A

Vitamins are an important part of a well-balanced diet for dogs. Vitamin A is required in all commercially made dog food because of its health benefits. Vitamin A helps to aid the immune system. It aids in giving dogs healthy skin and a good coat.

However, it is possible to have too much vitamin A. It can be toxic to the body. So, do not overfeed your dog carrots. One large carrot or three baby carrots is a good serving size for a large dog. Consult your vet if you have any questions.

Other good stuff

How many times have you told your kids to eat their carrots because they are good for their eyes? Well, the same is true for dogs. Beta carotene is found in carrots.

Not only is it responsible for the carrot’s orange color, but it helps with eye support. Carrots are also high in fiber. If your dog needs additional fiber in their diet, consider giving him a few baby carrots.

Low-calorie and low fat

Everyone is looking for healthy ways to keep in shape. If your dog is diabetic or needs to watch their waistline, carrots make the perfect snack.

They are low in calories and fat. However, they are sweet and crunchy and will satisfy a pup with the munchies. Baby carrots only have four calories per serving. That is something that all waistlines can handle.

Great for the teeth

One of the hardest parts of being a pet parent is providing good dental hygiene. It is important to establish a good dental hygiene routine when your dog is a puppy. However, if that was not possible, it may be harder to establish a routine in older dogs.

Though, it is possible to help your dog to prevent tatar build-up. Frozen carrots are perfect for helping to remove tatar build-up. Not only do the carrots help to scrap the teeth, but they also massage the gums.

Have a puppy who is teething or needs something to chew on besides your shoes? Give him a frozen carrot. It will help to curve the desire to chew and help to massage sore gums. Carrots also have a health benefit that your shoes do not.

But my dog will not eat them

Most dogs have no problems taking a carrot to snack on, but some dogs may need some persuasion. Since carrots do add some healthy nutrients to a dog’s diet, it is worth trying a few tricks.

One of the easiest ways is to purchase food and snacks that already include carrots. Once the dog enjoys eating carrots that are already in his food, you can try a few other methods.

Use carrots as a topping

It is simple to shred or grate carrots. You can even purchase them from your local grocer that way. Take the carrots and mix them into wet food. Sprinkle some of the carrots on top of dry food.

This will help to jazz up the flavor of the dry food. Start by adding just enough for him to get a taste of the carrots. Continue to add more until he is eating the amount that you would like him to eat.

Juicing is for everyone

If you juice, consider making some carrot juice for your dog. Carrots do loose some of their fiber benefits when in juice form. Adding some pulp back into the juice will help to remedy that problem. If you purchase carrot juice from the store, make sure it is 100% carrot juice.

Keep in mind that homemade carrot juice has a short shelf life in the refrigerator. You can make your pup carrot juice pops as a refreshing treat. So, go ahead and make some juice to share with your pup.

Mash carrots

Another fun way to get your dog to eat his carrots is to mash them. It is simple to steam carrots. It takes about eight to ten minutes to steam carrots on the stove.

It is also possible to do steam them in the microwave. Once the carrots are slightly cooled, mash with a potato masher or a fork will too. Do not add any salt or butter to the carrots. The carrots can be put into the blender to make the puree too.

Baby food

Carrot baby food can be fed to your dog too. Use 100 percent carrot baby food. It is even possible to get organic carrot baby food. You can teach your dog to eat from a spoon. Dab some baby food on top of his dinner, and he will enjoy the special treat.

Frozen carrots

Whole carrots can be frozen to be given to teething puppies or to larger dogs looking for a fun cool treat. Keep it to one carrot a day though.

Unless your vet makes different recommendations. It is important to not freeze whole baby carrots. The baby carrots can turn into a choking hazard. Carrot mush can be frozen into trays to make ice pops for the pup.

From your plate

Some dogs will eat anything off their human’s plate. Cook some carrots and add them to your plate. Make sure that your dog sees that you enjoy your carrots. He will soon be begging for some too. Pretend to drop one, and watch your dog enjoy eating your carrot.

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