10 Fun Facts About the Canaan Dog Breed

Where did the Canaan Dog come from?

The Canaan Dog has origins in Israel. The original name of the breed is in Hebrew, Kelef Kanani. Now, the Canaan is the national dog of Israel. It is suspected that the Canaan Dog breed might be one of the first-ever to be called “Man’s Best Friend.”

How big is the Canaan Dog breed?

The Canaan Dog is around one-foot and seven inches to two feet tall at the shoulder. The girls are just an inch shorter or so than the boys. The Canaan Dog is at a healthy weight from thirty-five to fifty-five pounds. Again, the girls are – on average – ten pounds lighter than the boys. The Canaan would be a medium-sized dog by my figuring – about knee-high. And heavy enough to not want in a standard-sized pocketbook.

What is the lifespan of Canaan Dogs?

The Canaan Dog has an average life span of twelve to fifteen years. You might get lucky and have an above-average living pup, but do not count on it.

Heads and Tails!

The Canaan Dog has ears that are straight, “perky.” To picture them, think of the ears on a fox. The tail is a curling bushy feature that does not curl like a chow-chow. The tail is a long feature, not a bob.

What’s the fur of a Canaan Dog like?

The Canaan Dog has a double-layered coat of a variety of colors and patterns. The outer part of the coat is a flat outer coat that can be harsh. The inner part of the coat is much softer. The Canaan Dog sheds at least once annually.

However, the shedding does not happen just once a year and not happen for the rest of the year. If you do not frequently brush – say at least once every week – the poor pup, the shedding will certainly get everywhere. If you are renting and must keep your abode – house or apartment – as clean as possible, make sure to brush thoroughly.

Even if you own your abode outright, but do not wish to be sweeping up what will feel like another dog in shedding over the week, set up a brushing routine. Frequent baths will help with the shedding problem, but it would be a good idea to get a hair trap that can be removed from the drain afterward. Dog hair can clog regular drain just as easily as human hair.

How can I find, buy, or adopt a Canaan Dog?

The Canaan Dog is a rare breed to find in comparison to most breeds out there. It is very wise to look up the credentials of the breeder you find. It is not a good idea to try to find this dog in a general pet store or unlicensed breeder. Such places will not have the proper paperwork to give you about the dog you wish to bring home.

Training of the Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog is not for a person looking for a dog to have for the first time. While easy to train in all manner of tricks, it could be difficult for a first-timer. The Canaan Dog has a reserved personality and will try to be the alpha of the pack. The Canaan Dog is quite intelligent. If you, as a trainer, train the Canaan Dog properly, the Canaan Dog will fulfill any task. From guide dog to guard dog to just the lovable family mascot, the Canaan Dog can do it all.

Is the Canaan Dog good with children?

The Canaan Dog, if properly taught how are very good around children of all ages. Children will need to be taught how to handle dogs, no pulling on their tails and ears, and such. Under no circumstances, leave a young child four years and younger alone with a dog. It does not matter if the dog in question is the Canaan Dog or not. If you train the Canaan Dog properly, you will have a faithful companion that will guard your children against harm. A faithful companion that will also wear the children out in play.

Diet of the Canaan Dog

Depending on the individual Canaan Dog’s metabolism and such like, follow the directions on the dog food you have. For the Canaan Dog, it is thought at most two cups of food per day is enough. Split into two meals is what some recommend. Some others recommend placing the food – if it is dry food anyway – in the dog’s bowl all at once. The thought being if the pup is hungry, the pup will eat; if not, then the pup will not. If you have other pets, make sure that the Canaan Dog is the one eating the food. And the other way around as well.

What kind of habits do Canaan Dogs have?

The Canaan Dog is rather energetic and territorial. Train and socialize the Canaan Dog while the pup is growing up. So the Canaan Dog will not be so bad about defending the territory the Canaan Dog sees as theirs. The Canaan Dog will alert you by barking at every intruder. If you have a back yard, make sure that it is secure with a sturdy fence. Also, make sure you have a spot marked out for the Canaan Dog to dig in. It is known that the Canaan Dog is an enthusiastic digger.

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