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12 Fun Facts About the Yorkipoo Dog Breed

A dog is a man’s best friend or woman’s best friend! Why? Dogs are unconditionally loving, excellent company, and effortlessly provide humorous entertainment! Pets are an irreplaceable support system and an instant emotional boost of happiness. The same fact applies to the adorable and well-loved Yorkipoo dog breed. What is a Yorkipoo exactly? Many individuals […]

10 Fun Facts About the Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish water dog is a medium-sized dog that originates from Andalusia Spain. Spanish water dogs have a long and interesting history that helped it establish its current popularity. Today, the breed is among the most popular dogs among pet owners. It is known for its very pleasant personality traits. Despite being a very popular […]

7 Fun Facts About the Sloughi Dog Breed

The sighthound of the ancient lineage created the Sloughi. The breed was created for bred works, including various games like the jackal, fox, gazelle, and hare. Sloughi is a one-family dog breed with affectionate. However, it is very aggressive to strangers. Just like other hounds, the dog is very stubborn, which can make it hard […]

Fun Facts About Pyrenean Shepherd

Direct descendants of ancient sheepdogs of the Pyrenees Mountains, Pyrenean Shepherds are a unique breed of herding dog. They are endowed with significant features and characteristics which truly make them one-of-a-kind. Although not very large (15-21inches), don’t let their medium size fool you, as they are generally pretty tough. Their tough nature allows them to […]

Fun Facts About Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is a Norway national dog that served as a herder, guardian, defender, and hunter. The Elkhound is famous for its prowess in hunting and tracking elks. The first Elkhound was presented in 1877, in a dog exhibition. The Norwegian Elkhound derives its name from Norsk Elkhound, which means the Norwegian mouse dog. […]