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My Puppy Eats Leaves! Should I Worry?

We, as dog enthusiasts, always worry about our dog eating anything different from our food. However, this is a reality, and it could happen at any time. Indeed, more than once, you have observed your dog’s eating leaves, especially when you walk or are wandering in the garden. It usually happens, the canes run through […]

Did Your Puppy Eat Chocolate? When to Worry

Most animal poisonings occur by accident and take place in the owner’s home. Some foods are suitable for humans but dangerous to the health of animals. You must know the foods that are toxic to your puppy and know how to act in case of accidental ingestion. Chocolate is one of those foods. Although delightful […]

Did Your Puppy Eat a Grape? When to Worry

Although some consider grapes’ toxicity an urban legend, extensive cases have been reported, and scientific articles have been published on the subject. Of course, there are recorded cases of dogs eating grapes. In many cases, directly from the vineyards, or as a reward during their training. Even as an alternative to commercial snacks. And these […]