Fun Facts About the Chart Polski Dog Breed

Are you here to find out about the different breeds of dogs? Well, you have come to the right place because here we have the Chart Polski. Here are 12 facts about the Chart Polski breed. The breed is also known as the Polish Greyhound.

An intro to the Chart Polski

The Chart Polski is a breed of dog which is part of the hound group. The average height for the breed is 26.5 to 31.5 inches at the shoulder. The average weight for the breed is 65 to 95 pounds. And the life span for the breed is around 12 to 15 years.

The general appearance

The build of the Polish Greyhound is slightly muscular, great power, and stronger than most sighthounds. The appearance of the Polish Greyhound is similar to its ancestor, the Asiatic Greyhound.

Its’ strong frame, vicious-like jaws, and its’ short body make it a great hunter in the Polish climate. The exterior appearance of a Chart Polski associates with a smooth coat. The patterns of the breed can be any color. The most common patterns found in the breed are brindles and multi-colors.

Breed characteristics

Breed characteristics are given like ratings. For adaptability, the Polish Greyhound can tolerate new environments quite fairly. The level of affection is good. It doesn’t bark as often since it tends to be quiet.

The breed is child-friendly, dog friendly, and caring. Given its’ relation of ancestry to the Asiatic greyhound, it has the potential to be a watchdog.

The dog’s breed is common to be territorial. Along with these factors, exercise needs, shedding, and social needs are quite fair. Intelligence and playfulness are also associates well with the breed.

Bodily description of the Polish Greyhound from head to toe

For the description of a Polish Greyhound’s head, it’s strong, lean, and long. In the facial area, the part of the region describes the following. The nose is black and dark.

The muzzle is strong but is tapering towards the nose. Lips have a full definition. Jaws are strong and powerful. Bite describes being like a scissor. Eyes are dark and desirable. In the cervical region, the neck describes being long and powerful.

For the body of the greyhound, it’s lean but muscular. For Chart Polski’s tail, it is feathery, long, and strong at the base. For the limbs, the body section divides into two parts. In the forequarters, the forelegs are long, lean, and muscular. In the hindquarters, they’re long, muscular, and angulate.

The movement of a Polish Greyhound

Because the Polish Greyhound’s ancestor was a hunter, the breed loves to move around. The Polish Greyhound likes to run around. The Polish Greyhound has a flowing and energetic when it runs around.

The personality of a Polish Greyhound

For the behavior and personality of a Polish Greyhound, the breed acts differently when comparing to other sighthounds. The breed loves attention.

The Greyhound can show his need for attention by wagging his/her tail eagerly. In the household, the Chart Polski is a true sighthound. The breed is loving, affectionate, and well-behaving.

Most sighthounds tend to be very careful around children, especially toddlers. So, it’s a good idea to have a Chart Polski at home to watch your child since the sighthound loves moving around.

The health of Chart Polski

The Polish Greyhound is usually a healthy dog but can be at risk for some forms of cancer.

Cardiomyopathy translates as a disease of the heart muscle, is one of them. Certain forms of cancer are also associates as risks with the Chart Polski. So, taking them to the veterinarian for a regular check-up is necessary. With its’ deep chest, the Chart Polski is also prone to conditions such as bloating.

If it does come more severe where the stomach twists, which cuts blood flow, then it’s gastric torsion. A dog will be fine for a minute, but you never know what will happen.

So watch for the following symptoms: restlessness/pacing, drooling, pale gums, lip-licking, and dry vomiting. These symptoms all contribute to the conditions above.

Grooming the Polish Greyhound

When it comes to grooming the Polish Greyhound, it’s very simplistic. Because the Chart Polski has a short, smooth coat, it’s easy for owners or potential owners like you to groom the dog. The Polish Greyhound only needs brushing once per week.

The dog also sheds so brushing is essential to prevent hair on couches/furniture. Baths should be taken, but not too often. The rest of grooming the Polish Greyhound goes into the realm of routine care. For teeth, use toothpaste that vets recommend and approve for clean and healthy teeth.

For nail cutting, make sure to be careful. Polish Greyhounds are very sensitive when someone manhandles the paws.

Nutrition for Polish Greyhounds

Nutrition is essential for the dogs and the Polish Greyhound. But keep in mind, it is vital to keep the amounts of food you give your dog always in moderation. For young Polish Greyhound puppies, make sure the amount you give isn’t too much.

Giving too much can disturb the growth of bones and make your pup overweight. For adult nutrition, feed more protein to your dog to keep the breed’s lean and muscular body intact.

And last but not least, for senior/mature nutrition, feed the Polish Greyhound all the necessary premium nutrients necessary. Doing so will help keep your dog healthy and alive while aging.

Finding a Polish Greyhound

To find a Polish Greyhound, you can find the Chart Polski at your local dog shelter, rescue, or dog breeder. Before going through, here are some tips when finding the one right for you and your family.

Find the right Chart Polski, which fits our lifestyle and personality. Breeders typically will ask you about your lifestyle. And of course, don’t be afraid to describe precisely what you are looking for in a dog.

If you are finding a Chart Polski from a dog shelter, use the website for the shelter you are planning to go to. Start talking to experts such as veterinarians, dog walkers, and groomers. They can help you find the right breed or perfect Chart Polski.

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