Fun Facts About the Cockapoo Dog Breed

There are many breeds of canines to pick from. One of the most loving is the Cockapoo. The Cockapoo is what is considered a designer dog. Two breeds mated to make a unique breed.

With the Cockapoo, you have the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle mix to create it. We are going to cover twelve fun facts about the breed.


The Cockapoo is the oldest designer breed that is known. The Cockapoo’s popularity goes back to the nineteen fifties. Mary D Foley was the creator of The American Cockapoo Club. The club promotes the Cockapoo’s preservation as a breed.


The Cockapoo is highly intelligent. They are very quickly trained. Cockapoo also is a great therapy dog. They can comfort individuals in hospitals, disaster areas, nursing homes, and other areas. They have high emotional intelligence, along with training intelligence.


Everyone wants a companion, but sometimes allergies get in the way of animal companionship. The person who wants to own a Cockapoo is in luck. The breed is hypoallergenic.

The best way to understand if indeed you are not allergic to the fur is to spend time with one. The Cockapoo does shed but not as much as other breeds.

The coat of a Cockapoo is generally curly. There may be some that are found that have more of a wave to their fur. The poodle part is what gives them a curly coat as the spaniel part gives them the wave to their fur.


The temperament of the breed is very social. They are a friendly dog breed. They are very outgoing and are generally great with other pets and children. Although they do need socializing, and they do love being around new sounds, smells, and adventures.

However, they do need attention; if left alone, they will get bored and may get destructive. With correct training and love, it will not be a problem. They are great with children, given the child understands correct play with the dog.

They do not smell

A fun item to note is they do not smell. The smell of dog on your furniture or other places just does not happen. The best way to keep the Cockapoo from smelling is regular baths and brushing. The trip to the groomer that you will need to take will be better as well.


The Cockapoo has a lifespan of fourteen to eighteen years. The proper care of the dog helps them have a very long life span.

They are not a large size breed. The maximum height is fifteen inches to the shortest of ten inches. They can weight between twenty-four pounds on the heavy side to twelve pounds on the light side. Taking care of giving the proper amount of food and type is essential to the health of the breed.

Cockapoo loves swimming

When giving a bath, let the Cockapoo get used to the water. Give them a favorite toy and watch the fun begin. The idea is always to give your dog a pleasant experience with bathing.

The association of fear or pain with bathing will create an unpleasant bath time for your dog. When bathing, use a tear-free type of shampoo. After shampooing, makes sure all soap is rinsed from the fur.


The Cockapoo is a moderate energy level dog. They do still have a lot of energy inside. The breed can engage in other dog activities such as fly ball because of their athleticism.

Cockapoos are highly adaptive. Usually, they adapt to the owner’s lifestyle. The breed still needs a walk every day and playtime.

Special attention to their ears

The Cockapoo is an adorable dog breed. With ears that are droopy like Spaniels, make them super cute.

The ears need special attention. The ear being droopy does not create a great deal of airflow. The ear can become infected. While at the groomer, make sure extra fur is cut from around the ear.

You can get an ear wash solution from your vet that helps. If you suspect an infection take your dog to the vet.


The standard color of Cockapoo is cream or white. The fact is that the breed comes in many shades of color. The colors can range from white, cream, black, and even red colors. There is much more variety in colors than one might think for the breed.

Oral health

With most small dog breeds taking care of oral health is a must. The American Kennel Club notes that small dog breeds compared to large have more tartar build-up. The Cockapoo will need regular teeth brushing and visits to their vet. The tooth brushing can be done daily or at least every two days.


The breed is not exactly an excellent guard dog. That being said does not mean they will not alert you to an intruder.

The breed does not bark a lot, but they will bark if a stranger is near. There are some instances where the bark is all that is needed. A burglar, however, in your home may not see the teddy bear looking dog as a threat.

We have gone over some of the facts about the Cockapoo. They are a great family dog and are very loving.

The breed does well with other animals such as a cat or another dog. They are also great with children.

The child should understand how to play correctly with the Cockapoo, so injuries do not happen. The injury is more likely to happen to the Cockapoo and not your child. They are a curious breed and generally very happy.

They are highly adaptive but yet still need exercise just as other dog breeds do. The Cockapoo can have some minor and major health ailments that are genetic. These are all items that you, as a prospective dog owner, would want to consider.

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