Fun Facts About the Collie Dog Breed

If you are looking for a dog breed who is loving and bright, look no further than a confident and courageous Collie. Any owner will tell you Collies look like wolves, but this dog breed will love you to pieces.

These dogs are best known for their luxurious fur coats and majestic poise, as well as being a capable herding dog. They have distinct looks.

These dogs either sport a full coat or a short coat. Most Collies love showing off their coats, and if you take the time out to train them, you can have a loyal loveable dog.

Afterall, Collies are known for being fully aware of their owner’s needs. Below is a list of ten facts you should know about these gentle animals.

Collies originate in Scotland

I will be a shock to know that Collies have been household pets for over 350 years now, beginning in Scotland.

In those times, farmers used them as herding dogs. Nowadays, some farmers still use them as herding dogs now and then. Collies mostly originate from the Highlands area. However, some breed in the Lowlands of Scotland and northern England.

Collies are loving and sensitive

Collies are known as the 37th most popular dog breed in the country for a fundamental reason. If you look past their rough exterior, they are very soft-natured dogs.

They tend to be fiercely loyal dogs who love being around the entire family. It is not unusual for Collies to gather pets and children. They enjoy playing with children since they share the same high-energy levels.

Collies develop high interpersonal bonds with family and friends, animals, and humans. Remember, they are not a one-person dog. They have enough love to go around to everybody. They are even friendly towards strangers.

Collies will be very playful at the sight of a stranger; few people report having a shy dog. They will only be suspicious of strangers who approach family and friends. Also, Collies will bark, but they will not become aggressive, and they will not bite the stranger.

Collies are strong and agile

Collies are high- energy animals who need to have daily energy-releasing attention. They can grow to lengths between 1ft 10″ and 2ft tall, and they weigh between 50-70 pounds.

They need some type of physical activity to satisfy the inner beast they have tamed. If you do not have the energy to keep up with this breed, you should choose a more relaxed dog.

If they do not have some kind of job to do, they love taking walks. It would be wise to have a big yard or yard for this predator-looking animal to stroll.

If you do not have a massive space for your Collie, you could enter them into a competitive agility competition. Collies act as search and rescue dogs, and top marks in canine sports for centuries.

Help your dog thrive by enrolling them in a fun, competitive competition. Collies also make outstanding assistance and therapy dogs.

Collies are very intelligent

These dogs are not only loving and energetic. They also brilliant creatures, this is the reason why they are so easy to train. This fact also aids in the Collie’s ability to be aware of if their owner is in any danger or not. Owning a Collie is like owning a human and dog hybrid. The perfect companion.

Collies became popular after Lassie

Lassie is a famous fictionalized dog on a TV series many people love. Lassie is the first Collie to show her face on the big screen.

She is a female Rough Collie Dog who has a feature in a short story. Later she came back in a full-length novel called Lassie Come-Home by creator Eric Knight. Her companions on the show were both human and animal.

Lassie showed up for the rescue for Timmy many times, saving the boy who often found himself in dangerous situations. Some situations include falling into a well and becoming trapped in an abandoned mine.

The fictional account of Lassie, the dog, is not far off from real-life Collies. Collies have an uncanny ability to sense when something is wrong. There are many real accounts about this breed of dogs coming to the rescue of animals and people.

Once the world set their sights on this beautiful dog breed, people have not turned back since.

Collies are not a good choice for people with allergies

If you are allergic to dogs, a Collie is the last dog breed you want to get. They shed enormous amounts of hair throughout the year, and they blow their coat twice a year.

The thick coat will be a nightmare for people with dog allergies. Clumps of a Collie’s hair comes out at a time; you can pull it by the handfuls.

Collies have double coats that keep them warm in the winter, meaning that their outer layer needs significant care and maintenance. Someone allergic to a Collie would have a miserable experience with this walking furball. Buyer Beware.

Collies suffer from genetic issues

You should continuously monitor your Collie’s health over time to ensure they are healthy and not suffering from any illnesses. Collies are known to suffer from various bacterial and viral infections like parvo, rabies, distemper, and heart problems.

It is also possible for your Collie to have a drug sensitivity that can become fatal if you are not cautious. Collies have a drug resistance gene, which causes dogs with this gene to have a deadly reaction to several common drugs.

If you are somebody in search of a Collie, don’t be worried. Collies usually live 12-14 years and even older.

To make sure you are obtaining the healthiest Collie dog available to you, only buy from a reputable breeder. Professional breeders tend to breed with temperament in mind. These people perform various health tests to ensure the dogs do not pass on a predisposition to genetic diseases.

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