Dog Hates A Particular Dog!

Learning how to interpret the behavior of another animal is not an easy task. It is even more difficult if you are learning how to train them. Sometimes it is easy to misinterpret the behavior of your pet.

These kinds of misunderstandings can lead to hilarious or potentially dangerous scenarios. If you want to make sure that your dog enjoys their time outside, it is important to learn their personalities.

As most dog owners will tell you, sometimes dogs will play with each other. Not every dog that your pet encounters will be friendly, though. It is even possible that you are the one who does not have a friendly pet.

Are you familiar with how to tell if your dog does not like another dog? If you cannot answer that question with the answer, yes, then you have some learning to do.

Dogs will occasionally get annoyed with each other and try to fight. Sometimes you may mistake your dog’s playful behavior for aggressive behavior. Learning to be able to differentiate between these two types of behaviors is crucial.

If you are not able to differentiate these types of behaviors from each other, taking your dog out will be stressful. You do not always want to be incredibly stressed when you take your dog out, do you? If not, then you are in the right place.

Here are some of the easiest ways for you to tell if your dog is being aggressive. We also have some of the best ways that you can help correct this kind of behavior.

They did not get a chance to make a good first impression on each other

When you first introduced dogs to each other, it is possible for you to make mistakes. The very first impression that one dog makes on another is the most important. This is the exact same for humans.

If you were to think about it and remember a time someone made a bad impression, what would you remember? There is a good chance that it took a wild to overcome that impression for the other person.

One of the easiest ways to ruin the first impression of another dog is to introduce them to quickly. Try not to have the new dog meet your dog inside your house. This can be seen as an intrusion and is setting yourself up for failure.

Allow the two dogs to take their time to meet each other. Once they have established friendly relations, then they will get along much more easily.

It is possible that you have a dog that is territorial or aggressive

Some dogs will simply be more aggressive and or territorial than other dogs.

You may have tried everything that you can think of and be ineffective at reducing this behavior. This does not mean that you are a bad dog owner. It could simply mean that you have a dog or a dog breed that is more aggressive than others.

You can do your best to mediate these behaviors, but at the end of the day, there is little that you can do.

Your dog may be trying to be possessive of you and scaring other dogs

It is possible for puppies not only to be territorial but also possessive. They will most commonly be possessive over either their owners or a favorite toy.

If you notice that they only are aggressive when they are near you, then they may be possessive of you.

If you catch this type of behavior early enough, it is possible to train it out of them. Otherwise, you may always be stuck with a dog that sees you as theirs. This is not that bad of a place to be that if you think about it.

It is possible that your dog has suffered from trauma in the past

If your dog was traumatized in any way in the past, then they may carry that score with them forever. And, if the trauma involved another dog, then they may always act fearful towards other dogs. If this is the case, then the best thing you can do is try to comfort them.

You may simply not be able to have other dogs around them all that often. At least they are in a better place now.

Sometimes a dog will simply not like another dog for no reason

Think of a time that you met someone and did not like them. Was there a particular reason that you did not like them? If there was, then you can probably think of a time that there was not. It can be exactly like this for dogs too.

Sometimes your dog may simply not get along with another dog for no reason. This is not a cause for concern, and less it is with every other dog they meet. Just try to teach them to be respectful even if they do not like the other dogs.

You may have missed some subtle communication between your dog and the strange dog

To you, it may seem as if the fighting started out of nowhere. To your dog, it may not have been so simple.

Dogs communicate nonverbally the majority of the time. This makes it very easy for humans to miss what is being said.

Humans are not nearly as reliant on nonverbal communication, so it goes over our heads. Unless you are paying close attention, then there may have been an entire conversation between your dog and the other dog.

So it may be that the other dog was acting aggressive towards your dog and your dog is defending themselves.

Your dog may have misunderstood your own behavior or body language

Dogs can be very receptive to their owners and their owner’s moods. They will pick up on subtle things like the way that you are speaking. Not just the words that you are using but the tone of your voice.

They will also notice the body language you are using. If you seem to be nervous, it can cause them to be aggressive because there is a threat nearby in their minds.

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