Facts on Why Your Dog Is Drinking From Weird Places

Dogs need a balanced diet to maintain their health. The amount of water they drink is important in playing the role.

However, what happens when the source of water they prefer becomes weird? What could be the cause of your dog neglecting the cute bowl and turning to the toilet bowl instead?

Here are some of the reasons why it could be happening.

Consider the size of the bowl

Dogs like eating or drinking in comfort. Consider the size of the water bowl you bought. Is it too small? If the dog prefers drinking from anywhere else but his bowl, it could be because it is small.

Toilet bowls are notably wide and hospitable for the dogs’ drinking. Try buying a larger bowl and take note if the dog takes to the new bowl.

How often do you clean your bowl?

Your dog may be preferring your toilet water because you flush it after use, meaning there is always clean water.

If you take five business days to clean out the bowl, then the dog will find other cleaner sources. If it were you, you would not like to drink your water from dirty utensils. Clean the water bowl before every refill.

Note the amount of water the dog is taking

Dogs are a lot like people, so they have some behaviors like ours. When or if your dog happens to be taking too much water, it could be a symptom. The signs could be anything from a bacterial infection to something serious like diabetes.

Dogs drink quite an amount during hot periods like summer. If you know your dog well, you can easily tell when they are overindulging. However, as a new pet owner, it might go unnoticed.

Dogs normally drink 1 to 1/2 cups in 24 hours per ten pounds of their weight. Any more could be a sign you need to call the vet.

What about the bowl

Your dog could be going around drinking in weird places because they prefer other bowls. One of the most common ‘weird places’ pet owners has mentioned.

The dog could be preferring the toilet bowl because it prefers the material. If there is more than one pet in your house and the dog chooses another bowl, try and change it.

Bring in a bowl made of the same material as the one they drink from and take note of the reaction.

Sometimes the flavor plays a part

Different sources of water have different tastes and flavors. As people, it is easy for dogs to get an acquired taste.

It may seem weird to you if your dog prefers licking off the puddle on the sidewalk, so, try and understand the difference in the water. Rainwater tends to have a pure-like taste. Tap water tastes like chlorine. The taste of the purifant might prove to be a turnoff.

Dogs can acquire a taste

Some of these tastes may be acquired when you carry out activities without being prepared. If you are going for a hike, carry clean water and a collapsible bowl.

Carrying the bowl reduces the chances of your dog changing environments and the tastes they are used to. Changes like these can be quite difficult to retrain.

A change in temperature

Just like people, dogs have a preference for how they like their water. Dogs may be drinking puddles or toilet water because it is cooler.

Where is the water bowl kept? If it is near a place experiencing heat, you have to move it to maintain coolness in the water. if the bowl is outside, keep it in the shade. Dogs drink water to cool down, so ensure the water fulfills this purpose.

Change in training

Dogs are conditioned through training on how to behave in order to make living with them easier. Dogs are quite intelligent and are able to pick up habits easily.

If your dog keeps drinking from the toilet bowl or puddles, you might want to ask your trainer about the sessions they had or have been having.

A change in a method or two may have made the change. Determining it will be easy to then talk to the trainer on the way forward.

Change in cleaning materials

Dogs are known for how sensitive their sense of smell is. Following the statement, you might want to keep tabs on the kind of cleaning material you use on the water bowls.

The dog is used to the soap you use. Changing it suddenly may prove to be quite the turn off for the dog’s hydration routine. Something as small as a smell they are not used to can have them drink from another source.

Location of the drinking station

Dogs need to drink frequently. The drinking bowl needs to be somewhere close and accessible. Ensure to you place the bowl near the feeding station or near where the dog sleeps.

By doing it, you make it easy for the dogs to drink when they get thirsty. You can also place it between the feeding and the eating station. Figure out which works out well for your dog.

The company the dog is keeping

It is certain your dog does not spend all its time with you. Sometimes the dog is left with a sitter. Other times you let them go out with the dog walker. Spending time with other dogs, especially frequently, can cause behavioral change.

Notice when the behavior started and who was with the dog before then. After figuring that out, find your trainer and consult on what to do. If you are a seasoned owner, you might just do it yourself.

Try not to overthink it

Dogs slurping around from sprinklers or lapping from the toilet bowl once or twice may not be a cause for alarm. Dogs have one or two weird habits. You should only be alarmed if it happens more than once.

If your dog has a set source but prefers another entirely, it is when you should show concern.

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