Fun Facts About Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs

When you hear the term bulldog you will think of a short, stocky, tough dog. The image of the mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs comes to mind. Today we are going to go over a unique breed of bulldog the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog.

Here are twelve interesting and fun facts about them.

Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog’s roots

There is not much known about the breed prior to nineteen seventy-nine. They seem to be descendants of several types of bulldogs. The first being Mountain Bulldog, the second Old Southern White, and the Old Country Bulldog.


They are European in origin. The sires of the breed are long since extinct. When settlers brought them to America they did not tolerate heat well. The settlers bred them to local curs and Mastiffs to make the breed hardier.

Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs were almost extinct

The breed almost became extinct during the Civil War. The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog breed was kept alive by Buck Lane.

Buck Lane bred his favorite dog Otto to keep the bred going until he passed on in nineteen forty-three.

The name Otto oftentimes refer to the breed. Buck Lane living in Rebecca, Ga gave the bulldog the first name Alapaha. The name is from a tributary that comes from the Suwanee River. Buck Lane thought of the breed as noble. The Blue Blood part of the name comes from Buck Lane as well.

The ABBA is the only registry authorized to recognize a dog as an Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog

There is a registry for the breed. The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Association (ABBA) as the registry and is a worldwide parent club. Buck Lane’s granddaughter kept breeding for the dog until her passing in two-thousand and one. The breed has been bred for over a century.

The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs is a “catch dog”

The breed is a working dog. They are known as the “catch dog”. In earlier times on a plantation, they would herd livestock that would wander. They would “catch” and herd the stray back to the herd. They are also known as the guardian to look over livestock and family.

Behavior around kids

The Alapaha Blue-Blood is great with children. They can be territorial towards strangers. Although they do get along with other animals when they grow up with them. But if another strange dog or animal comes in their territory they can be aggressive.

An inside watching dog is a perfect role. Do not leave them outside alone to be the “guard dog”.

Physical appearance

The breed is known for agility. The male can stand at twenty to twenty-four inches. The female at eighteen to twenty-two inches.

The male can weigh seventy to ninety pounds. The female can weigh fifty-five to seventy-five pounds.

They are not lumbering giants they are a powerful dog and are light on their feet.


The breed is not really a good choice for a first-time owner. The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog needs a trainer who can be firm yet loving.

The breed wants to be dominant so the owner needs to show they are a leader. They are a prey driven breed. The need to be wary of other animals is important.

Socialization must be done early and ongoing for the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog.


They are a courageous dog. The breed is not shy or cowardly at all. The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog was bred by mountaineers to be very courageous. The mountaineers would not allow shyness, skittishness, or nose-sensitive.

The Alapaha Blue-Blood was bred for strength, agility, and courage due to the working environment at the time.


The potential health problems for the breed are hip dysplasia, congenital deafness, entropion, and skin problems. These health problems may not show up in a growing puppy.

A good breeder will have documentation where the parents have been screened for genetic ailments. A breeder stating that the parents have had a vet check is not the same as a genetic evaluation.


The coat of an Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog is smooth and short. They may not be a great idea for someone who has allergies they do shed.

The breed will need brushing at least once a week. The brushing will help remove dead skin and keep the coat healthy. Check toenails and cut. The ears will need a good check and clean if necessary.

The breed needs a bath if they get dirty. But do not over bathe because it can cause drying of the skin.


They are active chewers with powerful jaws. Give the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog appropriate chew toys. Do not let them have the run of the house before proper training is done. In a very quick amount of time, the breed can destroy items with their powerful jaws and size.

The breed is a loyal, family-oriented dog and desires attention. They are trustworthy with proper care and training.

The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog has a very unique history even if a short one for what is known. The breed is a great addition to a family.

The dog will need attention and training. They were bred to be a working dog but can be a great couch companion. They do well when they grow up with cats and other family pets. The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog is assertive and protective over their families.

They will need socialization at an early age and it to be ongoing. The owner will need to be firm but kind in training to assert they are the leader.

The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog is highly trainable. They will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulus to keep them happy. They are not suitable to be left outside alone because the breed does have a high prey instinct so letting them run off-leash is not advisable.

The owner of an Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog will have a happy, loyal, courageous, and steadfast friend with training.

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