Fun Facts About the American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Pitbull terrier facts and myths

The Pitbull Terrier is one of the most misunderstood dog breeds of our day. They have gotten a bad reputation through some irresponsible reporting by many media outlets. They have been called aggressive, mean, uncontrollable, and even bloodthirsty.

While the truth about this breed is that they are one of the best, move loving, and trustworthy family dogs you could find. So, let’s take a closer look at the breed by viewing two facts and busting two myths about the Pitbull Terrier:


They are bloodthirsty aggressive dogs

Through many media reports which were non-factual, emotional, and irresponsible, these dogs have garnered a bad reputation. These reports often said that Pitbulls are out of control bloodthirsty monsters of dogs.

Without doing their homework, these reporters played to people tend to fear the unknown and painted the breed with a broad brush of negativity.

They seek out instances of Pitbull bites and over-report the damage done, and the amount of aggression shown by a dog. These dogs are just gentle giants, and they are not out to harm anyone.

A test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society concluded with Pitbull’s rating a whopping 87%. That is a higher rating than they gave the Basset Hound, Border Collie, or Corgis.

It was almost equal to the rating they gave the beloved Bernese Mountain Dog often used as therapy dogs. Which just goes to show that they have garnered an undeserving bad reputation as wild and dangerous.

Part of their negative reputation comes from some dastardly folks who use these wonderful dogs for their illegal dog fighting rings. They mistreat and abuse these dogs to try to make them more aggressive, and it takes some serious abuse to turn these dogs that angry.

That just goes to show the level of mistreatment they face by these types of fighting associations of people. Naturally, on their own, these dogs are wonderful, calm, and affectionate lovers, not fighters.

However, they do need to be properly socialized with other dogs from puppies. If they are not, then they may not be big fans of having another dog taking their owner’s attention from themselves. But even then, they are not overly aggressive and will pout more than attack.

If they bite down on something, then they can get lockjaw

While no one knows the exact origin of this myth, it has been spread everywhere. Every one of us has heard to watch out for Pitbulls because they are out to get people, and when they bite, their jaws can lock.

The myth states that they will latch on to something, and they could not even be pried off with a crowbar. This is a ridiculous falsehood that should have never been spread around.

The myth most likely originated because of the breed’s trademark large jaws and bulging jaw muscles.

They can appear frightening to those unfamiliar with the breed, and admittedly no one would want to be on a Pitbulls bad side. Unless you are directly attacking their owner, and they see distress signals from their human, then you have nothing to worry about.

Their jaws do not lock into place. They will not bite down and latch on permanently and be unable to let go.

Finally, they are not out in the world, just attacking and biting at everything that moves. These myths have contributed highly to the dog’s bad reputation, and it is all highly unfortunate.

Many loving, caring, intelligent, and lonely dogs have sat too long in shelters, which has been due to people not wanting to adopt what they thought was a wild breed. Many families have missed owning the perfect family dog who would have been the greatest dogs they could have chosen.

All because of some ridiculous myths that have been spread by irresponsible journalists and reporters everywhere.


They used to be called the Nanny

Pitbulls make great family dogs because of their caution and gentleness when they are around children. Some of the unfortunate circumstances that have been over-reported occurred because of their protective nature.

People who pose a threat to their beloved humans can face a toothy barking dog, and this strikes fear in the heart of anyone who has faced this. Then, if the intruder persists forward, they can get a warning bite, but this is a rare occurrence.

The Pitbulls do not seek people out just to attack them, nor are they overly aggressive. They are just protectors of their owners, especially small children whom they will protect with their lives.

Before the bad press and over-hyped media attacks that began in the 1980s and 90s, they were known as the nanny dogs. People trusted these dogs to care for their most prized possessions their children.

The breed used to be a mascot for America and soldiers

The truth about these wonderful pups is much less sinister than their reputation would have you believe. They are a great breed who are loving and loyal to their humans. You will be hard-pressed to find a more trustworthy line of a dog than the Pitbull Terrier.

Throughout America’s past, citizens of every social class much more widely knew their trustworthy, responsible, and loyal nature. So, what changed?

During the past, the breed did not receive the same bad press. In fact, during those days, these elegant dogs were highly regarded and often praised for their qualities and traits. Back in the 1930s and 40s, Pitbulls were used in many media ads.

In many print ads and posters, they stood to represent America and American soldiers during WWII. Also, one Pitbull, named Sargent Stubby, became the most highly decorated dog to have ever served in the armed forces.

He was in the trenches of 17 different battles on the western front during WWI. This is where he served by helping find and lead medics to wounded soldiers. After experiencing a mustard gas attack, he was nearly killed.

But once he recovered, he would go on to save lives by detecting the deadly fumes before any human ever could. Stubby was well deserving of the position as the mascot for the 102nd Infantry Division and the 26th Division (Yankees).

Sergeant Stubby was just one example. He is only one of many tens of thousands of stories relating to the loyalty and capabilities of this amazing breed. That is why if you look at posters from WWI and WWII, you will see a Pitbull sitting at Uncle Sam’s side.

Their qualities perfectly coincided with the American image at the time. They are strong, tenacious, caring, and protectors. All traits that were what Americans would see themselves as when looking at their position in the world.

Final conclusion

So, as you may now see, these wonderfully loving and compassionate pups are just misunderstood and wrongfully accused. They make the greatest pets a dog owner could hope for. If you are interested in getting a dog for yourself, then you should investigate the truth about this amazing breed.

Once you see the truth behind the Pitbull Terrier, you will instantly view them as a top choice for your next pet. If you have a big enough couch to share with one of these snuggling beasts, then the two of you will get along great.

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