Fun Facts About Australian Kelpie

The ancestors of the Australian Kelpie are Collies

The ancestors of the Australian Kelpie come from collies. Collies are extremely loyal and devoted dogs who are also extremely intelligent. The Australian Kelpie follows in many of these footsteps and is just as loving and devoted as a typical collie is.

The Australian Kelpie is a type of collie that was bred in Australia to have a dog that could survive the Australian heat. The personality traits of the Australian Kelpie are very similar to those of the collie in that they are effective workers in herding. They have a short coat, though, that can handle the heat.

The Australian Kelpie needs premium dog food

If you feed your Australian Kelpie cheap food, it could cause health problems. It could also have health problems if it is fed table scraps. According to professionals, it is best to feed the Australian Kelpie premium dog food.

You do not want this dog to become overweight, and it is best to keep this dog to the weight it is supposed to be. There is a high chance of the Australian Kelpie becoming overweight. Make sure you plan out a budget for high-quality dog food for this breed.

The Australian Kelpie is extremely strong

The Australian Kelpie is an extremely strong dog. It can do as much work as it would take several men to do in a shorter amount of time.

The Kelpie can gather hundreds of sheep in a short amount of time that are scattered throughout a wide-open space. They are extremely quick at getting the job done as well. This saves many farmers money on having to seek out employees.

A Kelpie barb can be a male

An Australian Kelpie that is completely black can be either gender. These completely black Australian Kelpies are called a Barb. It is important to note that this has nothing to do with the dog’s gender though, it simply has to do with the color of their coat.

Female dogs are typically called a Barb with any other breed. That is not the case for an Australian Kelpie, however. A Barb only applies to a unique coloration of this breed that is fully black from head to toe without any other markings.

One of the Australian Kelpie’s ancestors are dingoes

The Australian Kelpie is from the collie, first and foremost. The collie had to be bred with other dogs to get the perfect working dog that was able to withstand the heat. One of the dogs that could have been bred with collies is the Dingo.

The Dingo is a wild dog that is only found in Australia. It is usually completely feral and unable to be trained. The Kelpie does resemble a Dingo in the way that it looks and the way it is built, but there is no definitive proof of the connection.

The Australian Kelpie has to have a job

Not all Kelpies work with shepherds to assist in herding sheep. Many Australian Kelpies live in the homes of other people like domestic animals. They are a dog that is not able to convert to simply being a couch potato, though.

A Kelpie has to have a job no matter where they live. If they do not have a job, they have wasted energy and wasted stamina. This wasted energy can turn destructive, and there can be ruin in your home.

Australian Kelpies like to herd

Even if an Australian Kelpie does not have a job as a sheepherder, it will still want to herd. It is possible that you could find the dog engaging in herding behaviors in your home. It could also just showcase this by chasing other animals.

The Australian Kelpie may be found trying to nip at children or other animals in the home. This can cause pain to these other animals. Try to watch for this and train your dog out of this harmful behavior to stop the natural herding instinct in your home.

The Australian Kelpie is a natural service dog

As mentioned, the Australian Kelpie wants to have a job. Many instances have turned the Australian Kelpie into a service animal. It takes pride in helping humans with many tasks that do not involve herding sheep.

Many Australian Kelpies are utilized as service dogs for individuals who are disabled. They also have assisted in search and rescue missions and in searching for drugs. Sometimes, the dogs help in therapy as well to provide emotional support to many individuals. There is a task for every Australian Kelpie.

The Australian Kelpie loves to be around people

The Australian Kelpie is a dog who craves human interaction. It needs to be around people to be at its best. It is more emotionally healthy and much more happy if it is in the presence of people.

The Australian Kelpie loves to be indoors in the home with people, it is not made to be an outdoor dog. It is possible that the dog could experience separation anxiety or loneliness, which could lead to maladaptive behaviors. It is important to keep them occupied and secure even when you are not home.

The Australian Kelpie is extremely intelligent

The Australian Kelpie is one of the most intelligent breeds. Due to its love of people, it wants to please and will get satisfaction from pleasing the wishes of its owners. For this reason, it is very easy to train this dog.

Genetics wanted a dog that was trainable and adaptable to many conditions. If an Australian Kelpie is not trained properly, it will try to search for boundaries itself and train itself. This can lead to many negative and unhelpful behaviors from your dog.

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