Fun Facts About Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is in a class of working dogs. They are also known as herding dogs. We are going to go over some fun facts about the hard-working, lovable Australian Shepherd.

Australia is not their native land

The first fun fact is the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia. Most believe the dog originally came from the Basque region of Spain. The shepherds brought their dogs along to Australia. They then left for the United States.

In America, the dogs were called Australian Shepherds. The breed, as Americans know it are solely bred in the United States.

The rodeo made them famous

The popularity of the Australian Shepherd began at rodeos. The breed is a natural herding dog that would herd the bulls.

The Australian Shepherd can do tricks, and that made them very popular among regular folks. The Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

Sacred to the Native Americans

The Native American tribes always thought of them as a sacred animal. The term “ghost eye” is used by Native Americans.

The eye color of an Australian Shepherd is not always blue. The ghost eye reference is made when the eyes are a pale, bluish color. The Australian Shepherd can have very stunning eye coloration.

Australian Shepherd eyes

When speaking of eye color, an Australian Shepherd can have multi-color. Some Australian Shepherds have two different colored eyes. One eye may be blue and the other brown. The scientific term for it is heterochromia.

The Australian Shepherd can have hazel, green, blue, brown, or even amber eyes. It has been seen that an eye can have multi-layered colors just in one eye.

Australian Shepherd tail

Australian Shepherds generally have bobbed tails. The short tail was bred into the breed by ranchers. The short tail makes it safer when the Australian Shepherd is herding.

There are still some who have longer tails, but most have the bobtail. The tail can be “docked” to a better length if the dog is herding.

Australian Shepherd temperament

The Australian Shepherd is a working and busy dog. The owner of an Aussie needs to be energetic or have a schedule for their furry friend. The Aussie gets along well with children and other pets. The only thing to be aware of is they do tend to herd even children.

Australian Shepherds are known for wanting to please their owners. They are easy to train and develop strong bonds with their family members. The Australian Shepherd can become territorial but are never overly aggressive.

Frisbee champion

In the early seventies, an Australian Shepherd was famous for catching a Frisbee. The skillset helped Hyper Hank to achieve dominance over other canine Frisbee catchers.

Hyper Hank even performed at a Super Bowl. The Carter family, when at the White House, welcomed Hyper Hank to play there with the family.

Australian Shepherd color

When it comes to coloration, the Aussie breed has multiple. They can be black, red, blue merle, and red merle. These colors can have white or no white. They can come in a tan or without a tan color.

The Australian Shepherd can have unique colorations that make them one of a kind. The coat is thick and will need regular brushing. The coat grows to a medium length. It is what is called a “double coat,” and the fur is straight.

The grooming is moderate, which consists of baths and brushing. The need for the coat to be cut is minimal.

If a coat cut is to be aware that it does not always grow back properly, the coat may end up having “cowlicks” and not laying correctly. The brushing should keep any haircutting to a minimum.

Australian Shepherd can have many jobs

The Australian Shepherd is not just a herding dog. The breed can specialize in police work, trained for obedience trials, and be trained as assistance dogs.

The breed is so easily trainable gives it a competitive edge to other canines. One other area the Australian Shepherd is great in is being a therapy dog.

American Kennel Club

The Australian Shepherd made it into the AKC recently in the herding division. The breeders fear that ability will take a backseat to appearance.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America is still a powerful force for the Australian Shepherd. They were the Australian Shepherd’s main registry until the AKC recognition.

Australian Shepherd nicknames

The name Australian Shepherd is not the only name the dog has gone by. The widely used Aussie name is very popular. They have gone by names such as Pastor Dogs, Spanish Shepherds, Bob-Tails, and Blue Heelers.

There are even state names such as California Shepherds and New Mexican Shepherds. The name Spanish Shepherd is fitting since they did originate from Spain.

Australian Shepherd life span

The life span of an Australian Shepherd is about ten to twelve years. Males of the breed tend to be heavier and taller than the females. They have a low center of gravity, which helps with herding.

The overall height is eighteen to twenty-three inches. The weight can be from forty to sixty pounds. When using treats for training, obesity can be a challenge.

The Australian Shepherd makes a great family dog, they are not overly aggressive, and ten do be friendly. They are a high energy dog, so plenty of exercises is needed. They are bred to herd so they will tend to herd you, children, and even other pets.

The best place to have an Australian Shepherd is in the country or at least a big fenced in yard. The breed is very responsive to training and wants to please its owners.

The Australian Shepherd is not only a working dog but a great addition to a family unit. They are very loyal and protective of their family. The proper training, care, and attention makes the Australian Shepherd a great pet.

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