Fun Facts About Basset Hounds

Life is good when you are a noble breed. Bred specifically from a bloodhound, the Basset hound is a perfect chaser for hunters. Their size allows them to stay low to the ground as they head into the brush and chase the animal or prey. This allows the hunter to get his catch. Bassets were bred to be hunters.

The lineage of a Bassett and the bloodhound has been traced back to the St. Hubert hound. Baskets have a disdain for being alone. Elvis knew this when he serenaded Sherlock. Sherlock made an appearance on television with Elvis back in 1956.

A basset hound is not arrogant and does not care how it looks. For them being two colors or three makes no difference. They know they are gorgeous either way.

Size matters

In the French language, ‘bas’ means low or short. The basset hound may be short, but they are stout. The average basset hound grows to around 14 inches high, but the weight comes in around 60 pounds for the average hound.

You smell, I smell

The basset hound has 40 times the smelling ability as a human. With roughly 220 million smell receptors, nothing gets past the basset hound. Bassetts have an uncanny ability to smell a multitude of scents at one time. However, they will focus on just one until they locate the stinker.

Fully employed

Even the ears of a Bassett hound have a job to do. As the hound walks across the ground, their ears shuffle along and carry the scents up to the dewlap of the hound. The dewlap is the looser skin under the chin. The dewlap then traps the scent there until the basset is ready for another whiff.

Short on purpose

As a human, being height disadvantaged is not beneficial. As a basset hound, it is immensely necessary. Being close to the ground allows for better tracking ability. The basset does not need to stretch the neck to locate a scent.

With the short legs, a basset is the perfect hunting companion. Since they do not run as fast as a bloodhound or coonhound, the hunter can keep pace easily enough so that when the prey is chased up, the hunter is easily able to capture it.


Your basset will grow to love baths. Being endowed with such a short stature means more dirt on the hound. To keep your home clean, bassets need bathing quite often. Along with bathing, the basset hounds’ eyes need to be wiped frequently.

Again, the short hound is closer to dirt and filth, which can also accumulate in their eyes. We must wipe to prevent any infection.

Short, but in charge

In a twist of fate, the Bassett was elected to perform mayoral duties in Ontario, CA. The basset shared the position with a Great Dane. As part of their elected role, they participated in local parades and also visited neighboring towns.

The Co-Mayors also raised a good amount of money for their local SPCA in Ontario. This goes to prove that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. Never give in to defeat!

Prize smells

Coming in second place for best sniffing, the basset is beaten only by the bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out what they are searching for. Along with their relationship, they have the best scent locators.

Not made for swimming

The basset hounds short legs and stout, compact body, a basset is not a great swimmer. It is advisable not to walk your basset anywhere near a lake or your local swimming hole.

The center of It all

You will quickly learn that the Basset hound loves attention. Basset loves to have friends. Those friends could be other canines, friendly felines, and, most of all, humans. As for attention, bassets have been on many television shows, videos, and other places where they will be noticed.

Although you will learn that the basset hound is capable of being independent, they choose not to be.

They also have a stubborn streak that may be hard to overcome. When your basset gets something in his head, he sticks to it until he succeeds. Your basset hound can be trained from early on. Training can help to ride the stubborn streaks of this breed.

When your basset wants to be heard, you will not miss it. Just like their build of low and stout, the bark of a basset is deep and low.

Social life is a must

Yes, combined with being friendly, the basset hound loves to socialize. They become fast friends with humans and all other animals if allowed.

Being such a social butterfly, this also means that a basset hound does not like being alone. For those who are gone all day, you may want to consider two basset hounds to stave off the probable loneliness.

Don’t forget a fence

One aspect of keeping a basset hound as part of your family is to have a fenced yard. Just like an unruly teenager, if your basset hound picks up on an intriguing scent, they will leave without permission. If you do not have a fenced yard, a leash is highly recommended.

The stubborn streak may override all pleas to come back to you. If you intend to get a basset hound for the protection of your family, reconsider this. The bark is not enough to keep the bad guys away. Your family-friendly basset will also be more likely to become fast friends with unwanted visitors.

The basset hound is great at hunting, but not so great at guarding and scaring away burglars or the likes of other bad people. As Elvis stated in 1956 while singing to a basset hound, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog!” This is mostly not true. Your new family member will be loyal and true.

They will keep you chuckling with their behavior and also keep you in love with them.

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