Fun Facts About Beauceron

The Beauceron dog breed is regarded as a herding and guard dog, and it falls to the working category dog. This dog breed traces its origin back in the plains of Northern France.

It has short hair, large body weighing up to around 70-100 pounds. Beauceron has a protective personality. It has active, versatile, and athletic qualities; hence it is a perfect dog.

The dog breed might not be the best choice for the first time dog owner following its smart, independent, and assertive features. Beauceron is an excellent watchdog, and it has a body size and ability to protect home and family members.

The dog needs strenuous and constant training and socialization. It has a slow maturation rate as it can be puppy-like for three years.

Beauceron can be very friendly to children when it is raised with them. However, when you own Beauceron, do not forget that it is a herding breed; therefore, it can chase children. You should always monitor the relationship of the dog with children.

This dog breed is suitable for families with older children who understand how to relate and treat it. Beauceron quickly gets along with other pets like cats indoors when it is raised with them.

Beauceron history

The history of Beauceron dates back to 1978. The breed is one of the largest French sheepdogs. Apart from herding sheep, Beauceron also herded cattle and acted as a watchdog in homes.

Beauceron’s role started to change with the advances in modern society, and it quickly moved to be a police and military dog.

This dog breed served in both World War I and World War II, where it was used as a messenger dog, mine detector, and trail locater. Up to the present day, Beauceron perform military and police services. The breed received recognition in the US in 2007 when the American Kennel Club recognized it.

Beauceron general appearance

Beauceron is a masculine dog with coarseness and solid height. The complexity of the dog gives it the impression of solidity and depth without bulkiness. It exhibits agility, strength, and endurance necessary for herding.

The dog is always energetic and alert with a nobble carriage. This dog breed demands high levels of respect wherever it goes.

Male Beauceron dogs are characteristically larger as compared to females. This dog breed is ever confident and discerning. They are initiative, fearless, and wise with no trace of timidity. This dog breed is also easy to train, intelligent, gentle, faithful, and obedient.

Beauceron personality and temperament

The Beauceron dog breed is always smart, strong-willed, and confident. The dog is protective of the family members and the home. It is easy to train it, but it has to be allowed to show its independent side. It is rarely aggressive but fearless and is loyal to its family.

Beauceron is friendly to children when it is raised with them. However, do not forget that it has herding qualities; hence it can chase children. The dog is ideal for families having older children who have the knowledge and skills on how to relate and treat the dog.

At home, Beauceron might quickly get along with cats though it has strong instincts for prey drive, and it is likely to chase other animals outdoors. It only gets along with indoor cats that it is raised with. Beauceron is very aggressive to other animals and dogs.

If you a high-energy person, then Beauceron is the best choice for you. Beauceron dog breed loves active daily exercise, including cycling, running, and hiking.

This dog breed is also well-suited to be a sports dog. It has exemplary traits like agility, obedience, tracking, searching, and rescue. Ensure that you keep your Beauceron active always as leaving it idle may make it destructive.

Beauceron training

When you purchase a Beauceron, ensure that you start training it as early as possible. This will help your dog to develop socialization skills. Always ensure that during training, you apply positive reinforcement like playing with or giving it food.

Note that Beauceron is an independent thinker. At the time, it can force you to push it back when you ask it to do something. When training your Beauceron to be consistent, firm, and fair. Do not treat your dog harshly while preparing it.

Your Beauceron should start training immediately. You get it home. Training your puppy should begin when it is eight weeks old. Leaving it to be some months old will make it stubborn.

If you are busy and do not have time to train your puppy, you can take it for kindergarten classes when it is 12 weeks old. This will subject your dog to early socialization. Ensure that in the kindergarten, your puppy is vaccinated against generic infections.

When purchasing Beauceron, consult with the breeder about the health of the dog. Inquire about genetic diseases. Always consider buying a puppy from a reputable breeder who can give you genuine recommendations about the dog breed you need.

Beauceron grooming

Beauceron is easy to keep and maintain, given that it has short hair, and it is double-coated. Ensure that you bathe your Beauceron once after every three months using a mild shampoo.

You can also brush your dog regularly throughout the week using a natural bristle brush to remove dead hair.

Beauceron is known to have the best coat; it rarely shed. For this reason, Beauceron requires frequent brushing.

Beauceron living

Beauceron is suitable to live in a home, farm, or a well-fenced yard to allow for its high energy levels. This dog breed quickly adapts to both indoor and outdoor living, but they mostly prefer living outdoors. Beauceron is intelligent and loves whatever it is doing.

This breed makes the best watchdog as it is always active and ready to protect his family. It is aggressive to strangers and other pets. Ensure that you train your Beauceron early socialization for it to accommodate visitors and other pets like cats.

Ensure that you groom your dog frequently to keep its coat clean and reduce the incidents of it dirtying indoors.

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