Fun Facts About Belgian Tervuren

Firstly, let’s just say if you’re looking to get a dog such as the Belgian Tervuren, then that would be a great decision just based on the fact that they are beautiful dogs. And not only are they attractive breeds, but they are also intelligent and very diligent.


A lot of people may not know this, but Belgian Tervuren was originally bred to herd livestock. They were also meant to guard other animals as well as the property. But that’s not the only interesting fact about their origin.

It’s very interesting to know that the Belgian Tervuren is named after a village in Belgium. The Belgian Tervuren is one of many Belgian sheepdog breeds. The Belgian Malinois, the Groenendael, and the Laekenois are all guard dogs and herders as well.

Since 1959, the breed has been recognized for its current name but was once known as the Belgium Sheepdog. And because there were so many variations of this shepherd dog, the American Kennel Club had to recognize all.

Still, the Laekenois as separate breeds in the U.S. opposed to the United Kennel Club recognizes all four as one.

Personal traits

One of the many valuable traits that the Belgian Tervuren has is being very observant. That is what makes them the perfect watchdog. Because being observant means that your eyes are everywhere, they need to be.

Another important quality of the Tervuren is that they are very loyal and friendly. They don’t attack without reason, which makes them very confident protectors of their human companions.

But most importantly, they don’t like to be left alone. So if you’re the type to be out all day and are rarely home, then this might not be the breed for you. Because this breed is so loving, not only do they love being around the family, but they also love to do things with the family as well.

Interaction is very key. It is also essential that this dog has proper training. If you remember to keep them involved in physical activities, then everything should go smoothly. Because if not, they do tend to become quite destructive.


Overall, Belgian Tervuren is a very healthy dog, but there are a few problems that can surface. Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Epilepsy, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy are four of the health conditions that you should be on the lookout for.

Keep in mind that most of these conditions are hereditary and but can be prevented. For example, hip dysplasia is mostly hereditary, but sometimes it’s caused by environmental factors as well.

A high-calorie diet, as well as injuries caused by falling or jumping, are triggers that can cause a condition like hip dysplasia. So you must take care of your dog so that certain situations can be prevented.

Other conditions like epilepsy can be caused by infectious diseases that affect the brain, head injuries, or even tumors. It’s vital that if your Tervuren starts to experience seizures take him/her to the vet immediately for treatment.

Importance to society

A lot of people may not realize that Belgian Tervurens are used as police dogs in Belgium. Interesting right? Especially since the Belgian Malinois is the breed preferred for police work in the U.S.

It should be to no one’s surprise that the Tervurens are trained for police work because, as mentioned earlier, they are confident protectors.

Any policeman working on the force would want a dog of that caliber by their side. Why? Because they are loyal and their very intelligent creatures. And besides the fact that they are easy to train. Like German Shepards, Tervurens are one of the few breeds that are perfect for police work.

Let’s not forget it’s a good thing to have dogs like Tervurens helping out on the force because not only does it make us civilians feel more secure, but it also ensures that police officers don’t have to watch their back as much.


Like mentioned earlier, Belgian Tervurens are beautiful dogs. They have long, straight hair that is little on the harder side than most. But don’t be discouraged because their undercoat is much softer.

The undercoat protects from the weather, and the thickness of the coat can vary depending on the area in which the Tervuren lives in. Regardless of gender, their coats are rich in color and usually range from a fawn color to russet mahogany with a black overtop.

It’s normal for a male’s coat to become darker as they grow older. But in both sexes, their coats never look washed out or ashy. But enough about how beautiful their coats look.

Let’s talk about shedding. Because when you have a long-haired dog like a Tervuren, you must know how to groom them properly. Understand that males have one heavy shed per year, and females shed between each heat cycle.


It’s expected that you brush them for about 15-20 minutes on average every week. This will ensure that their coats do not get tangled, and you don’t have har all over your home. Other grooming methods you should take into consideration is dental care and nail trimming.

You should brush your Tervurens teeth at least three times a weak to ensure that no plaque build-up or bacteria is hiding in the crevices. Now, trimming your dog’s nails is not hard at all. You should trim them regularly, and if you can hear their nails clicking on the floor, then you know that it’s time for a trim.

Also, keep in mind that if you let your dog grow accustomed to regular grooming sessions at a young age, it will be far easier to deal with when they get older. And remember to check for rashes or sores that could lead to any health problems while grooming.

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