Fun Facts About Berger Picard

The Berger Picard is not too well-known, but he did make an appearance in the movie Winn-Dixie. The scruffy-looking dog has a great personality and is great for the owner who enjoys outdoor exercise.

He is a medium to a large dog who loves his people. Here are some more interesting facts about the Berger Picard.

So where did the Picard come from?

Though most people have not heard of the Picard, he has been around for some time. He is thought to be the oldest French Sheepdog and came to France in the 9th century.

The dogs were the Celt’s companions during the invasion of Gaul. The dog brought a lot of pride to the cattlemen. So much so that the Picard took center stage during France’s first dog show in 1863. Like most larger dogs at the time, the Picards were too hard to feed during the First and Second World Wars.

The breed almost became extinct. Though, breeders began breeding them once again in the 1950s. After some time, they begin to bounce back.

However, the fun-loving dog is still rare in both the United States and in Europe. The formation of the Berger Picard Club of America in 2006 is helping to promote and protect the dogs.

They work hard to promote responsible dog ownership, so the breed does not become extinct. In 2007, recognition of the breed was given by the American Kennel Club.

Fun and full of energy

The Picard is a fun-loving dog that is very energetic. The herding dog enjoys a lot of activities that include running and hiking. This breed is also known for their love of water. However, take it slow if the dog seems timid around water.

If you have the room and can set up an agility obstacle course, it will be appreciated. The Picard loves hanging with his humans. Basically, whatever outdoor activity you are into, he will be right by your side.

It is important, though, that your buddy has a fence. If not, you may find him trying to herd cars on the street, or children who are playing outside.

Looks are everything

The Berger Picard may not be known by name, but you will know when you meet one. Their distinctive ears have triangle shaping and stand four to five inches tall. Their triangle head comes with adorable shaggy brows that help to frame their face.

The happy Picard always appears to be smiling. The dog has two coats. A weatherproof topcoat will feel hard and sort of crispy when touched. The dog’s undercoat, however, is dense and soft to the touch. His coat is straight with maybe a slight waviness and is about two inches long.

The hair on his head is usually kept a bit shorter while his neck hair can be longer. The Picard’s coat comes in two colors: gray or fawn. The coat, however, can come in an array of different combinations of those two colors.

Low maintenance dogs

The Berger Picard is not fussy about their looks and does not require much grooming. A brushing every week will help to keep the coat free of tangles and debris.

The area behind his ears needs the most attention. That is where the hair mats and tangles the most. The best type of bush to use his a pin brush. Since the Picard’s coat is low on oil, he will not smell much. So, he will not need a bath as frequently as other dogs usually do.

His nails will need to be trimmed at least once a month. Make sure to comb his beard often to remove any food that may be hiding.

His ears need special care. They can collect debris easily and need cleaning often. It is also important to check them for infections. Just like everyone else, they need a good dental routine to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

A one-dog show

The Berger Picard loves to be in front of an audience, even if it is just his family. Not only are they very smart, but they have a great sense of humor. They love to perform.

They are easy to train and will easily learn tricks. Since they love getting attention from their humans, they will perform to get attention. Once they learn that they can get you to laugh, they will do whatever they can to keep you laughing.

Socialization is a must

Herding dogs want and require as much human companionship as they can get. However, they are one owner dogs. If they do not get proper socialization, they can become unfriendly.

They will not be friendly to strangers, which includes both humans and dogs. It is important to start socialization class from the time the Picard is a pup. With proper socialization, a Picard will always be a delight to be around. Thanks, to their wonderful temperament, they have gotten jobs as therapy dogs.

If there are cats or other dogs in the home, a slow introduction is a must. A young Picard can scare easily.

However, thanks to proper socialization, all can be friends. However, do to their prey instinct, it may not be wise to have pet rodents in the house.

The Picard also enjoys children. He will love playing with them and making them laugh. If they are in the yard together, it will not be too surprised if he tries to herd them.

Movie stars

“Because of Winn-Dixie” is not the only movie that the Picard was a star. The Berger Picard has had a starring role in “Are We Done Yet?” and “Daniel And The Superdogs”.

Unfortunately, the Picard is often mistaken for other fellow dog actors.

How to find a Berger Picard

The Picards are not easy to find in the United States. If you happen to find a local breeder, make sure to learn about the parents’ history.

Most people end up contacting breeders in Europe to purchase a Picard. Make sure to do your homework before purchasing the dog.

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