Fun Facts About Border Terrier

Choosing the right dog breed ensures a lifelong companionship with your new furry friend. Although every dog is cute and cuddly, the similarities stop there. Some breeds require plenty of physical exercise; others not so much.

Some breeds work well with children but others are far too timid for little ones. The Boston Terrier is one dog breed popular with families throughout the United States. It’s one of the many available breeds to choose from for your family.

The following Boston Terrier facts help new pet owners learn important information about this breed. Deciding if this breed is a good match for your family is much easier after learning this information.

American born & bred

The Boston Terrier is often referred to as ‘The American breed’. The reason is that the Terrier was developed and first bred in the country. Families that value the country and its firsts often choose the Boston Terrier.

Sadly, the Terrier was designed for violence and fighting. The first generation of Boston Terriers was much larger than those you see today.

Thankfully, Boston Terrier dogs are no longer bred for violence and provide a loving companion in many households. Two past Presidents have owned Boston Terriers: Gerald Ford and Warren G. Harding.

What a gentleman! Physical attributes

The Boston Terrier has a ‘tuxedo’ coat which has helped the breed earn the title of ‘American Gentleman.’

The dogs have white chests and short tails, upright ears, and large eyes. Their short coats are easy to maintain and shedding usually isn’t a problem for owners. The typical Boston Terrier weighs between 10 – 25 pounds, although some can weigh a bit more. The dog has an average of 16 height.

Let’s get physical

A Boston Terrier dog requires lots of attention and time from his or her owner. If you cannot provide this to him, it may not be the best breed for your family.

He is full of energy and is always ready for a game of fetch or another walk. Have kids? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Boston Terrier dogs love kids and make great pets for families.

Even smaller children do well with this breed! The kids and the dog will certainly take turns entertaining one another. And both will love every single second of the fun! A Boston Terrier has a great personality that’s perfect for any active family of any size.

A quiet dog

Some dogs bark. And bark. And bark more, no matter the time of day or the problem. That concern subsides as a Boston Terrier owner. This breed is fairly quiet, except at night when you’ll likely hear snoring as it catches a few ZZZs.

The Boston Terrier barks only when it is exciting, which may occur during playtime or while outside alone. This breed also barks when strangers knock on the door or to protect its owners. You can own a Boston Terrier without fear that it will keep you up barking all night long.

A long lifetime

The average lifetime for a Boston Terrier is about 15-years. They need regular veterinarian care to enjoy this long lifetime. Lots of love from its owner also keeps the breed happy and healthy. Keeping a Boston Terrier healthy is fairly simple.

Their short coats require little maintenance and they face few health ailments. Boston Terrier dogs are prone to overheating, however.

Keep your dog out of extreme heat and always offer plenty of fresh drinking water. The Boston Terrier also gets cold easily. Now is the perfect time to knit that cutesy dog shirt!

I’m not eating that

If your Boston Terrier isn’t eating enough, perhaps he doesn’t like the food being served. Boston Terrier dogs are sometimes picky eaters. In fact, more dogs of this breed are picky eaters than are not. If you share this quirk, you’ll understand the displeasure with some foods!

If a Boston Terrier dislikes the food, he will refuse to eat it; nothing more, nothing less. Reduce the odds that your Boston Terrier will face this problem by choosing a high-quality, nutritionally rich dog food. A bit of trial and error may also help find the best dog food for a picky eater.

Talk to your dog’s veterinarian if he is losing weight or refuses to eat any type of food. The vet can also provide dog food recommendations per request.

A Massachusetts favorite

Americans love dogs; there’s no question about it. It is the Boston Terrier that began the love for domesticated pets in the U.S. The Terrier is known as America’s dog and appreciated by people everywhere.

However, one state has a fond appreciation for the breed. If you guessed that state to be Massachusetts, you’d be correct. The Boston Terrier is the official state dog as well as the University of Boston Mascot. Rhett the Boston Terrier has been the official mascot for the college since 1922.

He’s appeared on ESPN and in other media on many occasions since this time. This probably isn’t big news for Massachusetts residents. However, if you live elsewhere and plan a visit, this is important information you should know!

Let’s cuddle

Some people want dogs that do their own thing. The rest of us want dogs we can never get out of our laps. If you fall into the latter category, the Boston Terrier dog will fight in well at your home.

Cuddling is another quality the Boston Terrier is known-and loved- for.

That is yet another reason it is a popular pet for families. Any household seeking a pet that loves cuddles and lots of affection appreciate this breed and its willingness to oblige.

Expect a Boston Terrier to become the BFF that you’ve always wanted in your life.

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