Fun Facts About the Bulldog Dog Breed

Most can’t swim

The average bulldog does not know how to swim and can never learn to swim. It just means you have to break out the doggie life jacket when around bodies of water. It can make your bulldog difficult when trying to bathe them.

You can train your bulldog to behave in the bath though through hard work. You just have to remember not to leave them in standing water. It does not mean your bulldog cannot join you in boating.

Bull baiting

Bulldogs got the bull part of their name because they were bred for baiting bulls. These dogs were used in the 1800s for the sport of bull-baiting. By 1835, the sport was thankfully outlawed because it was cruelty to animals.

These dogs kept the bull part of their name, though. It is unclear what sub-breed of the bulldog was used. In some places, it is not uncommon to see bulldogs in the sport of running with the bulls.

Many celebrities own one

Many different celebrities own or have owned a bulldog. It is not uncommon to see a celebrity with a bulldog or buying a bulldog.

Some of the most well-known celebrities to own a bulldog are Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Some others are David Beckham, Zac Efron, Ashely Olsen, and Martha Stewert. Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds all over.

Los Angeles has bulldogs as one of the most popular.

Oldest single breed club

One of the oldest clubs that are focused on one single dog breed is for bulldogs. A lot of other single breed clubs did not stay open for long because there were not enough members. The club still existing is called The Bulldog Club, and it is located in England.

The club was started back in 1878. The members of the club are known to meet regularly, which helps keep it running and prevent it from disbanding.


When the Titanic set sail, there was one bulldog on board by the name of Gamin de Pycombe. When the boat ran into the iceberg and began to sink, the bulldog was not saved. It went down with the ship as it sank, but it did not die on the ship.

One of the few surviving passengers from the Titanic was known for telling people about the bulldog. He said he saw the French bulldog swimming in the ocean after the ship had fully sunk.


It is not uncommon to see a bulldog used as a mascot. A wide range of different organizations uses bulldogs for their mascot. Some of these organizations include sports teams and even the Navy. In World War II, the HMS Vansittart, a Royal Navy destroyer, used a bulldog for its mascot.

The bulldog went by the name of Venus, and he was picked because of his tough look. His natural face made him look like a bully, which the Navy loved.

Most airline’s ban

A lot of airlines ban people from taking their bulldogs on an airplane. They do it because bulldogs are the top breed to die on airplanes. These dogs die because they have trouble regulating their heart and respiratory.

It means you cannot take your dog with you if you go anywhere, requiring flying through most airlines. Some airlines will allow bulldogs though they are rare. They just require you have plenty of water and other items to use to keep the bulldog cool.

Usually difficult delivery

Bulldogs usually have larger heads than the average dog breed. It makes it hard for the female bulldog to give birth to its puppies.

Most people have to take their bulldog to the vet for the birth. While there is the occasional bulldog can do a natural birth, a lot cannot. It means the female bulldog has to have a cesarean section to have the puppies. The percent of bulldogs needing the operation is more than 80 percent.

Adorable quirks

There are a lot of quirks that bulldogs do that most people do not like in their dogs. A lot of people love these small little quirks a bulldog comes with. These quirks are slobber, snore, snort, and get gassy.

These are quirks a lot of people find disgusting, but others love it in a bulldog. It means you have to keep in mind these are common. You should only worry if they are worse than normal.

Swagger walk

It may sound weird to say a bulldog has swagger, but they do. The way a bulldog’s body is built leads to them having a slight sway from side-to-side as they walk. Children find it very funny to see the sway as bulldog walks, making them good for families.

Their gate ends up having a very cartoonish and comic rhythm to it. Now, it does not mean every bulldog will have the sway to their walking.


Bulldogs, no matter how large or small, make for good guard dogs. Small bulldogs may seem not very scary, but they are pretty vicious when they want to be. A bulldog will have to be properly trained to be a guard dog.

Most bulldogs are very friendly, so you will have to train yours. While training them, teach them the difference between a friendly stranger and someone intruding. It can be hard for dogs to be able to tell if not trained properly.


All of the bulldog breeds are known to be very stubborn if you do not train them properly. Even ones that have been trained thoroughly can still end up with a stubborn side. Some practices can be done during training, though, to lessen the amount of stubbornness in a bulldog.

You have to make sure your bulldog knows who is the dominant one in the relationship. Otherwise, they will try to walk all over you. Also, take them for walks on a routine because it teaches them who the boss is.

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