Fun Facts About the Cesky Terrier Dog Breed


Cesky Terrier is a breed that was developed by Czechoslovakian geneticists. The development was initiated in 1949. The dog breed is regarded as the most successful among the national breeds, and it has featured in various platforms like on television, postage stamps and books, and movies.

Cesky Terrier dog breed is used for hunting ducks, foxes, pheasants, and rabbits. Most owners of this dog breed in Czech are hunters. The dog breed was recognized in 2011.

However, this dog breed was imported into the USA in the 1980s with some enthusiasts who formed the Cesky Terrier Club of America, which promotes the breed in the USA.

The personality of Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier dog breed belongs to a loyal family member. The dog breed loves the companion of the owner, and it is always ready to help and socialize with them.

Cesky Terrier is reserved by nature and requires an introduction to the strangers. The dogs do not love moving around but rather prefer being at home and need minimal exercise daily.

Owners of these dog breed should always be careful when leaving them outside alone without supervision. They love digging; therefore, they can easily spoil the compound, for instance, in flower beds. Cesky Terrier breeds love to adventure, and they are family-oriented and very smart.

The dog breed loves playing with children as they enjoy their company most. They require obedience training and admire to be active always in agility. This dog breed is adhesive when putting to work. However, they can easily be laid back.

Cesky Terrier is a calm dog; however, at the time very aggressive. It is always active and quiet than other terriers. It is the most suitable terrier for the family with children as it loves to play with them. Its energy level somewhat active all day.

The physical appearance of Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier never goes unnoticed due to its unique appearance. Its head is approximately 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and it is blunt wedge-shaped. Its forehead plane forms a stop with the bridge of the nose. For a mature dog, the breadth between the ears is relatively large as compared to bitch.

Cesky Terrier has medium-size ears that they drop to cover the orifice easily. Its ears are set high, and they have a forward edge that lies on the cheeks. Its eyes are set deep in the skull, they are medium-sized, and they portray a friendly expression. The eyes are brown.

Cesky Terrier’s teeth are set square, regularly aligned, and healthy for cutting and piercing. The teeth require regular brushing. Its nose is well developed and dark in color.

This dog breed has a natural tail. It has a topline that is raised above the rump and the loin. Cesky is relatively longer than it is tall.

The dog breed requires regular grooming for like three times a week for it to stay looking sharp. When you own such a dog breed, ensure that you pay close attention to the under-arm area because it can get matte quickly.

Cesky Terrier grooming

Cesky Terrier needs a reasonable amount of grooming. It requires clipping once a month, unlike other terrier breeds that are hand-stripped. Clipping Cesky makes it look adorable and the best breed. The dog has a wavy and silky coat. The coat does not shed quickly, and it requires daily brushing.

Cesky has long hair on the legs, muzzle, and long featherings that needs brushing daily using a bristle brush. If you own this breed when the dog gets dirty, allow it to dry before cleaning it.

Cesky has nails that can be trimmed short through grinding. Additionally, its ears are very prone to the buildup of wax; therefore, you should check them regularly. Cesky grows hairs in the ears ensure that you pluck it off often to reduce risks of infection.

Furthermore, the hair between the paw pads proliferates; therefore, it needs regular trimming.

Cesky Terrier training

Training is essential for any dog breed, and its approach must always be positive. Cesky is very sensitive to negativity. Being harsh to Cesky will make him sad and reduce his performance skills.

Cesky is a brilliant dog breed that likes to use its brains. This, therefore, implies that Cesky mainly appreciates intelligent training that is logical and consistent.

Train the dog the importance of its interest in listening. Ensure that you give it treats to motivate it. Cesky dogs are fast learners, and they tend to be the best candidates for canine sports.

Cesky terrier protective ability

This dog breed is always afraid of strangers. It has a strong protective instinct making it a decent watchdog. Moreover, this dog breed is small-bodied, but it can help it times of emergency. It further does not abuse its gift of the gab as it will bark when it is expected to bark.

Cesky terrier energy level

This dog breed was created to stay calm at home. It does not love to be involved in long activities as it quickly calms down.

However, the intention of creating this dog breed was hunting. In most cases, Cesky enjoys its time exercising and playing outside. This implies that it is an active breed that loves having fun with children.

Ceskies love children; therefore, they are family pets. It is recommendable for families with children who love dogs. Ceskies are interactive and gentle with toddlers.

This dog breed makes an excellent mixture of steady and energetic dogs. Cesky is always alert, and it relaxes for a couple of hours just after playing outdoors. It is regarded as the most maintenance terrier as compared to other terriers.

Cesky easily adapts to any environment as long as it has access to the outdoors daily. This is because Cesky terriers spend most of their time playing outdoors. Lack of adequate access to the outdoors will make them sad.

When allowed access to the outdoors, they should also access enough clean water and shade for relaxation after playing. Ensure that you exercise your Cesky daily to keep it fit.

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